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Paid shills can’t resist explaining
why we should blame ourselves 

How much truth can you expect from a Jew writer writing on a Jew website telling us why we couldn’t catch the Jews after they blew up and knocked down the Twin Towers on 9/11/2001? Answer: None. Reason: Because Jews control the media — it has always been that way throughout the 20th century and now is stronger than ever into the 21st.

In fact that same reason that we couldn’t nail the Jews for demolishing the World Trade Center towers in 2001 and accelerating the New World Order’s war on the world is now currently at play as the reason we can’t stop the Jews from destroying world society in 2021 with their fake pandemic (Jew media), poison vaccines (Jew drug makers) and illegal worldwide quarantines (Jew politicians and judges).

Same reason in 2021 as existed in 2001 — the truth is murdered to obscure the death toll of a Jew scam to control the whole world. Jews totally control mainstream media, totally control the murderous profit oriented medical profession, and totally control the bought off whores who call themselves either politicians and/or news presenters (there is no difference), so that the public, with all their apparent variety of news sources at their disposal, are getting the same story no matter in which direction they turn. The Jews’ story.

I’m talking about Alan Sabrosky’s celebrated analysis titled Why the 9/11 Truth Movement Failed recently published on, a Jewish website that pretends to be an unbiased news provider, much in the same way The New York Times, CNN, the Wall Street Journal and the Atlantic magazine all pretend to be neutral news observers but are really intellectual kosher executioners which stamp out any and all attempt at truly unbiased news reporting as they defend or deflect the Jewish presence which create all these colossal crimes.

The 9/11 truth movement didn’t fail. It was killed by Jews, the original perpetrators of the crime.

A very long tradition

Going back 20 years doesn’t really do justice to the way Jews have spun 20th century history and made what they call the American century really the Jewish century.

Nobody remembers much about World War I and how it never could have happened the way it did without the suspicious passage of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913 giving the power to print America’s money to 13 Jewish families who retain that stifling criminal control of our currency to this day. That power also guaranteed the warmakers unlimited cash for weapons, and thanks to Britain’s promise to guarantee the Jews’ right to Palestine, set the stage for the vilification of Germany and the wholesale destruction of Europe. America never would have participated but for the Jews, and all those people need never have died but for Jewish manipulations of consensus reality.

World War II was the punchline of the rehabilitation of abused Germany, which tried in vain to escape from the clutches of the Jewish world bank, but was tripped up and demolished by the constant lies of Jewish media and the crass misrepresentations of Jews posing as Americans around Roosevelt who mobilized Americans to mass murder opponents of Jew banksters across two oceans.

Fast forward past several other wars created in the same way to 9/11, where a bunch of Jewish gangsters occupying high office thanks to Jewish media created the preposterous story of Muslim crazies flying big jets into New York skyscrapers to go to war against Muslim countries unliked by the contrived Jewish entity known as Israel that has poisoned the Middle East in perpetuity

And this is where Mr. Sabrosky, much applauded for his apparent candor about the 9/11 discussion, joins the debate. some eight years after hundreds of 9/11 skeptics had battled their hearts out trying to get the public to overcome its Jewish media poisoning and show the world that the demolition of the Twin Towers was a Jew Job from start to finish.

Alas, these true patriots could not overcome the power of Jew media or the brainwashed indifference of the anesthetized American public to get the job done.

Like the eternal vilification of Adolf Hitler, Jew media still trumpet the tale of fantasy Arab hijackers flying big planes into tall buildings and killing thousands of innocent victims.

Alan Sabrosky writes that 9/11 skeptics were never able to convince the American public that what they were saying was true. He said the 9/11 skeptics lied to themselves about the effect their efforts were having on the public. This is horseshit. The 9/11 skeptics, I was one of them, were constantly being banned, ridiculed, censored the prevented from even mentioning the world Israel, never mind the word Jew, by every mainstream outlet in America, especially the TV networks and big newspapers, everyone of them an untrustworthy Jew propaganda machine.

The 9/11 skeptics movement was killed by the Jew media machine, not by lying to itself. Only a disingenuous Jew on a disingenuous Jew website would say that and get away with it.

Sabrosky said, “But they — and I include myself here — were never able to convey that message in a politically significant way to enough of the American public to matter.”

What a colossal piece of self-delusion! The 9/11 skeptics were never able to convince the American people it was a Jew Job because the Jew newspapers and the Jew-owned politicians wouldn’t let them. That’s the real story.

Sabrosky is insisting the American people chose the Jew media for their stories about 9/11, but that’s because in most areas the country, people had no other choice, and Jew media spun the fake story of the Arab hijackers year after year, just like they continue to spin the fake Holocaust story year after year, and that’s an even bigger lie.

Sabrosky mentions the failure of the Architects and Engineers effort to expose the fraud, but he also fails to hit the target on this assertion. All these technical attempts to disprove the 9/11 narrative on the basis of engineering evidence failed because of the Jewish lawyers and judges deliberately ignoring the elephant in the living room, the Jewish fingerprints all over every aspect of the operation.

Sabrosky writes that U.S. presidential administrations have become more Jewish since the Bush years, and laments that no administration has ever hinted at Jewish involvement in the caper. Duh. Of course not. Every administration has covered it up because all of them were shared guilt of the crime, just as every member of Congress does today.

This was when the government and media became permanently bonded, as they are now, complicit in the mass murder of the American people with vaccines.

Sabrosky insists that the 9/11 skeptics failed in their attempt to find a way to present their case to the American people, but they were stonewalled, yes, by the media and politicians, but also by the legal profession, which, like the medical profession today, contains no members willing to challenge the status quo because it would mean the end of their careers, indicating the totalitarian nature of both professions today, which means the people can really depend on neither when the chips are down.

We were begging for a prosecutor or a grand jury to convene an investigation into the murder of one of their residents on 9/11, but not a single lawyer in America dared to step forward and jeopardize his own disgusting career.

Bad suggestion

Sabrosky suggests still surviving 9/11 skeptics focus on the Pentagon as a way to keep the inquiry alive, but this in itself is a pathetic suggestion.

There is only one avenue of investigation to be continued, and that is one he shies away from. I have been saying for the better part of 20 years that the only aspect of continuing 9/11 investigation is the overarching matter of Jewish influence, the subject that’s most difficult to broach because there is so much corrupt resistance to these questions on every level in every aspect.

To say the 9/11 skeptics move failed because of bad strategy by the skeptics themselves is what you might expect a Jew to say on a Jewish website. The deliberate censoring of Jew fingerprints on every aspect of the 9/11 caper remains the only legitimate avenue of investigation to nailing down what really happened on that fateful and in the years that followed.

We are still haunted by the same fearful symmetry of denial and concealment as regards our latest catastrophe of the phony COVID pandemic, and the only way to unravel it and save ourselves is ignore Jewish rationalizations and investigate the components free of the kosher misrepresentation that created both of these disasters in the first place.

Otherwise we Americans are doomed as so many other countries in history were doomed and disfigured by the one constant catalyst in all the wars and betrayals in history, which is the ineradicable plague known to all severely wounded generations as Jewish perfidy.


John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.



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