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Billionaires recruit sociopaths
to become our beloved leaders

Plus, psychotic presidential profiles

Kill your employees or go out of business. That was President Biden’s plandemic plan before the courts stepped in. His irrational idea offered a foolproof remedy for Americans’ foolish fondness for freedom. Jab them to death or starve them to death! That's the level to which America has fallen. And the trap into which Americans — totally blind to their own learned helplessness — have walked.

So what choice is there for otherwise good natured but oppressed citizens but to revolt against this diabolical tyranny. Ah, but that has been the plan all along.

Create leaders so pathologically dysfunctional, so ridiculously inarticulate, so offensively nonsensical that so-called rational citizens (i.e., people who think they’re actually rational, but who don’t realize they’ve been duped all their lives) have no alternative but to rise up and sack the corrupt demagogues who continue to demonstrate their malevolent worthlessness with one catastrophic misstep after another!

The puppetmasters create events the cast our leaders in a bad light (Vietnam, 9/11, COVID), then watch them botch their ill-considered solutions, while all the while, deftly from behind the scenes, nurture their considerate and understanding replacements and wait for the fed-up masses to overthrow these inept criminal tyrants whose corrosive contempt obliterates our most cherished values.

So after we evict the tyrant, then they install their eminently reasonable alternative to compassionately guide us into a new situation that is considerably worse and more restrictive than the obstreperous conditions we revolted against in the first place! You’ve seen this before, no doubt.

Need some historical examples? How about the Russian Revolution, the French Revolution and the New World Order. All brought to you by the same kosher psychopaths, by the way.

Plus, we’ve just seen this happen in the state of Virginia, where a fatuous suckup to the blood drinking former First Lady Hillary Clinton was defeated by a seemingly pristine newcomer in the governor’s race, except the replacement was a former chairman of the world’s most bloodthirsty financial and war-coordinating organization known as the Carlyle Group (started by the bloodthirsty Bush family, as I recall).

Yes, Virginia, there is nothing new under the Sun. But take heart. There is always a Santa Claus, whom you can vote for, early and often.

The one single factor in American politics that has not changed since the American Revolution was that Britain’s King George III was surrounded by 13 Jewish advisers before he eventually went mad, and each U.S. president since that time has essentially been trapped in the same set of boobytrapped circumstances.

Psychotic presidential profiles

So how many times have we witnessed this electoral Gong Show when suddenly famous presidential candidates who come out of nowhere get praised to the skies by the big newspapers and swept to victory in the White House sweepstakes on a media-driven tsunami wave of optimistic enthusiasm? Nixon: “I see light at the end of the tunnel.” Obama: “We need change.” And Biden? Dumbest of all. “Build back better.” Huh?

What kind of senseless stupefaction has been imposed on the American people to permit this sad succession of repugnant political vampires to represent America in the world when they have all been two-faced toadies to the world’s money interests to begin with.

We need to face the fact that this is who most Americans have become, definitely not deserving of the peaceful affluence we have inherited from the war machine mutilating every other country in the world that is willing to betray every last one of us if the price of the bribe from countries that are our declared enemies is sufficiently attractive.

Have you ever thought of the impression our puffed up leaders have projected to all the other peoples of the world as they flee in terror from the bombast and bombs we have inflicted upon them?

You know, once upon a time the peoples of the world looked up to Americans. No more. Now they come here to better learn how to rob people, just like the Americans have done overseas all these years, fleecing the natives for fun and profit, not caring how many people they kill as long as they have enough blood to drink and enough money to pay for it.

If presidents are a consensus reflection of the typical American personality, maybe it’s long past time we took a lot more penetrating look at our own motivations. Maybe playing this game will help. See if you can recognize the president being described, and reflect on the unappetizing possibility of how much he may be exactly like yourself.

Name that chief executive

• Took billion dollar bribe from China to sabotage his own country. Lifelong political hack doing the bidding of his masters, didn’t have to campaign for president because his handlers told him to stay in his basement. Dumped his sick wife and married his babysitter. Took showers naked with his daughter which sent her into therapy for the rest of her life. Paws children every time he gets close to them. Split millions in bribes with his crack smoking son who sold intros to his dad for purposes of treachery and treason.

Or how about this one?

• You can’t really call this one a pervert; he’s more of a shyster. Passed himself off as the greatest patriot ever and earned the enthusiastic allegiance of ordinary people who didn’t realize he’d been in the pay of a foreign power all his life. As all recent presidents have done, he convinced everyone our enemies were our friends, he actually distinguished himself by not starting any new wars, but then committed probably the greatest crime in history by convincing everyone to take a poison injection for a disease that didn’t exist that would eventually decimate the entire human population.

Perhaps this one is a better illustration?

• Known in high school for having sex with old men for money. Claimed to have graduated from the world’s finest schools but never did. His whole history is hidden in a top secret vault. Three of his chums from a Chicago bathhouse wound up dead so they wouldn’t talk about their friendships. Married a linebacker from Oregon State, borrowed his friends’ kids so they’d look like a family, had a comedienne killed for talking about his tranny wife, and provided multiple cellphones to his pals in the ghetto so they could vote multiple times.

Then, this one was the epitome of slimy.

• Famous quotes: ‘They hate our freedoms.” “You have to repeat the propaganda until it sinks in.” Was so incompetent he had to be insulated from the the plot triggering unjust wars for phony reasons all over the world. Once claimed a foreign leader on the other side of the world could deliver a nuclear armed drone to New York City in 40 minutes. Got periodic overnight visits to the White House from a muscular former Marine body builder

And then there was the cute one.

• Twenty-six trips on the Lolita Express. Certain stains on a blue dress. Lots of dead state troopers — I think the total was 54 — who used to drive him around to visit his assorted paramours, several of them who sued him for big bucks. Epitaph on his future tombstone: “I did not have sex with that woman.”

And before that.

• The first president to mention a New World Order. Reportedly had a joint bank account with the Queen of England. Son of a traitor and father of at least two more. The second vice president to be suspected of complicity in the attempted assassination of his predecessor.

So these undeniably spotty records of some random U.S. presidents are the historical components of the typical average American personality that the rest of the world sees in every American they encounter. These provable pervs lived in the White House and shaped the fatally flawed future of a failing republic.

So who is our next political savior?

The new candidate always comes out of the blue and is fawned upon by the media as the sensible alternative to the depraved corruption produced by past disasters. One thing that is proven about these candidates is that the initial spin never quite matches the eventual result.

In the puppetmasters’ drive to create one gender out of two, a female president who behaves like a man is essential, since a male candidate who acts like a woman is a preposterous idea, as a certain Cabinet member has already proved.

But it must be an apparently sensible, dedicated, electable and articulate candidate who has viable military experience, a record of intelligent service in an elected position, yet one who has interfaced with the world’s elite and found acceptable in their jaundiced eyes, say, for example, an existing member of the Council on Foreign Relations, soon to be introduced to the Bilderbergers as a nominee to pitch their profitable ideas.

Whomever this turns out to be will be someone who has already been presented by the media as a thoughtful but respectful critic of existing policies, yet someone who is not too far afield from the existing realities created by the all-powerful private citizens who actually run the world.

One thing that makes me suspect who I actually think will attain this position was that she doesn’t have a husband and doesn’t have children which is exactly the kind of unattached individual the puppetmasters are urging us all to become, with the matter of individual physical satisfaction involving a choice that doesn’t necessarily include producing new children or creating an individualistic nuclear family, since procreation in the future will necessarily be controlled by the state, and the family upon which individuals rely will be the state itself in an environment of pleasant perpetual lockdown and very entertaining virtual reality in the Metaverse of your choice.

That person has actually already been presented though most people haven’t really recognized her . . . yet. At one point I had the highest hopes for this person, but once upon a time, I entertained the same hopeful expectations for Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter, and Donald Trump, before I finally saw what the realities of world politics produced.

It would be my educated guess that we are headed down that same road where we could never hope to find anything but the same results which to our everlasting regret we have seen before.

Please don’t be offended by my overly dark assessment of our immediate future. It is only based on the tortuous realities based on false information we are being fed today. If you ARE offended by my prediction, please begin to do something about it to make sure it doesn’t come true.


John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.


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