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John Kaminski
American Writer and Critic

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Thoughts on the volcano
inside you, ready to erupt

Watch this for inspiration:

It should be clear by now that human freedom is being systematically murdered, by at least two forces that have turned against us: the calculated behavior of traitors to humanity who are being paid to sabotage society and murder people on a scale previously unimagined by the worst barbarians in human history; and second, by the Las Canarias volcano belching fire from the subterranean depths of hell, yet another unmistakable message from Mother Nature that her violent vomiting of the boiling blood of human history is a direct and perhaps final commentary on how she regards what these mindless droids called people have done to her planet — the filthy water, the radioactive air, the bits of fetuses in their food, the list is endless.

This vulcanological commentary on human stupidity from the benevolent force that has given us life for so many aeons has been obvious for many years: the dead birds, the dried up lakes, the masses of aimless people flowing over the world secretly directed by intelligence agencies paid by billionaires playing chess with whole countries, trendy rituals catering to our cannibal natures, men dressing as women telling us how to raise our kids, Pete Butthole laying in bed with an infant pretending to be lactating, ignoring his job while ships stranded at sea containing rotting food tantalize people starving on the land waiting for that meals they can’t eat and likely never will, who distract themselves by buying drugs and dying on street corners which many luckless drifters now use as bathrooms.

Some upright citizens recently jabbed with poisons that will kill them in a few months or years as their bodies shrivel up and their blood vessels clog up until they twitch and die in inconvenient places, other well meaning proles banished from their jobs because they wouldn’t take the poison pricks ordered by drug addled bosses paid by guru swindlers to sabotage their own careers, foremost among them the senility-stricken president bribed to do everything wrong and destroy the country he had pledged to protect because he got a billion dollar bribe that nobody talks about to suffocate the last pocket of freedom on the planet so rich Jews could bring their version of peace to the world with a brittle pavement of crispy burnt corpses stretching to the horizon while their noxious newspapers keep saying all is calm and under control.

And watch out for all those evil white people whose possessions every other color keeps trying to steal and claim it was their own to begin with because civilization was built on deliberately oppressing illiterate people of color, at least according to the urinous New York Times.

Who was listening? The tilted trannies bending over to fetch the fentanyl from inside their own guts, safe from the world that paid no attention to them as the scraped their cheeks on gritty sidewalks trying to remember their childhood dreams that their parents said they could never have because they interfered with the birth control that never worked. Children who wonder where their parents were when they were only in the other room huffing and humping, choking and puffing on things they knew they had to have to keep from screaming.

Who was speaking? Testy talking heads paid to imitate the next guy proving that what they said was true and everything would be fine if you knew just what to do. Taking their advice has always been fatal or at least a permanent carcinogen for the soul.

Who was dying? Which was all those who thought they were living a life that would make sense if you just played straight with everyone who didn’t know how to play straight but only seek that furry path that kept you from knowing the only place you were going was nowhere.

You saw someone bleeding in the gutter but you didn’t know them so you didn’t stop to help them and therefore never got to know that that was the person who could have saved you. But that was so long ago and by now you had passed by so many people lying stupefied on skid row sidewalks that you could no longer remember who was the one who could have made a difference, and all that time you spent trying to figure out who was the one who it could have been kept you from realizing that the one who could have fixed all these things could have been you had you ever taken the time to look outside yourself and seen what the world needed, which was something you never knew and still don’t.

Only then do you ever realize that that person you left behind had actually been you.

It’s never too late to stop the bleeding as long as you can still breathe.

But most don’t make their connection. They just take their pill and die, never learning what it was they never found that everybody could have used and missed so badly.


John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.


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