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Where truth is
the last thing
that matters


The December sun, never very bright anywhere on the north side of our planet, nevertheless seems dimmer this year. Come to think of it, it seems dimmer every year. I wonder if that’s simply a sign of ever advancing age as the physical light within us naturally dims with age, or if the collective environmental karma of the human species that we lately breathe in the glyphosate of big city bus exhaust is simply making everything grayer, the way it was in 19th century England at the dawn of the Industrial Age when the factory slums were covered in coal dust, rust and typhoid fever, or the way it is now in every brown-aired megacity in the entire world.

Of course, the dinosaur fever trend has now switched from hot to cold. Ten years ago global warming guru Guy McPherson was prancing around the planet telling everyone to kiss their ass goodbye because we were going to burn up in a few decades as tsunamis of methane erupted from the Arctic Ocean. But because of the long pause in sunspots these past few years, now informed solar system talk is all about global cooling, and a many dire catastrophe scenarios have surely grown up about that. The worst of these is probably this one.


In any case this switch in secret government policy to back off on the chemtrail program seems to have reduced the number of recent pollution that has blighted our skies. Why did they conduct such a radical messing with nature in the first place? Two reasons. Sure, to prevent global warming, they said. Based on the false assumption we could even do such a thing, we clothed the Earth in a sulfurous shield, that now is being joined by 5G beams that will fry the rest of us who weren’t done in by the aluminum, barium, strontium-90 and blood-borne products as known components of the chemtrails.

Bogus preachers, bad doctors, websites disingenuously promising to be on our side — from every angle, darkness encroaches on the brightness that has given us life. Slimy sex perverts with lots of money work tirelessly to make it happen. Independent integrity is berated by the misled majority as they burn down businesses built by their brothers and then spend the cash they got from Jewish billionaires on senseless baubles they never needed which they inevitably pawned later to support whatever addiction they chose to escape their misery.

Interesting how both preachers and teachers practice the enforced silence about who is really running everything, because the profits they receive for not talking about it far exceed the penalties they would accrue for trying to alert the public about the danger that is kept secret by all the authorities in every generation.

As evangelists evangelize to quell the lingering doubts about their beliefs buried deep in their souls, so humans bury themselves in their own trivia which they find very meaningful but which obscures any chance they might see the logic of working for peace and justice rather than sappy self-absorption with slick sports or sex scenarios.

Don’t kid yourself: we all work for war as long as we live in a system that requires the constant spilling of human blood to fund the placid opulence in which most Americans have been privileged to live their lives. Not to admit that merely guarantees its continuation.

It should come as no surprise to a nation that has shed the blood of every nation on Earth would one day reap what it has so unconsciously sowed during the past two centuries. This Jewish predilection to destroy civilization is centuries old, and ordinary people have always been too distracted by the necessities of life to notice their constant sabotage of the higher human values.

The way I see it, the forces of darkness have just about eclipsed the forces of light on this planet.

Think about it. Who can you trust? Is there anybody out there who can safely say you trust with your life?

I wouldn’t count on any doctors, politicians or preachers. They can help you only if you buy their products and services, which are all mostly poisonous.

Humanity is being consumed by its own faulty propaganda. Turned into luckless lemmings, we applaud the very villains who are destroying us, thanks to mass media we absolutely cannot trust.

It’s like a minideath of reality, everything’s gone gray. Every bit of truth seems to be being replaced by disingenuous propaganda all aimed at selling you something.

You can measure the health of a society by the health of its activities, notably its physical athletic activities.

Countries with no athletic activity to speak of are usually countries where people are just trying to survive and have no need of elective physical activity to keep them healthy. The sedentary countries need sports to keep themselves from turning into chocolate chip blobs.

Hence appears the barometer of a country’s athletic activity measuring the larger health of the nation.

Really I think you reach the nadir of human hope when rumors of those who have reached the heights of human wealth are the very people who push the buttons that cause wars and tighten the financial rules at just the right time force the rest of us to starve.

People who buy things from Amazon are actually assisting the Deep State into imposing Communism around the world. Amazon profits from the lockdown by putting millions of small businesspeople out of business for good. This did not happen by accident, but the general public realizes so little of the forces of fleece that like the kosher tax it is totally overlooked by ordinary people who bother to balance their checkbooks.

Now you simply cannot balance your checkbook because your money has all been taken away. When Trump magically created the $13 trillion to combat the phony epidemic, it meant your money was now worthless and began a process where the banks could buy everything, leading to the end goal of Communism which is when the state owns everything, including all the people in it.

This is a far cry from what was written in the U.S. Constitution, which was once regarded as the most noble effort in world history but now has gone rancid as every four years two Jew shills fight for the right to continue to be president of the increasingly unconscious American electorate.

Those Amazon Prime trucks are starting to scare me; they’re showing up everywhere. I saw them coming down the road, nine of them, a fleet headed for Englewood. These trucks are replacing all those small businesses that have been ordered closed during this phony pandemic. As the years pass and the people get poorer and hungrier, I would not be surprised to see those Amazon Prime trucks be outfitted with automatic weapons when the hungry homeless masses begin to realize the value of what’s in those satanic delivery vehicles.

The world is caught up in a gigantic hoax. There is no pandemic. There is no need for lockdowns, they’re killing our children. And certainly there is no need for a vaccination for a disease that they can’t prove exists. Governments enforcing draconian rules about a fake epidemic should be dismissed at once, and dealt with severely if they resist. They have forfeited their positions of public trust by assisting in this false epidemic that attempts to turn the world into a giant Communist state within which no dissent will ever be tolerated.

If they could convince you Joe Biden was a competent presidential candidate who garnered a record number of votes without really campaigning, then you are a bonafide citizen of the new dark age. You would accept anything as long as they kept feeding your addictions and compulsions, which they have etched in your consciousness.

If they could convince you that taking a vaccination will prevent you from getting sick, you’d take any kind of shot they offer, especially if they want to pay you for it, wouldn’t you? No, most people wouldn’t. Were they to be starving, they might change their minds. I think that is part of the plan.

Close the businesses, give people the shot, watch them die. This process has only just begun. Wait until the people start dying for real.

Unless you see the tentacles already stretching to enslave you, to confine you in the numbers racket totally controlled by the puppetmasters, then there is no hope for your return to consciousness.

I’d like to say it was nice knowing you, but it wasn’t, because most ordinary citizens who paid their taxes and never complained much about what their government did are the ones most directly responsible for the destruction of the free world, because their silence in the face of their government’s constant crimes has resulted in the totalitarian quicksand we are sinking into today, when you can’t trust anybody and where truth is the last thing that matters.


John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.





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