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and you can’t trust your doctor

Excuse me, but I have to tell you something. Something very important that many of you appear not to have noticed, and still try to deny. You won’t hear about it on TV. And you won’t read it in the newspapers. It is in fact something you already know, but you’re afraid to say it out loud for fear someone who can hurt you will hear you. You’re afraid to even think it. But you already know it in your heart — though maybe not in your brain yet, because your brain was hijacked long ago. Even now that it’s clear to you, you are afraid to admit it to yourself.

America is no longer free.

Forget about all that righteous rhetoric. It hasn’t been free for a long time, but after all the lethal lies, surprise deaths and medical murder plots killing record numbers of suckers who believed what their doctors told them, it has never once been more not-free than it is right now.

When a falsely elected president shuts down essential pipelines, opens borders to hungry aliens, blocks vital ports and blames white patriots as the greatest danger to individual liberty, you should realize that freedom has been lost to a dangerous disease called political correctness imposed by a sinister force with absolutely no regard for anybody’s lives, least of all the people who helped build a country they thought was secure.

Today you can’t trust the cops not to kill you if you call them for help, you can’t trust lawyers to help you when they collude with other lawyers and judges for the most profitable deal for themselves, and you definitely can’t trust most doctors with the medications they prescribe since so many people are dying now because of deliberate and premeditated medical malevolence, where prescriptions are decreed by billionaires and doctors are forced to obey them or lose their jobs . . . or their lives!

This is the news you are afraid to hear because you know it’s true.

Lockdowns. Masks. Poison vaccines. Lying journalists. Corrupt doctors. Indifferent cops. Perverted priests. Food additives. Phony histories. Deliberately polluted air choking everyone. Fouled water making everyone sick.

Families split in nasty disputes: one reads newspapers, the others scan the Internet for daily horror stories of athletes suffering heart attacks, and the two factions collide and fall apart, bitterly.

Nurses lose their jobs and hospitals close, and the most painful of all, children wear masks to prevent a disease that never would have killed them but now have bacterial pneumonia, an epidemic that is sweeping the country all because of a fake disease that was created by rich demonic doctors and a psychopathological computer guru.

Elected officials wring their hands and agree with their constituents — something must be done. But nothing is done, and people keep dying. The more vaccines that are given, the more people die. The word is out this is no pandemic, it’s a move to put everyone’s cash under the tight control of the Federal Reserve, which will end personal privacy and individual rights as we have known them.

The critics on the Internet know the fix is in, but the people who read newspapers and watch TV don’t. The alert ones can’t convince the duped ones. Neither group knows what to do except whine and claim powerlessness, plus insist the other group is crazy. A perfect formula for which to deploy the National Guard.

The people who have taken the jabs are now the ones who are getting sick, it’s undeniable. Everybody knows it now. In fact these jabbed loonies who face a short life of endless booster shots are all going to die before their time. Millions of them. Within three years at the longest, doctors who still have their consciences say.

Neither side can now hear the other. If the jabbed somehow haven’t gotten sick — though many of them have — they’re still wearing their masks and collecting their paychecks. They are the ones who inoculated you and the ones who said take the jab to protect your loved ones. They are the doctors who parked their consciences in their expensive cars and showed the world they cared more about not offending their corporate employers than they do about their terrified patients.

These medical monsters should all be put in jail or worse. It’s crime to either be stupid or complicit when it kills people. And they are all that.

Like the police who were supposed to serve and protect, who throw people on the ground and stick needles in their arms. Needles that contain aborted baby parts and ghoulish microscopic organisms that grow once they’re inside you. But I digress.

America is no longer free. When the government can tell you have to take a shot that has already killed three million people and maimed millions more or you will lose your job, won’t even be able to buy groceries, and will be put in a concentration camp indefinitely for not obeying lying psychopaths who claim to be your leaders, what kind of warped mind, mutated beyond recognition, no matter how much he’s paid by psychotic casino owners, can pretend this is still a free country.

Fewer scumbags and more critical thinkers would mean Fauci, Gates and all the other freaks who have consented to and arranged the needless murder of millions of innocent dupes should be impaled on stakes in front of the Washington monument and left to molder in the sun as a reminder of the putrescence of political power that is currently massacring the world’s population in the name of control by billionaires who stole everything they own, and now are in the process of stealing everything you own.

Think of all the hopes you had for a good life, all the work you put in to raising your beautiful family, and how many of them are no longer with you because they have been taken away by terrible doctors who have now collected barrels of cash by injecting vaccines that they knew would never work.

As your bank account slowly vaporizes, the profits of Pfizer, Moderna and the other butchers are well into the billions.

Think of all the babies stricken and suffocated in their wombs who otherwise might have been the beautiful spouses of your very own children but instead are permanent vomit in the throats of the people who loved them, who nurtured them, and then lost them in agonizing contortions because of the lies they were told by professionals in white coats they trusted.

Trusted with their lives and rewarded by their deaths.

America is no longer free. Yes, we’ve heard this all before, never so starkly and so widespread, as all the people in the world know are tortured and murdered by these lies repeated by your local newspaper reports, your local ministers and the teachers who put masks on your children and forced them to take the shots that ruined their minds if not their lives.

Made them afraid to live normally.

America was destroyed by all those people who thought they didn’t have to pay attention to what their government was doing. Who thought all that political stuff was just too boring. They reasoned government never told them the truth and they were right about that, but they didn’t do anything about it. They just accepted the lies and pretended everything was normal.

Well, they were right about those leaders. They never told the truth as they took the money you paid in taxes and rather than spend it wisely to make you safer and more content, they bought 10 million dollar houses on Martha’s Vineyard or bulletproof compounds on unheard of islands in the South Atlantic and to hell with the people who needed their help.

How does a member of Congress who makes 200 grand per year get to buy a $25 million house in Florida when she lives in California? How did all these politicians get all that money, you might want to ask? There’s an easy answer. They took it from you, all legal, mind you, and they have the judges prove it.

You know how you can tell how America is no longer free? (As if you needed any instruction.)

You can tell America is no longer free when parents attend school board meetings to ask why their children are being shown homosexual pornography in middle school and ask what happened to the millions of dollars that were supposed to be invested in programs that disappeared while the FBI sends agents to the houses of the parents who never say a thing about the school administrators who have absconded with the funds.

These overpaid and gutless administrators doubtless learned that trick from the members of Congress who grow rich while the people they serve have to fight the bureaucracy to get their meager share of food stamps.

Maybe you’re not old enough to remember when Americans cared about each other and were automatically nice to their neighbors and in fact nice to people that they’d never before met.

But it’s not that way anymore because of all the people who didn’t pay attention to what was actually going on, and people who couldn’t be trusted stole it all from the people who didn’t care enough to pay attention. It produced this unsettling result that can no longer be fixed without a colossal amount of bloodshed, recrimination and reconstruction, which is all, except for the bloodshed, extremely unlikely to happen. And the condition that has resulted is likely permanent.

America is no longer free and judging by the people responsible for this situation, likely never will be again. When they finally turn all the cold hard cash into plastic Monopoly money, which they are about to do, then that will be the end of it.

You will never get to say what you actually think ever again. And it happened all because you didn’t pay attention to what was going on, and to this day, still don’t.



John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.



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