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Remaining healthy
is not an option


The elephant suggests you take the jab. Sort of demands it. Promises all sorts of rewards. Says there is nothing to worry about. Claims all of your friends are taking it. At least the ones who are still alive.

Yes, I’m talking about the elephant again. Yes, that elephant. Of course, the one in your living room.

The one that controls every aspect of your life, from your first injection 45 minutes after you’re born to the last one, perchance a mandated COVID-19 jab, the one that they call a vaccination that we now know is not a vaccine at all. Yes, that jab, the one that leaves so many twitching and wretching, bitching and kvetching, assuming they remain alive at all.

The one that they say you have to have to go to the movies or fly on an airplane or eat at a fancy restaurant. Or the one that sends you to the morgue, where you wouldn’t exactly remember it, although some say you would still remember the elephant, or the faint odor of disinfectant they rubbed on your skin prior to the fateful jab the creepy critter said to take.

The pompous pachyderm

The elephant controls every aspect of your life. Because it controls the world as well.

That elephant in everyone’s living room has controlled the world since somewhere around 1500 BC when Abraham, the first banker not a king, and his trusty sidekick Joseph the Vizier, brought their Hyksos henchmen into Egypt and destroyed a two thousand year old empire with their typical tricks they have used over and over ever since.

Several hundred years later, operating a retail bazaar in the Nile delta they would much later call Israel and move into the desert, they were run out of Dodge as lepers and began their endless march around the world, subduing one country after another with their trademark treachery until one fine day they finally reached London, where they have nested ever since.

They got their hooks into America very early, with the Pilgrims in fact assassinating the natives for fun and pleasure. But they really locked up the U.S. after the Civil War they triggered and changed a would-be republic into a has-been corporation.

Ever since then they’ve chosen one shill after another to act as president while they fleeced the populace in the same way they did to all those other countries they destroyed over time.

The trail of the elephant finally led to two World Wars, the bringing down of skyscrapers before everyone’s eyes and now to the worldwide pandemic that will lead those few who survive the jarring jabs to all be connected via Starlink satellites to the Grand Poobah in downtown Jerusalem, who will tell you throughout your entire but brief life what you can buy and who you can sell.

That’s the brief world history of the pompous pachyderm itself.

A little jab’ll do ya

The first and last and all the jabs in between are in fact all brought to you by the elephant that rules your life, and ultimately ends it for reasons that may or may not pertain to who you are.

A long forgotten lady doctor named Suzanne Humphries once said no jabs were ever needed for anything, but her advice was blotted out by offers of Krispie Kreme doughnuts and marijuana cigarettes if you would just roll up your sleeve and take the jab. So many did.

And so many died. In fact more jabbees died than those killed by the disease the jab was supposed to prevent. No, not prevent. But lessen the effects of. Or reduce transmission of. Or . . . I forget exactly why you were supposed to take the jab. Nor was it clear that it was the elephant who told you to take it.

Maybe you could call it the elephant’s jab. Or more precisely maybe Jacob’s jab.

The elephant of course was Jewish. Couldn’t you tell by the length of his schnozz?

The very basis of Judaism is false. Jacob swindled his brother out of his heritage, and Judaism was born. They’ve followed the same formula ever since, destroyed country after country by bleeding them dry.

Hugh of Lincoln was a little boy who was found drained of his blood in 13th century England. King Edward I threw them all out, an edict that lasted 400 years before the swaggering opportunist Oliver Cromwell came along, was bought by Dutch Jews, arranged King Charles I to be hoisted on his own petard, and set the stage, after many twists and turns, for today’s jabs.

Now it’s all the rage to buy adrenochrome — which is blood of terrified children just before they are killed — that enables very rich Jews to live so very long lives.

Just look around you. Biden is Jewish. Trump is Jewish. Clinton is Jewish. Bush is Jewish. Johnson was Jewish. Eisenhower was Jewish. Truman was Jewish. Roosevelt was Jewish. These were the leaders of what they called The American Century.

Media and government are now merged into the same company, along with the banks, the medical profession, and the universities. And they along belong to the elephant.

Fun with Funvax

It is the doctors who are afraid of losing their jobs who are continuing the fake epidemic with masks and shots to go with all their other unnecessary medical treatments.

It is the politicians who are afraid of losing their lucrative positions that enable them to take bribes like Obama and Pelosi which inflate their salaries far beyond what governments pay them. How did Obama, a male prostitute from Hawaii, afford a $10 million mansion on Martha’s Vineyard? By playing along with the elephant, of course. How did the speaker of the house pile up $100 million on her $200,000 per year salary? Pachydermal payouts, you betcha.

Now that Oregon has done away with the mastery of reading, writing and ’rithmetic as requirements for graduation because they’re racist, why will teachers even be necessary except to communicate to students the joys of transgenderism and pedophilia en route to the planned debauchery of future generations of Americans?

The elephant is now in control of every aspect of your life. He has even exceeded his own expectations, having taken control of the entire population by the simple method of creating a pandemic, ordering a lockdown and executing the electorate with poisoned vaccinations, using graphene laced spiked proteins to gradually erode everyone’s blood vessels topped with radio waves from 5G towers and Muskian satellites to make everyone do what they want prior to their expire dates.

Want to know what’s really going on with the Funvax Amusement Park? Study this:

As for the elephant in your living room? There will be no more living rooms. No more living, either, at least as we have known it.


John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.



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