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2020 legacy: Senile leader,
killer remedy, broken world

Telling the public it is safe to undergo this latest medical panacea is like telling your family to jump out of a plane without parachutes because it’s safe.

When you discover a river is polluted, you don’t drink from it because you know you’ll get sick, and maybe even die.

So, before it completely morphs us into robotic sheep, we need to discuss the pollution of our information stream and identify the diseases it has given us, the way it has sabotaged our future, and the bad medical advice it always provides before and during so-called epidemics.

But before even that, we need to focus on how historical reality has been distorted by our electronic and print media throughout the 20th century, and now how the lives we live today are completely dominated by these same external news sources — schools, churches and above all, your third party media favorites. 

Those preferences used to be the morning paper and the evening TV news, but today the typically perceivable news package has streamlined into text messages, Tweets or emails that beep at you at all hours, plus scans of various web-based news digests, and perhaps most importantly, emails from friends.

No more getting up with the Sun and working the land. Life has become all fingertip control and electronic messages that shape your 24/7 day.

Election news blackout

Never before has there been as wide a disparity in reports over momentous events as exists today with a monstrous mass media apparatus that can reach astronauts in outer space as well as babies still in the womb.

Even more than our meetings with other actual humans, media are what shape the way we think during our lifetimes. Media not only twist slyly the facts to pitch the sender’s products, the worst part is they create news where none exists and completely ignore other news that is contrary to their overall practice of treating people like third graders for the purpose of grooming eager consumers.

As such they are the sculptors of the personality which corporations desire. And the great unlearned lesson of corporate consolidation is that it was an inevitable precursor of complete state control of permissible thought in a rigid Communist system — the brand of government preferred by bankers for their suppression of free speech and political objectivity, now newly imposed on the United States.

As one person’s opportunity forever collides with other people’s oppression, media manipulation on so many levels has arrived as the chief vehicle of our distress. We can no longer tell where reality ends and manipulation begins.

Or, if any glimmer of actual reality still reaches us at all.

Steering us wrong

But the significant ignoring of two current issues pivotal to the continuing survival of all life on Earth have further shaped a plasticized populace into unwitting dupes thoughtlessly carrying out the policies of the power elite.

The first is the delegitimization and disappearance of hundreds of episodes of vote fraud in the recent election. Mass media have debunked the evidence in people’s minds before it was even properly presented in order to achieve the Deep State’s objective of turning the world into one giant Communist slave camp. The crowning achievement of this endeavor would be installing blatant Commies like Obama in the White House while the bankers’ lockstep media cheer them on, and universally praises the continuing demolition of what had once been a seemingly functioning country.

And the second issue of course is the shot, which media portray as just another medical formality but which in reality is an infinitely toxic and freedom-killing scam to enslave everyone to a paycheck ultimately regulated by Big Pharma itself.

Do you realize how impossible it would be to develop a vaccine for a disease that has never been properly identified? About as likely as Joe Biden receiving 80 million votes after spending the campaign in the cellar of his home praising his vote fraud team and picking his nose.

Two express routes to hell. Take your pick. You are scheduled to receive both.

Meanwhile, back on the campaign trail . . .

They’ve set up their typically false dichotomy where both the hero and the villain are villains and there was never a genuine choice at all, just like most American elections.

Telling the public it is safe to undergo this latest medical panacea is like telling your family to jump out of a plane without parachutes because it’s safe.

But mainstream media are no longer in control of the narrative. Their clumsy attempts at commercial productions betray the bias of their owners, and genuinely humane concerns are routinely omitted from their productions in favor of gender-mixing and race-mixing perversions, both of which are critical elements in the destruction of societies.

Unfortunately for everyone, most Americans continue to be addicted to TV, which means the information they receive is mostly deceptive since it is aimed at enslaving the public to their destructive habits and poison products.

The greatest lie ever peddled to the American people was “strength in diversity” for it has destabilized the United States to the point of disintegration. This is no accident. The demolition of the U.S. has been the ultimate objective of top bankers since the inception of the nation.

The election of Creepy Joe and Commie Kamala will signal the beginning of absolute Jewish despotism, the conditions of which you can readily observe in either the ever-shrinking Palestinian homeland, the continuing slaughter of white people in South Africa, or, observe a little closer to home the way Americans have ghettoized the formerly free pagan natives who used to roam the American West.

Your formerly unbounded license to explore the universe and help the destitute whenever you can has now been reduced by the new American definition of freedom, which is namely that the government will wind up giving you free stuff and an allowance if you simply keep your mouth shut and take all the poison inoculations it wants to give you.

If you don’t accept them you are likely if not certain to wind up, ultimately, as an ingredient in a fast-food hamburger.

People will eagerly take the deal — and the shot, which explains a lot about how we all got here in the first place. It’s amazing we’ve survived this long.

I can’t avoid thinking about the 1950s sci-fi classic Invasion of the Body Snatchers and how all those people wearing masks in the supermarket aisles give me fierce looks for not wearing one. Which is why I always stop to congratulate every fellow patriot not wearing one for their obvious powers of discernment, their knowledge of the futility of masks, and their awareness of the greatest medical fraud of all time.


John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.




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