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Big Pharma’s Dark Future

The game is over. Postpone all doctor appointments. Too many people know the so-called vaccines are worthless and are triggering all the so-called variants. Tell your doctor he (or she) is an ignorant fool for continuing to prescribe poison medicine. Tell them they will be prosecuted for murder for all the people they have needlessly killed with their phony vaccines. Push back and don't take their shit. Everybody has to do this if the Jews' poison spell is to be broken. Don't let them push you around.

Combat their coercion with the basic truths, that COVID 19 cannot be proven to exist because it has never been isolated nor purified, and that the PCR test is irrelevant to determining any disease. Refuse to wear a mask because it's harmful and doesn't prevent anything. Never undergo any kind of test because of all the stories that the tests often contain disease bearing toxic nanoparticles. Stay away from doctors whenever you can. They have never been trustworthy, and never moreso than now.

Do not wear a mask under any circumstances, do not accept any test, do not believe what you read in the newspaper and don't trust your doctor. If you have to quit your job, do so. Take care of your own health. There is plenty of guidance out there, and ways to circumvent all restrictions. This will all go away if we insist on our rights and avoid the traps they set. Stay away from people who have been jabbed, because they are contaminated.

There's No One Coming: It's Up to Us to Check the Feds

On course for oblivion

Bombs, bullets and blood seem
destined for your neighborhood

So yesterday I watched a video where men in turbans and scarves, presumably Afghan, were executing a line of kneeling men by first shooting them with pistols one by one in the back of the head, but then demolishing the whole line of victims — 15-20 or so — with automatic weapons fire so completely that the bodies began to disintegrate and turn to jelly in the rising dust caused by the rain of bullets.

It is neither my habit nor preference to forward fear porn of this type, so I moved on, but the image remained in my brain throughout the day.

Of course when I went back to find the clip this morning in my email history I couldn’t find it, and it’s probably just as well. The instance reminded me of the time I went searching for that legendary clip of Hillary and Huma and the bloody face of a dead little girl they tried to wear which I never saw but my friends, as well as some tearful New York City cops, actually did watch.

What struck me then and what strikes me now is that most Americans I know — especially the ones that cling to the plastic reality TV offers rather than the stark forays into actual reality that occasionally appear on the Internet — could not possibly conceive of such a grisly fate happening to them. This is denial of the highest order and permeates the American consciousness, even at this late date in the prolonged yet continuing destruction of our country.

Yet statistics don’t lie. And when you don’t fix a leak the future disaster it will cause can only worsen.

Then my mind ranged to the fiasco on the Mexican border and the number of odd strangers clutching hundred dollar bills who have been allowed to cross the Rio Grande ever since Biden was “elected”. Worse than that was the way thousands of these foreign strangers have been deliberately distributed throughout the country by the government, in both planes and buses. And distributed everywhere. The path I’ve noticed most was from Texas to Tennessee by air, then onto Florida and New Orleans by bus. Mostly unaccompanied teens and children, chaperoned by decidedly non government monitors.

Believe me, they won’t just be stealing hubcaps.

It kind of reminded me of the way Africans have been funneled into Minnesota and Maine, and there lodged among uneasy white residents, fearful of chaos to come, which has come and by now comes frequently.

Is this the replacement population for all those Americans scheduled to be killed by COVID vaccinations, my mind wondered? After all, the jab death toll is now in the millions, non government sources say, and most employers these days can’t find enough people to accept the jobs they offer.

Then my mind continued to spin out of control, and it began to think about the famous story from Afghanistan from years ago about the misguided bombs that obliterated 47 or so people in a wedding party, bombs dropped by remote control from someone sitting in an office in Las Vegas, or in Tampa, watching the whole scene on drone TV.

As the whole world felt revulsion and despair at such a heartless maneuver, my mind couldn’t help but wonder at the feelings of the Afghan people who were bedeviled by the devil himself wearing an American military uniform killing their neighbors and relatives deemed to be terrorists when they were only regular people trying to hold a wedding reception.

And then my thoughts jumped back to the airport in Kabul, and the purposeful rage of righteous men putting bullets in the back of the brains of those who had stolen their country and kept it for 20 years, all the while raining bombs and bullets on the homes of their friends amid the lies the killers told that they were bringing freedom.

How many times have we heard the phrase, echoing in our own brains: “It can’t happen here.”

Then I began thinking about Australia, and how we always thought, it couldn’t happen there.

So now we are watching it happen, its leaders gone mad and no one in their government thinking it’s out of the ordinary to imprison people in their homes for an invisible disease that isn’t killing anybody, yet these elected officials turn into rabid monsters and the police pound parents worried about the fate of their kidnapped children with rubber bullets, flying tackles and colossal fines for leaving their houses late in the day to watch the sunset.

I’m thinking that’s the way the Afghans must have felt when their relatives were exterminated from above by the American war machine trying to control their poppy crop. The only difference was the Australian monsters were assaulting their friends rather than foes, as in Afghanistan, the forces of democracy were supposedly up against an enemy. Come to think of it, the bombers and cops were really using the same excuse: they were trying to protect the victims by killing them, which is the usual formula for American wars.

Think France in World War Two, or Panama in 1989, Korea in 1952, or maybe in Serbia, Libya, Iraq, the Philippines, Syria, the Dominican Republic, Yemen, or above all, Palestine, now and forever.

Do you think Americans will ever actually recognize their own hypocritical behavior? I think they might be beginning to now that they are being assailed by their own medical war machine, which is using the same logic their military war machine used to obliterate all those countries all those years ago, as well as last week.

One thought has overwhelmed me these past few weeks. If this display of absolute and arrogant incompetence from Biden and his berserk bozos continues, how long will it be before America is invaded by those who covet its remaining riches the Jews have not already stolen because the president surely is incapable of orchestrating a realistic defense against a clever and overwhelming invasion? America is now a pathetic and defenseless open target.

Or is this invasion already happening, because the perverts on CNN are too busy reminding people that blacks make wonderful leaders and transgenders need to be protected so that’s why we keep the borders open so blacks can come in and rob, rape and kill the evil white people just like they do in South Africa? Hey, Commie Kamala (now hiding in Singapore) is in charge now. What will Hunter Biden do for income when she takes over the rabble and rubble of what’s left of the USA?

And doesn’t Woke for blacks mean permanent dirt naps for whites? Sounds like the ages-old Jewish plan to me.

Lest you think this all hysterical hyperbole, I would direct you to the recent and continuing ordeal of the American patriots who surged to Washington to celebrate Donald Trump’s impending re-election, whose lives were deliberately ruined for supporting their country. Eight months later those who still languish in the solitary confinement of black-run Washington jails have received zero help and little support from their esteemed ex-president. His main attempt to free them from injustice involved him buying a private island in a place nobody ever heard of nor knows where it is.

As I reconnoiter the first thought of this essay — bullets in the back of the heads of American Marines abandoned by Joe Biden — my thoughts naturally drift to China, which has acted with admirable restraint and diligent preparation during the centuries of abuse it has endured from the so-called Western powers.

When the Chinese finally get here — assuming they are not here already — I think it would be only natural to expect that they would act with the same contempt for Americans that Americans have displayed toward the rest of the world throughout our ugly and vicious lifetimes. We believed the lies our leaders told us and wreaked that madness on the rest of the world.

The only alternative to this dismal fate is to arrest and execute the engineers of America’s reign of terror before somebody else has to do it for us. Then, and only then, perhaps some of us will manage to survive.


John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.


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