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Civilization choking on
malevolent medical advice

Immorality ruins health, scorches souls, pollutes children who once believed they were real humans but have come to learn they are powerless cogs in a nasty machine that rewards the cold savagery of shrewd merchants who feed on the gullibility of the masses by deliberately misdirecting everyone with twisted myths and propagandistic pap so that most humans can no longer see the sunlight of life because it has been blotted out by maliciously constructed chemtrails in the sky and in our minds.

“It’s time to mask up, America!” said the President.

“Oh, I thought you were already wearing one,” I retorted, alluding to the drugged persona fearless leader Biden exhibits when angrily repeating what the voice in the microphone in his ear tells him to say. His wizened face bears the pallid complexion of a man who has been in storage for a long time, then, propelled by drugs and voices from another location controlling his every movement, he has been brought out to face the world and tell us all about our new prison.

He was speaking to the world. I was just sarcastically replying to a TV screen.

When rage eclipses reason

As a result of the totalitarian lockdown now under way, interpersonal relations are all running at a fever pitch as everybody’s lives have been scrambled by this authoritarian COVID scam. Tempers flare at too great a rate for reasoned discussion producing personal disputes made more severe by the tensions triggered by the absurd lockdowns as if with a sledgehammer pounding humanity into submission as docile ingots into some supercolossal but subhuman machine.

Society seems to have deflected reality with a variety of false assumptions that always seem to turn into draconian penalties for activities that are relatively normal human behavior. The escape-from-reality wish that drives alcoholism and drug abuse extends to corrupt bureaucrats who impose restrictions on people for subterranean purposes. Ultimately, all these maneuvers are conditioning people for enslavement.

When the choice is between the establishment and anarchy, we are imprisoned in a situation where either course is inimical to our own health, and as such, constitutes legitimate moral grounds for revolution, a total revaluation of all values, and the reinstitution of thoughtful justice for all members of the human family as the core belief of any governmental structure.

Humans are never to be for harvesting

Yet rumors persist about the use of adrenochrome, an unfathomably addicting drug that extends vitality. It is created from the harvested blood of terrorized children and is known to be used by the very rich and politically powerful people of the world.

America has turned into an awful country, full of excuses for tyrannizing everyone, a disease that has spread to victimizing its own citizens by regimenting them into prisoners of an ever darkening medical gulag.

Whomever is responsible for this repulsive situation should be purged from the planet pronto.

The governments ministering to us today are substantially less than human and certifiably corrupt. If nobody protests this wholly unsatisfactory situation now imposed upon us by our medical and political authorities, and backed up by the witless muscle of robotized career bureaucrats, far too many of us will soon be unnecessarily dead. Act now or die soon.

The lockdowns and masks are meant to kill us, not save us.

The ten stages of genocide
A tool for systemic discrimination



John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.



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