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Once upon a time, well-meaning Australians gave away their guns, and just look at what’s happened to them now.

Totally set upon by deranged civil servants, today Aussies are imprisoned, defenseless, and being seriously abused by the worldwide Big Pharma tyranny, which is the brainchild of pathological power billionaires who for ten years were waited to spring on defenseless people a tyranny that uses bogus tests, a fake disease, and illegal incarceration enforced by conscienceless dupes drunk with power and powered by bribes and authority to rule over helpless people and never have to face the consequences of their sadistic cruelty because they have the law on their side, a law in fact that has always given everything to the rich and less than nothing to the poor.

A few very rich men have figured out this was a foolproof way to conquer the world. First requirement? Forget that it is real people whose lives you will ruin, and treat them like the gullible cattle they show themselves to be.

This is a common technique used many times in world history, this locking up the population in slavery on a story that later historical analyses always reveal as our putrescence. And it is also a common tactic of that single satanic group whose perfidy stretches far back into the cobwebs of history as we examine the long list of nations which have been destroyed by smooth talking swindlers these well meaning farmers and ranchers living relatively innocent lives never should have trusted.

They keep doing it because it seems to work every time they try it.

And that’s what’s happened to Australia ever since bleeding heart progressives appealed to the consciences of decent people even though the people doing the appealing turned out to have no consciences themselves, only a bad case of airport security syndrome and a hidden desire to empty the pockets of everybody within reach.

It goes as far back as 1500 BC in an African desert kingdom when these two shysters, Abraham and Joseph, showed up and quickly figured out a way to swindle god fearing Egyptians out of everything they owned, and it stretches right up to the present day when the well-healed sons of Rothschild — Schwab, Gates and Fauci, by name — along with their greedy sycophants collared all the money in the world and then hired some conscienceless doctors to tell everybody in the world they were sick, and only these certain clever doctors had the medicine which could cure this dread disease. 

Then they added a new caveat that you had to keep taking this medicine forever, over and over, and pay them through the nose each time you did.

Ah, the lessons of corporate capitalism in the grip of crony communism. Such a wonderful way humanity has evolved — a small group of people learn the ultimate shell game and put the rest of the population to sleep permanently while they plunder the piggybanks of those they have sedated. Yes, you can blame the media for this.

But here’s the thing to remember. 

In the interest of permanent peace, the Aussies were convinced to give up their guns, just as pharaoh persuaded the pigeons to give up their possessions to get a little food because they were starving because Abe and Joey had deep sixed the food supply and caused famine to threaten the oblivious population. Any resemblance to today’s situation in which farmers are paid NOT to grow food, supply lines are deliberately cut by bad weather, and crops are poisoned to diminish the alertness of sickened consumers, is definitely not coincidental. It is as much of an ancient, tried and true tradition as Three-Card Monte on a summer afternoon at the circus.

This is both the oldest trick in the book and the newest trend in fashionable population reduction, in which present day medical remedies have been turned into suicidal systems of self sacrifice by injecting yourself with a fatal poison to cure yourself of a lethal disease that they say you have but which doesn’t really exist. Now that’s what I call a really slick sales scheme, and that it has been believed by most of the rest of the world tells you two things.

The sociopaths will do anything to steal your money even if they have to take your life with it, and that people will believe anything once they decide to trust someone who is not worth trusting. And prominently featured today in this latter category are our leaders and our doctors.

Unfortunately, the main remedy for this situation in the case of Australia would have been the guns they decided to give away some years in the past. 

Conversely, in the case of the rest of the countries of the world, learning from the blunder the Australians made that has cost them their freedom is a mistake no other country in the world should ever decide to make, no matter how hard the slimy spokespeople on the flashy broadcasts of today’s high tech media say you should trust them try to convince you that you should.

In today’s topsy turvy world, guns are not so much a prevention against those who are trying to harm you as they are a safeguard against those creeps who insist they are trying to protect you. And you all know who I mean — the ones who say they are taking away your freedom to protect you from a threat that doesn’t really exist accept in their own sick, sadistic minds.

Don’t be afraid to kill them if they get too pushy, because they’re already killing us for far less reason than we would need to kill them in legitimate self defense. Frankly, they passed that point a long time ago. Just compare the relatively small number of people who died from this disease they can’t prove exists with the skyrocketing number of people who have died from a so-called vaccine that absolutely nobody ever needed to take in the first place.


John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.







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