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The enemy
of all individuals
is the state


Any state, every time

Have you figured it out yet? No, no one has. There are some shrewd Internet eggheads who have solved some small amount of it, and generations of persecuted experts who have labored for decades to decipher most of it, but absolutely nobody has comprehended all of it.

No one has solved the puzzle of why the human species, in its undistracted balls-to-the-wall race to pile up as many toys as possible before one’s own croak date, has a death wish that inevitably turns into a method of aiming to destroy most if not all human civilization. That is under way right now.

Nuclear power. Glyphosate. Wi-fi. Gene editing. Not much 5G news these days . . . yet. We haven’t heard about people bleeding from the eyes since Glastonbury. But there are surely more devastating derivative disasters to come.

Like this one.

The latest fear is that the so-called COVID-19 vaccine (it’s not a vaccine at all) will produce in recipients what is known as Mad Cow Disease.

“This is a bioweapon,” explains narrator Jana Ben-Nun. “We are in the middle of a massive genocide right now.”

The sick thing about this is . . . not even Jews benefit from this psychotic Jewish of taking over the world via medical deception. Most Jews are going to die from the same fabricated plagues as the rest of us.

The state is the enemy of the people. The enemy of all individuals is the state. The ever-metastasizing monster shadow of megalomaniacal states eventually envelops everyone and crushes the life out of hope. Each and every time. How many stories must you read about empires being killed by their own greed?

Religion is the enemy of knowledge. As long as the priests control the libraries, the light of reason will flicker, then blink out and the people will die. Those religions that fight each other over trivial matters of doctrine and precedence are actually paving the way to the hell they preach against by failing to realize the way most other religions talk to their gods are the same way that they do, and about the same things. Except for that one abominable so-called religion that managed to hyphenate God’s name.

From the hallowed halls of the Beinecke Rare Book Library at Yale to the public-use laptops at your local library, you see the human body of knowledge being stripped down into a curriculum for robots who can act but no longer think.

You see it today and every day as the kosher clearinghouses systematically disappear facts that reveal the dark Ashkenazi forces running our information networks. This banning from the public airwaves of responsible voices articulating sincere concerns about controversial topics is the primary example of how the Deep State is destroying individual liberty. And it’s crystal clear who is responsible for this colossal crime, the same gross bunch whose holy books say it’s OK to rob and murder other people because they’re really only animals, but it’s OK to rape their women.

As they slowly poison us in thousands of different ways, the powers that be are erasing all the noble stuff that makes civilization great in order to develop mindless slaves who won’t trouble themselves with critical thinking. Hell, the conversion of the population to this attitude is just about complete. Just ask people who watch TV regularly. They’re eager to get the vaccine that will kill them.

State religion is the enemy of life, which is why it has always dispensed so much death trying to defend its indefensible behavior.

For a half century they’ve told us that truth is no defense as they slam 90-year-women into jail for not adhering to what the state says must be the truth about what happened in a war. The parasitic bankers and their prissy politicians enjoy punishing you as they continue to hide their own crimes.

This is why it is so important to retain individuality as the core principle of human civilization. And this is why those who wish to control everyone else plan to destroy exactly that.

All attempts to collectivize society have failed and are doomed to failure because they all involve the scam of organizers enlisting the poor in the effort to share what the rich have, by hook or by crook, earned. Redistributing money that isn’t theirs is the result of democracy inevitably evolving into creeping socialism, which is always the forerunner of totalitarian Communism.

Which is now being implemented in the United States and around the world. Most people, particularly the feeble minded ones still watching television, have no idea this is happening. They’re still waiting for the theaters to reopen and wondering if they still have to wear their masks to stop the disease that doesn’t exist.

Communism is now being force fed to everyone throughout the world. The plan of the most powerful bankers in the world is to make Russia, China and the United States operate under the same Communist system. All other states would then have to follow suit or risk being obliterated militarily.

This likely would mean the end of human individuality and the beginning of babies produced by the state without known parents creating beings totally crafted by megalomaniacal state scientists.

This is the future you can look forward to, if you happen to retain such a mental faculty as foresight.

And you owe it all to the state, if they haven’t taken it all from you already.

You might as well admit the truth. Many of us are going to die before we rescue the human race from this sinister plot to turn everyone into compliant robots.

The old world you know is gone. It was killed by the people who pretend to be public servants but who are really just serving themselves and the Jewish billionaires who fund their satanic perversions. This includes all American presidents.

Our soldiers have been constantly abused by our leaders by putting them in wars they never needed to fight. That’s why so many of our soldiers kill themselves when they come home.

If Americans would have realized that many people in our government were responsible for the 9/11/2001 false flag disaster, then, then there would have been no phony lockdown over a disease that doesn’t exist. George Bush should be in jail, not in retirement, along with other ex-presidents, plus numerous senators, congressmen and other government parasites who keep the 9/11 secret to themselves and their many co-conspirators, many of whom were equally industrious in the hijacking of the 2020 presidential election.

Because if you think these election results were genuine you have been successfully indoctrinated into the Deep State’s philosophy of you will believe everything you hear is true or you will be committing treason and will be executed, if they hear about it. Sort of like a heavier mask mandate. Mask wearers should make the transition without difficulty.

If you truly respect yourself you should unregister to vote immediately. The USA is no longer a free country nor a fair one. Under present circumstances, no future election is going to cure that disaster now unfolding under an already incapacitated president and his designated Commie slut successor.

It has taken a century of miseducation by Jewish media for the American people to become completely unconscious and accept everything their government says is true.

The state has become a criminal cabal of rich mostly men aiming to fleece and harvest the electorate rather than protect and nurture people who innocently look to their government for, at least, honesty. They never find it, anywhere.

When the state regulates the people, tyranny follows. When the people regulate the state, liberty flourishes. This is what is out of balance. Restoring it will resurrect our freedom.

We need no further evidence that the bankers are here to rob us and the politicians they hire either convince us they have our best interests at heart or they just kill us. It’s happening now everywhere.

What our government calls a vaccine is really a murder weapon, but the people are so misinformed, they eagerly take this untested experimental inoculation, and their lives are ruined, assuming they continue to live at all.

Yet the nation’s newspapers eagerly cheer for everyone to take the magic vaccine that doesn’t cure the disease which doesn’t really exist. This should cure people of ever reading newspapers again. But it won’t.

The American people never wanted to participate in either of the World Wars, the Korean war, the Vietnam war or any of the other wars waged by Americans in the 20th century.

It was the newspapers owned by saboteur aliens linked to presidents and other officials who had the approval of the kosher moneymen who brought the USA into repeated — one might say serial — wars against patsy states which essentially did not possess the military power to even competitively fight back. For instance, Iraq had no functional air force. Yet we bombed Babylon into radioactive dust particles while the Bushes sold the priceless artifacts in the upscale pawnshops of Miami.

The enemy is the state, the state is the enemy. By alternating bribery and brutality, the state has convinced you it is your friend. So just look around and see what has happened because of it. The world is a mess because we let the government tell us how to live. Because of that political and medical perfidy, record numbers of people are dying from medical malpractice rather than a disease that no one can properly identify.

If the state controls you, you will not not survive. If you control the state, at least you have a fighting chance. Because that’s the way freedom works, or, in the case of our disintegrating country, the way it doesn’t work.

The way the perps have it set up for us is that each of us can lose either our life or our mind. And that’s what a Communist state always calls freedom of choice.



John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.







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