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The stories you hear have made you blind

The fog is getting thicker instead of clearer.

The brain fog generated by the misleading media you have depended upon for the information that keeps you alive has turned white into black, day into night and good into evil. This has been happening your entire life, but has been done so gradually you mostly haven’t noticed.

The government-mandated ‘vaccines’ are making people sicker instead of better. Worse, vaccinated people are spreading sickness to others. This is the real cause of the so-called Delta variant.

People’s brains have become so muddled they actually believe that unvaccinated healthy people are the ones who are spreading this government-contrived disease.

Because our government, our media and our doctors are collectively lying to us, it has become impossible for ordinary people to see beyond this avalanche of falsehoods and assess what’s really going on.

Trapped in the insoluble fear of our own confusion, we are utterly unable to even see our own immediate future.

The one telltale fact that rises above all others is that the vaccinated are getting sicker at a rate strikingly faster than the unvaccinated.

Despite this glaring clue, government media and truly demonic politicians and celebrities continue to insist on vaccinations. To anyone with even the tiniest bit of grey matter, the conclusion is inescapable — governments are intent on killing people, and so are doctors.

Day has turned to night, black has turned to white. What our leaders preach to us as safe is suddenly revealed as the path to our own destruction.

Trusting what commercial media have told us all our lives is now also revealed as the epidemic now destroying us in every country on Earth. We must face the fact that our doctors, with their cynical advocacy of poison vaccinations, have totally betrayed their oath to help people in order to make themselves richer than they already are.

The beast is out of control

Public dialogue in these dark days is totally insane when our senile president can declare white supremacy as the major threat to his disintegrating nation’s well being. If this were true, why would millions of Third World supplicants be thronging to our southern border to partake of the free stuff offered to them but denied to beleaguered American citizens wondering why they have deserved such shameful treatment by their own government to which they have been faithful all their lives.

In the same vein, these puzzled American citizens are still trying to figure out how the demented demagogues running the world’s mainstream medical establishment can continue to insist that unvaccinated, symptom-free individuals are the principal menace to the world’s health when it is crystal clear that those who have been penetrated by the poison jab are clearly transmitting their poison plague to others.

Recent developments in Canada where one particularly courageous and tenacious individual has forced officials to admit that the dreaded COVID boogeyman has never been properly nor authentically identified, thereby exposing this invented worldwide pandemic as a preposterous lie. Ordinary people have been conveniently ignored  by mainstream media maniacs who continue to rally the forces of evil to further reduce the world’s population with their poisoned inoculations, which insert toxic spike proteins into people’s bloodstreams guaranteeing their capillaries will shut down and they will eventually die within a few years, if not immediately.

Patrick King of Red Deer, Alberta proved in court that the so-called SARS COV 19 virus has never been properly. isolated, thereby rendering the entire pandemic narrative a work of fiction. This revelation of course was never and will never be reported on mainstream news, as the original assertions by Dr. Andrew Kaufman and so many other principled doctors have been steadfastly stifled by all those evil entities working to impose this murderous tyranny on the whole world.

Who runs the show?

Then there’s the case of Ron DeSantis, the presumptive hero of our continuing political masquerade which pits two Israeli puppets battling it out to see which will determine the future of decaying American history.

The energetic Florida governor and Donald Trump protege has made his state the most free place on Earth during these mandated lockdowns, but all the while grounding his actions in his unquestioning and highly visible loyalty to Israel, just as Trump and Biden unfailingly do. And of course no single mainstream media vehicle has ever pointed out that all three politicians repeatedly violate their sworn oaths of office by behaving in such a truculent and craven way to a foreign power that is obviously the enemy of every country on Earth.

Investigating further into the identity of the architects of the phony pandemic that would have actually killed very few people except for the widespread and inappropriate use of ventilators and poisonous vaccines, we inevitably find one certain ethnic group that continues to be the primary cause of all human misery as it has been for thousands of years.

Just a few examples ...

Sir Klaus Schwab is the principal proponent of this Great Reset now ravaging the world. His mother, Emma Gisela Tekelius Schwab (née Kilian), was  a member of the all-powerful Rothschild family.

Bill Gates is the leading spokesman for and investor in the idea that vaccines can greatly reduce the world’s population.

The two biggest killer plagues in history have been carried out by members the same family, by Frederick L. Gates in 1918 and by Bill Gates in 2020. Grandfather Gates supervised the vaccinations of American troops for bacterial meningitis that triggered the devastating epidemic known as the Spanish Flu, which killed 550 million people worldwide. Grandson Bill is a wanted criminal today in India for the damage his vaccines did to many thousands of Indian girls.

Anthony Fauci, chief executive of the current COVID hoax, has pulled off this mass murder by medical malpractice scam at least once before, when  his lethal AZT nostrum produced several hundred thousand deaths during the false AIDS epidemic, which, like COVID, was proven never to exist after many thousands of needless fatalities.

Most relevant to these three principal architects of this most serious problem in world is the constantly suppressed fact is that they are all Jews but pretending to be something else. Combined with the Jewish dominance of the entire world’s political class, their control of the world’s finances, their mind lock of the corrupted media apparatus, university systems and medical spectrum, it is well beyond obvious who is trying to kill off most of the world population and enslave the rest in a suitably brain damaged condition.

As you can readily understand, there is only one reason as to why we can no longer see our future, and that is because of the insane actions of these men and the minions they have bought, we have no future left to us at all.
John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.



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