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John Kaminski
American Writer and Critic

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We are all descended from thieves, so stop bragging about it.

It is our penchant to blame others for our own misdeeds that creates the injustices which harm so many. Simply consider the U.S. government as it turns killers into heroes. Only robots with no character support criminals hiding behind laws which command us to believe things that are false.

The babies we left bleeding in the ditch didn’t think we were so great, yet the tickertape parades we staged and yellow ribbons we waved still glorified the thugs we hired to do things we didn’t have the stomach to do ourselves.

This teaches children how to mimic the lie. They learn there’s one story for the perpetrator, and another for the victim.

It always made me wonder: What exactly were we defending when blew up all those villages from miles high in the sky (as opposed to now when we are all stateless inmates in the tyrant’s worldwide casino of kosher cash)?

Did you ever find out why all those people were killed, and why so many people today are punished for even talking about it? If you’d worried less about jeopardizing your income and more about living a forthright life, these crimes created by media hysteria would not have changed the course of history and cemented in place the demented police state which is suffocating our freedoms today.

And for how long they have been in charge is like looking down a well and not being able to see the bottom of it.

When they cash you out, you stay cashed out, and largely forgotten in the histories they so frequently rewrite.

If you can’t remember what happened yesterday don’t expect to be able to understand the beast that has its tentacles wrapped around your life today and is squeezing the life out of it.

I keep saying, “what your government does to other people it will do to you.” It is doing exactly that now.

You always think the next new fresh media zombie will keep his promises. When you’re old enough to witness this phenomenon enough times, you realize you’ve been had, your entire life. That’s why they’re so eager to get rid of senior citizens, because oldsters are more likely to see through the scams, unlike young pups still palpitating with revolutionary zeal who are naively eager to be sucked into Communism’s phony promises.

We have been regulated from cradle to grave. Yet the teaching has been so slick we still think we’re free. I saw a nurse do that the other day. She took the vaccine and cashed out right on the spot, defending the process that killed her with her very last breath.

These are the preplanned trauma based mind control techniques that are removing people of conscience from the population at large in order to facilitate what they call domestic harmony. It why so many people feel comfortable wearing masks; for some weird reason they like being cut off from the rest of the world.

They’ll fit right into the alienated world our caretakers have planned for us.

It will be the harmony of a people with no independently thinking brains, no universally conscious hearts and no sense of the destiny that should have been theirs, which they had foolishly tossed away for worthless trinkets and opened the door for a civilization that would one day kill them.

Sound familiar?

It’s not not enough to know the facts yourself and then forget to share them with other people who, like yourself, desperately need to know. You can’t save anyone from themselves but you can help everyone by correcting those who have been misled by poison media throughout their entire lives. Your principled voice is needed in a world being swept toward its demise by propaganda that gets people to increase the profits of the parasites and destroy themselves at the same time.

Don’t think you can escape your fate by keeping your mouth shut. Millions of dead cowards over time know that didn’t work very well.

The phrase ‘antidote to media poison’ was the motto of my newspaper in Vermont in the early ’90s. Thirty years later mainstream media are much more poisonous today than they were then. Genuinely alternative newspapers are completely exterminated and everything else is published under a tacit agreement to never name the Jew lest you lose your advertisers. Taken to a higher more ubiquitous level, every business transaction that occurs in the world is subject to interference should some critique about Jews emerge and complicate the deal.

Don’t tell me there is no One World Government already in place. People lose their businesses, their fortunes and often their lives for violating this business fact of life.

When the storm hits

If the ship is veering wildly at any moment be prepared to take command. You know how to do it, and everyone will help once they know.

Nowhere is anyone stepping up to fill the breach left by the destructive poison of bribery that has KO’d every leader in the world. Those who sell out the human race are labeled pragmatic and far seeing by the well-trained shills who insist that nothing is wrong as the ship of state is being scuttled, to be replaced by a worldwide prison camp.

We need to stand up to the machine, even though it runs us down. The future of humanity now hangs on the jab of a needle.

Most people don’t realize they’re getting a shot that is not guaranteed to work for a disease that has not been proven to exist, which is about as accurate a description of human intelligence as has ever been written.



John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.




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