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Those supposed to save us
instead decided to kill us

Tonight’s significant sound is the rhythmic thump of a chopper overhead bringing news that you never wanted to hear. As it has been for so many around the world, probably it is the one sound you will hear on the last night of your life.

As lights flash and sirens cry, the vaporization of hope, the internalization of pain, and the future that you just can’t swallow fills the night with memories you never wanted to have.

Night falls on a wondrous day that we once in our eager brightness called human civilization. With bad news from every angle, our last hopes are eroded by dismay in the betrayal of everything we hoped to believe.

As the death count everywhere rises but is suppressed, the ghoulish face of Klaus Schwab informs us of the Great Reset and the leering sneer of Bill Gates with a syringe in his hand reminds us that our time is up, if we believe what they want us to say and do what they want us to do.

It almost seems that we live in a world that no longer exists — it has already evaporated and we simply see the disappearing image of it — that the present moment is somehow a great turning in time in which everything we thought we knew is no longer the case and our doubts about the goodness of life are each day enlarged like a growing shadow, a spreading terrifying stain over our consciousness that seems to be bringing some kind of eternal night swallowing the sunlit splendor of our previously wonderful lives.

In my dream I see a young girl with a chain around her neck containing the ring of the boy she loves being taken off and given back to the boy because circumstances of the world determine that she is leaving and he is not, leaving for the Western Lands of a dream that will never be. Suddenly the image appears from a drone overhead as small figures scurry to and fro and searchers ply the underbrush, looking for somebody they can’t find, looking for that bashfully sweet lost angel who could never die.

And in that moment is a memory of a thought you don’t want to keep, the thought of that sobbing girl defending the one she loves who later left her lying cold and dead under rotting leaves for reasons no one can understand. When someone tries to tell you it’s the way of the world, you scream in protest, “No, it simply cannot be!” Yet it is.

Somehow the new world nuance is that of the merciless sound of a chopper overhead or ambulance lights flickering ominously in the foggy distance as scratchy radio reports recount an endless sequence of horrific tragedies that have become the world we know.

Way out West reports come of a young mother with two young babies who only wanted to keep teaching her kids in a fun class at school lying dead in a morgue because her bosses said she had to take a shot that she never wanted to take. Contemplating the future of those two babies and the loss of the very symbol of human life — namely, a vibrant young mother — is too tortuous to bear.

Meanwhile, there are the images from Australia of people who only wanted to be let outside and breathe fresh air being shot in the back by police ordered to be unconscionably vicious by disingenuous leaders bribed by medical super corporations to kill the very people who voted for them in the misshapen name of public health.

Then there are all those empty eyes of devoted consistently wonderful workers whose devotion to the duties was never even questioned suddenly ordered to stop what they’re doing and walk away from it forever because of the order from on high to stick this needle in their arms which may leave them twitching and wheezing, if not gesticulating wildly in uncontrollable paroxysms of horror because of an untested substance they were ordered to take by a government with absolutely no interest in their futures.

And all for a disease never proven to exist.

This is the secret the old have always kept from the young. You work all your life for somebody else, then get abandoned and betrayed in the end. This is the way it has always been. But it’s even worse than that.

And you’re about to find out.


Every piece of the pandemic puzzle, every unnecessary death from an untested, unapproved vaccine, continues to go unchallenged by a public bedazzled by media bullshit and political pederasty. For the stark and ugly fact remains it was the criminal exclusion of Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine that allowed Fauci’s poison vaccines to be used in the first place is a truly criminal maneuver that has literally killed millions of people and ruined the lives of many millions more.

They give multiple life sentences for particularly perverted murderers, so they should give multiple death sentences for Fauci, Gates, Biden and Trump and all the other bribed criminals who participated in the massive mass murder of millions throughout the entire world.

The penalties for all the members of the medical profession should require a public debate, because many of these same professional liars who have betrayed and abused the lives of their trusting patients are still on the job dispensing suspect diagnoses and poison prescriptions to credulous customers distracted by their own vicious varieties of afflictions.

The fact that many of these white-coated cretins who posed as “heroes” during this fake epidemic will continue to prescribe toxic treatments and substances to their oblivious patients is a problem that cannot be properly adjudicated by the thoroughly corrupt American Medical Association, which should pay substantial penalties of its own as it continues to be polluted by an obviously obscene profit motive that ruins the overall reputation of what should be humanity’s most revered and trusted occupation.

Who of us anywhere now can deny that this fake epidemic of a deliberately contrived and falsified disease has ruined the reputation of the entire medical profession and given rise to a certain instinct of everyone in the world that doctors simply can no longer be trusted, and a new and more restrictive oversight agency needs to be empaneled to oversee the excesses of rich narcissists playing God at the expense of their undereducated patients.

Certainly financial and criminal penalties should be decreed against the two-faced sociopaths who insisted that we wear ineffective masks that damaged our health and smugly injected toxic substances into innocent arms that they knew would kill many of their patients. Their defense that they didn’t know the negative effects that would occur is no defense at all for a profession that is supposed to learn these things in medical school.

That they pretended not to know the negative effects of the treatments they have provided is a blatant lie of the most profound severity, and the penalties they must incur should reflect the absolute disgust and condemnation humanity must inflict on such a dishonorable group of pathetic poseurs, who have disgraced both their profession and their species by such egregious acts of faithless falsehood, which continue as we speak.


John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.




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