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Which one would you choose? Drowning on a ventilator? Keeling over on a football field? Crashing the plane you are piloting? How about a nice, slow, wretched starvation? Or perhaps you would rather let Klaus, Bill, Anthony and Sleepy Joe choose it for you? That would be the patriotic thing to do.

Our country has been turned into a lethal clown show, with the whole world and the American people on the verge of losing everything, including their lives. And the one thing you still can’t talk about is that Jews own the pharmaceutical companies, the government, the media and the medical profession. Otherwise, they’re completely innocent.

Of all the crises now under way, the division of the population into two enemy camps seems to be the most critical, as fully half of all Americans seem to be mentally ill because of their fear of a manufactured disease that doesn’t exist. The other half will never get the jab, are well armed, and yet remain strangely silent.

This makes it easier for the architects of this madness to completely turn the country and the world into a prison camp ruled by fear and irrationality instead of a healthy world governed by justice and logic. This is what the shrinks mean by the term media psychosis, as the majority have been duped into believing in a totally artificial public narrative and follow cynical directions to cure a fabricated illness with a toxic cure.

It all adds up to an obvious question. Since it has become so flamboyantly inept and so embarrassingly insincere, why hasn’t the United States of America already been invaded by countries our corrupt media insist are our enemies?

It can only be because China and Russia are so flabbergasted by this never-ending exhibition of farcical American incompetence that they believe the U.S. is efficiently destroying itself without their help, and that one day soon they’ll just be able to walk in here and picked up the pieces — assuming they haven’t already.

Already millions have died from a poison jab the public has been persuaded to take for a disease that has not been proven to exist. The few Americans with functioning brain cells know the last election was stolen, but thus far they have been afraid to speak up, nor take effective action to remediate the crime.

That said, discerning the truth has never been more difficult as mass media have conspired with government and mainstream institutions to foster false narratives on a totally intimidated public.

Now as the old year sputters to an ignominious end, projected plagues for the new year threaten to finish the job the fake COVID epidemic has started.

Dark and desperate questions dominate our contemplation of what this ominous new year will bring. Looking over our shoulders, we cringe as we wonder . . . What new disaster will be the unwanted cause of our last breath?

Shall we take all our money out of the banks because they are about to collapse? Then what do we do when the money becomes worthless? As food disappears from our local stores, are we going to starve when they turn out the lights and shut off the Internet? As our society collapses will our leaders start a nuclear war to take our minds off their thievery? And will the majority of the population continue to drop dead in record numbers from a so-called vaccine that was mandated to stop a disease that never really existed?

• Endless booster shots producing a skyrocketing death toll among children and healthy young adults. Lockdowns creating widespread mental illness in the younger generations. Mandated mask use triggering a real epidemic of bacterial pneumonia among users. Combined together, these perverse government programs have produced a frightening rise in suicide rates of all ages.

• Deliberate sabotage of the fuel and food supply lines forecast an insoluble decline toward mass starvation. Power blackouts, Internet shutdowns and bank closures appear to be heading us toward a massive die-off from starvation and medicine-induced diseases.

• As the Lunatic Left funded by Jewish billionaires is constantly poised to wreak havoc through riots in every city to justify what they claim is a systemic deprivation of their rights to retributive reparations, the Warmongering Right acts equally insane threatening China and Russia in their constant push for profitable wars that never consider the human cost to ordinary people caught in their crossfires.

There is no argument. Our future has never been bleaker.

Prospectus for the coming year

These are some of the top questions as disappearing December slides millions of people closer to oblivion. This is no conspiracy theory. This is our immediate future.

If the past few years are any reliable indication, it seems like some shadowy, awesomely overwhelming presence now controls our every move as we await some new catastrophe to further complicate and/or mutilate our formerly pleasant and predictable existences.

The ghoulish faces of Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, and Anthony Fauci with their irrational justifications of mass death dominate our nightmares. Joe Biden’s clumsy mutterings do nothing but lead America straight into the sewer of our worst imaginings.

Pleasant and predictable are two words you wouldn’t readily apply to our expectations today. If we were ever afraid of a coming year, 2022 would be the one.

The menu of percolating catastrophes has never been this menacing. Yes, dark questions, many of them involving death from unexpected angles. Yes, death, never more prominent in our consciousnesses . . .

• Desperately hungry alien savages from destitute regions recruited by billionaires deliberately distributed into unsuspecting neighborhoods seeking to destabilize our society with nothing but opportunistic plunder and convenient rapes on their minds.

. . . on a dark street populated by illegal alien shadows appearing from nowhere, tall and powerful young men who, assisted by the U.S. government, rushed across the border to pillage whatever they can find in a disintegrating land of plenty. The white American notion of befriending a stranger has long since become a fatal strategy that is no longer exclusively endemic to big cities or posh suburbs as now in even small rural towns strange faces gather nonchalantly out of nowhere with no questions to ask, only possibilities of profit so assess . . .

• Closing businesses and destroying jobs dumps families on the street, drug sales boom, suicides skyrocket and politicians continuing stealing our shrinking money with fatuous propositions that never are never completed because phantom contractors and agents steal the cash before the projects are ever completed. This was Obama’s specialty.

. . . trapped in an upscale department store when suddenly legions of speedy plunderers race in and assault the clerks, then load up their luggage with whatever lucrative items they can retail in places where people with homes seldom go . . .

The cops are now the problem

Cops have never worked for the people; they have always worked for the bankers. And the bankers work for nobody but themselves.

It used to be you could call a cop when you’re in trouble but all too often now the cops you call ARE the problem, as so many formerly living innocent victims have discovered. It is the misinterpretation of statistics by blacks who think they are the only victims. The real statistics show blacks are their own most lethal enemies, and the alleged heroes they proclaim as martyrs are really their own enemies, as well as the enemies of everyone else.

The Democratic Party has become the party of transgender child molesters and African carjackers burning down America’s heritage as it vandalizes the deluded do-gooders who brought them here. The Republican Party is now the party pushing for war against everybody so they can steal the share of the booty that comes from the weapons that indiscriminately kill people trying to dodge the reckless reasons for dropping all those bombs.

There is only one answer. I have been suggesting it for at least 15 years. It seems so radical that no one has ever taken it seriously. All our leaders, at every level, must resign their positions. They have proven their complicity in the campaigns for the mass death of the people. If they refuse to do so, they must be dragged into the streets and beaten to death. This is a simple solution that has worked well in the past.

This is no radical remedy. This is appropriate punishment for the murders they have already facilitated and committed by their criminal behavior following their laws of profit and their absence of conscience.

A conservative estimate of those who have died from so-called COVID vaccines worldwide is 400,000; others say it could be as high as 4 million. How many people do you have to kill before you get charged with murder? All those doctors, journalists, pharmacists, politicians and medical technicians who either advocated or assisted in administering these criminal injections should be charged, tried and convicted of participating in the greatest crime and the greatest lie of all time.

This is no medical mistake. This is a deliberately created plan — remember Event 201? — of premeditated mass murder.

Disabuse the Western media myths. The fundamental problem is not the individual states and the allegations against them. They are not the alleged deviants and delinquents. Turning the narrative around, the common denominator is the United States.

Think about it, why is this country always picking fights with others, always preening itself with vain delusions of virtue, while slandering others as "bad guys"? International relations, according to Washington’s depiction, are like watching a bad B-movie in which the US wears the white hat and is perfectly shaved and coiffured.

In reality, the US is the empire of our time. It demands fealty and tribute from all others in the way of facilitating its economic policies, with military threats that underpin them. Instead of a white hat, it’s a balaclava of a sick psychopath who would bludgeon brains to get his way.
— Finian Cunningham

This is the final analysis. We must bludgeon the brains of our leaders before they bludgeon any more of ours, or anybody else’s. This would be no crime. It would be a matter of justifiable homicide, a matter of self-defense against people with no conscience who think they have the right to kill us.

The American people, both black and white, now have the same lethal problem as everybody else in the world. It is the U.S. government, turned into homicidal maniacs by their handlers, the billionaire Jewish puppetmasters, who have absolutely no regard for human life, a twisted trait they have demonstrated over a span of time far longer than any of us now living have been alive.



John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Author of America’s Autopsy Report, The Perfect Enemy, The Day America Died and Recipe for Extinction, he is solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.



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