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to neutralize a conspiracy
against the entire human race 

Certain criminals now killing our children
deserve to be burned at the stake!

 . . . tolerance is another word for chaos . . .
— E. Michael Jones

Back in 15th century Spain, the Inquisition burned many people at the stake for pretending to be something they weren’t. The people who were burned were exclusively Jews, which is why you hear so little about it now, because today Jews control practically every media outlet the world, either directly or by indirect extortion.

The people who did the burning were outraged Catholics. They were punishing those who pretended to be one of their own, but never were and never could be.

The same situation exists today, only on a secular level. Through their manipulative control of the money supply, Jews control every country on Earth. And as they have always done, they are systematically destroying every country they control, as they try to create a one world Jewish superstate they are calling the Great Reset.

Instead of one country whose religion they were sabotaging by their false conversions, today Jews are sabotaging every country in the world by pretending to be faithful citizens, but really being robbers and murderers and in control of every government official through their timeworn formula of bribery, blackmail and murder. Most people simply can’t or won’t resist this terrible technique.

In the United States today for instance, no one can run for any meaningful office without pledging allegiance, not to America, but to Israel. If they don’t, they can’t acquire the loans necessary to fund a meaningful candidacy which depends on spending millions for mainstream media advertising.

But there is a solution for every country on Earth to stop and reverse this suicidal course, and it is the same course used by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella in Spain all those centuries ago. It was called the Inquisition.

A simple yet impossible solution

Today a new inquisition is the only answer remaining for every country whose Jewish citizens have plundered each nation’s treasury and brought chaos, destruction and premeditated death to people everywhere. Back then it was only necessary for Jews to insist they were loyal to Jesus Christ.

The relevant litmus today would be for Jews to prove their loyalty to nations in which they reside by buying their citizenship with at least 50 percent of their total wealth. This would simultaneously dilute their monopoly power over everything and also resuscitate the flagging infrastructure of nations simply trying to survive.

This novel idea would serve and help people, rather than dominate and destroy them, as is happening now.

However, as you know, the real trouble is that Jews have bought all the leaders of these countries, and these paid-off traitors have betrayed their own citizens by letting Jews have their way. The undeniable result is that we are on the eve of an all-encompassing Jewish superstate in which individual freedom will no longer be possible because these soulless sociopaths can snuff out anyone at any time for any reason; thus, individual heroism generated by integrity now becomes a kind of voluntary suicide, which terrifying Talmudic authorities are always happy to arrange.

Current Jewish-American dual citizens are committing treason by definition, because you can only be loyal to one country, not two. In order for our country to survive, these deceivers must forfeit all their assets, be deported to Israel and never be allowed to return. Failing that they should be burned at the stake, a salutary remedy for any Jews who protest relieving them of their ill-gotten gain.

It worked in 15th century Spain and would work in America today, except for one thing.

The problem today is that Christianity — which some say was invented by Jews — now has definitely been destroyed by Jews, through the epidemic of priestly molestations of children as well as by the willing blindness by church officials to government tyranny to maintain their own tax advantages. Therefore, no central authority now exists that is not already owned by Jews; therefore, no authority could impartially preside over such a comprehensive and timely indictment, conviction and replacement of corrupt leaders everywhere.

Consequently, the vast majority of beleaguered citizens do nothing, and anxiously await their extermination by the Godless totalitarian Communist Jews.

Reviewing the Spanish Inquisition, referencing . . .

The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and its impact on World History,
E. Michael Jones, South Bend, Indiana: Fidelity Press 2008, chapter 6, The Converso Problem, pp. 203-224 . . .

No matter how prosaic it might sound to turn the tables on the Jews and use the methods used by Ferdinand and Isabella to blunt the Jewish threat in the 15th century, practically speaking it would be impossible to effect such a solution today because Jews control all the mechanisms that control our contemporary society. They have funded Communism in the Soviet Union, built it from scratch in China and now are implementing it in the United States using blacks to wipe out whites.

Worse, our Jewish overlords are presently conducting a mass extermination program all over the world, locking people in their houses and injecting them with poisons that are sure to knock off most of the population within two or three years.

These psychopathological cretins wouldn’t approve of a program to burn themselves at the stake, a technique that Ferdinand and Isabella used to purify their land.

Jews are not like other people. Five thousand years of constant deceptions have proved that. Because they do not believe in themselves, they teach people to rob and kill each other. Genuinely religious people are different; they believe in themselves, and because they do, they genuinely believe in helping others. Thus, all the real human beings are being inexorably wiped out by these curs who only pretend to have souls, but who really possess only brutal bottom lines.

This has always been the essential difference between Christians (and also Muslims) and Jews. Although there are other methods of understanding this, the lesson of the Christ child is really a parable for the hope of the world. We should worship our children. Without this goal, there will be no hope for anyone forever.

But Jews prefer to drain children of their blood, and then drink that blood, so they will postpone their own deaths for a few meager and meaningless years.

They put on a mask

E. Michael Jones, the very Catholic mind behind the legendary Culture Wars magazine, undertook in 20o7, to write a 1200 page masterpiece about the history of the Jews.

In the middle of the 15th century, Jones writes that Jews who were allowed to convert to Christianity nevertheless retained their money grubbing characteristics and in doing so, attained the most powerful positions in Spanish society and earned the enmity of suddenly impoverished old Christians. As Jews began to control the economic life of the country, the vast majority of the conversos remained faithful at heart to the religion of their fathers.

Their Christianity was merely a mask . . . they were Christians in nothing, and Jews in everything but name.

So it soon became obvious to all of the chilling observation that has plagued the Jews down through time in remaining oblivious to the effects of their own behavior. They have never believed — and to this day still won’t — that anti-Semitism is clearly a function of their own behavior, which guarantees the animosity they elicit will last forever, and that they will never change their woeful ways.

Since Spain’s leaders initially condoned the increasing predation of the pretend Christians, the real Christians soon took matters into their own hands. The conversos were put to the sword and their houses burned. Under torture, Jew confessed they were pretending, and many were burned at the stake. But in 1449 Pope Nicholas V intervened and ordered Jewish converts to Christianity be treated nicely. Two years later, after continued perfidy, the Pope relented and inquisitions began in earnest.

Henry the Impotent’s inability to control the situation resulted in 20 years of increasing anarchy, leading eventually to civil war. Both Jew and Christian, old and new, were to learn that tolerance was another word for chaos. The Judaizers maintained the upper hand in government because the ruler was too weak to rein them in, but the inactivity of the princes only led to the increased activity of the prelates, who complained loudly because the prince handed his realm over to exploiters.

This surely has happened to the United States throughout the 20th century, when the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913 squarely put U.S. finances in the greedy hands of 13 Jewish families. Their unceasing usurpation of all aspects of American society has led to this ghastly juncture today, when they are openly murdering people all over the world with poison inoculations, which governments and media all under the control of Jews have convinced most of the anesthetized population are both necessary and healthful.

When poison is officially deemed healthy, our species is doomed.

Back in the 15th century, a Franciscan monk who was a Jewish convert suggested that if an inquisition were to be established, then large numbers of Jews would be found to be only pretend Christians, undermining the faith they had sworn to practice. So it would be today were aware non Jewish citizens able to rigorously examine the Jewish hammerlock that has been placed upon societies, they would easily see that they are being systematically rubbed out.

That’s what happened in Spain, as well as what is happening now.

When the crown did nothing, the embittered populace rose up and took vengeance on the conversos on their own initiative.

By 1465 open warfare broke out between the old Christians and the conversos. A battle raged in Toledo for three days, during which four streets inhabited by conversos went up in flames. By 1474 Henry died and bequeathed the kingdom to the young married couple, Ferdinand and Isabella.

Spoiling the Egyptians

When the royal couple finally took the throne Jews were openly practicing the law of Moses and claimed they were only “spoiling the Egyptians,” as they had three thousand years earlier.

It was Queen Isabella who was convinced that her court was infested with insincere conversos. In 1478 Ferdinand and Isabella reestablished the Spanish Inquisition. By 1481 the richest Jews were being burned at the stake.

Diego de Susan. a Seville rabbi who had amassed a fortune, delivered a fiery speech urging Jews and conversos to revolt and kill the inquistors. The rabbi’s daughter, Fermosa Fembra, revealed the plot to her lover, who informed the Inquisition the plot was afoot. When the rabbi was arrested, many conversos fled to Rome.

The first auto da fe was celebrated in Seville in 1481, the rabbi was one of six burned at the stake. Seven hundred other conversos were forgiven by the church but Isabella’s message had been clear and resistance to government authority ceased.

Jones writes: “The Talmud has absorbed the Torah and turned the Jews into a permanent fifth column in Christian culture, agitating for revolution when they were powerful enough and for subversion when they were not.”

After Tomas de Torquemada, the Dominican prior and confessor to the queen, was appointed grand inquisitor for all of Spain, the record of the inquisition would proved mixed. Brutal assaults by soldiers tended to eclipse orderly procedures, and large commercial centers, owing to the removal of Jew financiers, were totally ruined by the Inquisition.

The Spanish expulsions began in May 1492. Torquemada, and Grand Inquisitor and a converso himself, forbade Christians from helping the Jews after August 9. No Christian was allowed to communicate with the Jews or give them food or shelter.

Most Jews went to Portugal, from where they were expelled a few years later. Many went to Turkey, which 150 years later spawned the false messiah Shabbetai Zevi. The last Jew left Spain on July 31.

Jones neglects to mention that four days, Christopher Columbus, whom CNN claims was a Jew, set sail for the unknown continent later called America.

Spain became free, the New World began to become chained by that trademark Jewish desire for domination.

Jews are trying to kill their own deaths and think they can do it by killing everyone else first. Of course this can’t be done by any method, because after they kill everyone else they will have to kill themselves because that is the only thing they will know how to do. How much better it would be if they taught everyone how to live, because then they themselves would finally know how to live without trying to kill everyone else first.

Since history has proved that will never happen, humans must learn that their compassionate desire to rehabilitate Jews and incorporate them into a healthy society must ultimately result in their own destruction, which coincidentally is happening at this very moment.

A few certain criminals who are now busily killing our children need to be burned at the stake to get people’s attention. Then we need to erase Judaism from the history of humanity once and for all forever. Otherwise, as they are doing now, they will erase from the planet all ordinary, compassionate human beings, which is what all normal people aspire to be.



John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.


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