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Media manipulation
has turned you into
a slave with no brain


If you're not talking about Jewish control of reality, you're really wasting my time and yours. Throw in any Illuminati-like synonym you like and you’ll just be fooling yourself.

We're talking about a fake president, a fake epidemic and a false sense of reality that is dragging everyone down into a new level of totalitarian mind control from which no one will emerge with a comparable sense of security and intelligence that they had before.

That is, if they emerge at all, as many Americans won’t live very much longer, either, due to the poisons everyone has been ordered to take.

Take a quick glance at what's happening in Australia if you want to know what your future holds. They're prohibiting people from going to work and then freezing their bank accounts unless they submit to the poison needle that will end their lives in short order, after first inflicting most of them with atrocious medical complications that are beyond your most macabre imaginings.

All people in the world are now being forced to believe things that we know are not true or face severe penalties for violating sadistic government mandates which insist they are.

Two plus two doesn't equal four anymore. Math is now racist. Your mind is now so twisted out of shape by media manipulation it no longer even recognizes itself.

Now we are forced to believe false concepts of health that doctors tell us will cure us but instead kill us. Now we watch all sorts of vagabonds and vampires flow across our borders and instantly receive benefits that are withheld from impoverished American citizens. And you can’t help but wonder why these unexamined immigrants are not required to take the poison jab.

Welcome to the Great Reset, my friend.

Your mind has been taken from you and repackaged into a media monstrosity that bears no relation to common sense nor meets basic minimal standards of health.

Take “the plague of the unvaccinated,” for instance. How can perfectly healthy people be the cause of an epidemic that is clearly being perpetrated and expanded by those who have taken the shots and then been informed they don't prevent the spread of anything, yet are being told to keep taking them even though they obviously don't work?

All the mechanisms of society — from media to medical to government — reinforce these insane pronouncements with profound and devastating penalties that ruin people’s lives and destroy nations’ economies because a curdled consortium of twisted fools who control the world’s money supply wants to capture everybody’s minds and turn them into moribund, compliant mush, monitored from afar by electronic means.

And then the people who haven’t submitted to these toxic injections, because they prefer to remain healthy and uncontaminated, are blamed for spreading this concocted epidemic, which is actually being spread by the substances that were supposed to cure this infamous “disease” that has never actually been proven to exist.

Can you possibly understand that you are no longer in control of your own life, or the lives of your children? You definitely are not in control of your own mind, if you ever were. And that means only one thing. You’ve already lost your mind; now you are going to lose your life. And the way things are going, it will be sooner than later.

Dark winter is about to dawn, and mass death is sure to follow.

An old trick, uglier than ever

This nefarious influence by which people lose their power has been a dominant influence on all people since the beginning of civilization, since bankers first invented the first form of language so they could keep track of accounts for the products that merchants sold to others.

And in each and every society since then, there has always been one resourceful group — usually sanctified by a corrupt priest class — that figures out a way to interpose itself between producer and consumer and dominate the spread of information that allows them to monopolize the minds of the masses and exclusively control their exploitation.

This parasitic poisoning soon sickens societies, whose deaths then become inevitable because greed has never been able to regulate itself.

Since the long forgotten days of ancient Egypt, this one sinister group has managed to plunder every society that has come along, built itself up into admirable structures, and then been destroyed by the megalomaniacal manipulations of a malevolent few.

And, as history shows, always the same malevolent few.

After almost four millennia, they have become so proficient at what they do that they are on the verge of erasing all of human culture and subverting it into a complex ant colony in which all formerly intelligent human subjects will no longer be allowed to think for themselves, so warped and constrained they will have become under the pressure of deliberately false information dispensed from the top of the food chain to the bottom where the luckless starving drecks are doomed to whimper their way to their inevitable oblivion.

You may decide into which of these categories you belong, and you can probably tell by the growling in your stomach, which is soon to become deafening across the planet if the wicked whims of Klaus Schwab and his demented ilk are not soon overturned.

The myth of mental health

You have been made to believe things that are not true, and they will be your final undoing. It’s a very disturbing revelation to finally understand that the thing you believe in most is the very item that is destroying your life.

Foreknowledge of our own deaths is what has made us insane, and we will do anything to keep from thinking about it. In fact, everything we do is aimed to keep us from thinking about it, because thinking about it is what makes us insane.

The big question is always how could something so good, which is life, wind up as something so bad, which ostensibly is death, according to our fearful expectations. This question is so big that we will do anything to keep from thinking about it. And this is exactly when, where and why the lie was first invented.

Our survival instinct — or the survival instinct of any living organism — will make us do anything to stay alive. It is the sine qua non — which means “without which nothing” — of life itself.

Reasons for believing that we do not die were among the first thoughts humans ever had. They evolved into rituals to “prove” that this was true. The most popular favorites have always been heaven, which all religions postulate as our favorite afterlife condition, or reincarnation, a Buddhist favorite that many people prefer though it tends to downgrade or cheapen the one life that we have now at this time and are undeniably loathe to relinquish.

So what we see in the behavior of religious authorities over time who insist they can teach us the proper procedures of belief to alleviate our insecurities about our upcoming deaths and assure our happy voyage to infinity is not a pretty picture.

Briefly stated, just think about priests molesting little boys and rabbis preaching death and destruction for all non Jews whom they call animals. The Muslims and most other religions (except for Krishna, I always like to point out) all utter dire imprecations and resonant threats to those who do not follow their own prescribed rituals.

I’ve always believed that those who spew out poison venom about those who choose not to believe a certain set of rules can’t possibly possess the proper instructions for eternal peace and harmony. God belongs to all, not just one group. I’ve seen too many ugly and selfish holy men to ever squander my soul to that pathetic fate.

But what I have observed lately as someone who has passed into old geezerdom in recent years without ever really noticing or acknowledging it is the departure pattern of a few people I’ve known and loved who are skidding down that final chute into either infinite darkness or eternal light, a distinction that is wholly dependent on what you believe.

Now as most everybody knows I have totally trashed this Christian mythology since I learned the Hyksos took over ancient Egypt and destroyed their religious system, then 1500-1800 years later used that same system to develop a monster called Christianity that turned into the Deep State of its time and brought on what became known as the Dark Ages. The people I was talking about previously who are besieging us today are those very same people.

But just when you least expect it . . .

So I was not prepared to see what I saw several years ago when I had the good fortune to spend a little time with a writer named Eustace Mullins, whose reputation for describing the deceptive foibles of humankind is well established and highly regarded. While sharing bits of knowledge with him and partaking in his wisdom, I was quite surprised by his positively saintlike attitude, so ecstatic as he was about his coming meeting with the character he had devoted his entire life to worshipping.

As author of such conspiratorial classics as “Secrets of the Federal Reserve,” “The Curse of Canaan” and “Murder by Injection” (among some 200 other publications), I anticipated meeting a hardboiled iconoclast seething with fury about the injustices he had so eloquently described in his books. But what I got was a docile puppy grateful for everything as he rode the downhill slide toward eternity, positively aglow with the fulfilled promise of reward in his constant contact with Jesus Christ. It was definitely an observation I filed away for possible future reference. He was definitely aglow.

And I was reminded of that just recently when my friend Dave, who crashed through the 88th birthday barrier just a few weeks ago while lying in a hospital bed, trying as best he could to combat physical malfunctions that were getting the best of him.

Dave and I had a pretty long history of bashing the Lutheran establishment for flooding Minneapolis with Africans for money and spurring a continuing crime wave throughout the Midwest. As with most other religious critics I know, our beef was not with the basic biblical program but of how the people charged with protecting those ethical principles were simply not up to the task of, shall we say, practicing what they preached.

But for Dave, knowing he was skiing down the final slope on his lift ticket, all those things were left behind and it was the intense conversations he had in that hospital bed with Jesus that left him eager to get there, to get where he was going where all would be well. He was happy to be going. Other people I’ve known in this situation have been, too.

So all these reflections left me in the position of having to review all the investigations, discoveries and realizations I have encountered over time that kind of evolve into an emotional fraction, with a numerator of false dogma over a denominator of eternal, unshakeable belief.

The result of which appears to indicate that you can gather as many facts as you want but if you leave compassion behind you will never reach the truth.

Sure, the appeal to consider the feelings of others has been woefully misused over time, but without it, we are lost permanently and have no right to survive. Jews prove this every day.

The essence of all religions is compassion for others. The essence of the world’s primary anti-religion, now in complete control of society with its unforgiving ledger book and xenophobic hatred of all people who don’t practice the same crimes as they do, is to dispose of all life as fast as possible for the biggest possible profit.

So I’ve evolved this theory — my current one in the ever changing panoply of life — that prayer never really matters unless it’s backed up by action. And as far as where you wind up after you die, it’s not really worth thinking about because that destination has long ago been decided by the content of the actions in your life.

You’re going to wind up exactly where you were meant to wind up according to the character of your life.

Since all the beliefs of Western humanity derive from the beliefs of the original Egyptian religious system, it’s important to remember that when you die, your heart — and fortunately not your brain — is weighed by Ma’at, the goddess of justice, against the feather of truth.

Which is why we all need to be forgiven.

What you do for yourself doesn’t really count in the final tabulation. It is what you do and have done for others that really determines where you wind up. If everyone believed this then wars would simply go away.

So, you have lost control of your mind. When did this happen? If you really must know, it happened long before you were born.

And believing in lies any government cares to tell you is definitely not the way to go.

For those who need something more contemporary to cling to, I always recommend the gospel of the rock band Led Zeppelin, who advised, “There’s still time to change the road you’re on.”

Betrayed by our leaders both spiritual and secular for thousands of years, society very much needs to change the road we’re on. Whether we have the courage and the fortitude to do that is entirely up to us, because this is the Battle for Everything going on in our world and right now we’re all losing badly to a gathering of cursed malignant narcissists who care for nothing but their own twisted fantasies.



John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.



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