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Mystery disease, poison cure
usher in new totalitarian era

The gulf that now divides the American people is greater than at any time since the Civil War. The same situation fundamentally pertains in both cases: the men who control the money say war is needed, individual freedom is suspended illegally, hundreds of thousands die and the country is destroyed. Only this time it’s the world.

In the Civil War, there was no crime, only the powerful North desiring to enslave the productive South. In the COVID epidemic, there is no disease, only a phantasm invented by the rich to completely enslave the productive poor whom they imagine to be annoying pests complicating their posh plantation, a nuisance to be eliminated by a pesticide through a needle.

Those pathetic proletarians who still trust their doctors have been brainwashed to believe a disease is being caused by healthy people which they call “the Plague of the Unvaccinated,” but those who have studied the matter thoroughly and don’t simply parrot media slogans foisted on them by corrupt shills have steadfastly refused to poison themselves with an untested vaccine that is proving to be utterly lethal in a variety of ways. They predict most of those who were jabbed will be dead in a few years, if not sooner, from one malady or another.

This is the great toxic divide now causing a crisis of mental illness devastating America with needless sanctions and numerous afflictions. It’s a plot by the rich to eliminate individuality and control everyone’s finances electronically. In the process, those who believe and those who protest are tearing each other apart.

What proves the murder plot in the COVID epidemic is this.

From the start, the lead doctors advised NOT to treat the disease early. Then when it was serious, go to the hospital and receive medicines and treatment designed to kill you. Plus, hospitals were paid extra — a lot extra — to attribute death to the COVID phantom when people died from some other ailment. The result so far: at least 400,000 officially dead from the treatment, not the disease. How many died from the disease? The disease has never been proven to exist.

Just like 9/11. We needed to bomb Afghanistan, we needed to bomb Iraq, we needed to bomb Libya. Why? Because Israel, using their Saudi co-religionists and American traitors in the White House and throughout the government, blew up the World Trade Center, and all those other countries needed to be punished. And thanks to a complicit media and bribed politicians lying through their teeth, most of the American people believed them. This is the way the American government has always been run.

“They hated our freedoms,” said President George W. Bush. By now we know it was Bush who hated our freedoms. It was Obama, Trump and Biden who hated our freedoms, bombing all those other countries that had nothing to do with the atrocity planned and executed by Washington and Tel Aviv, the worst crime in American history before demented doctors and psychotic politicians concocted the COVID epidemic.

Now it’s sinister doctors protected by lying media and servile politicians, lying to the public, sharing the bribes and protecting the criminals who are enthusiastically erasing the common people so the engines of corruption will run more smoothly, and more undetected.

Lawmakers mandate masks, lockdowns and vaccine passports as small businesses are ruined and the specter of starvation haunts the land while millions protest in the streets and the death toll from the cure far exceeds those who perished from the imaginary illness. This has been done by the people who pretend to be protecting the health of Americans. From the corrupt judges to the lying journalists — not to mention the guilty doctors and the silent priests — who all deserve the worst kind of punishment which our corrupt judiciary will never give them.

Right there that’s enough to make you crazy.

Consensus obliterated, arguments proliferate

There is no consensus anymore. Only chaos, cognitive dissonance and confusion. There seems to be no way out, only misery, misunderstanding and death. And with a number of different remedies proposed by various doctors who all pretend to be on the side of the people, solutions appear elusive and the poisons continue to be peddled.

Only one thing is certain in this unprecedented time of trouble for America and the world. This whole operation was planned by the world’s richest men who seek to recalibrate the world’s financial system and kill off billions of unwanted people in the process.

These two things no one can deny. Yet those in charge do nothing to halt the operation. Instead, they fix elections, sabotage supply lines and in general go along with the heinous homicidal plans of those who bribe them to do their bidding, no matter how demonic their plans devastating the majority of citizens they have pledged to protect.

Even among doctors opposed to government overreach, confusion reigns. Some say some vaccines are good; others say none are. The public remains confused, divided and increasingly agitated.

Suspect solutions and bad examples

While government favorites like Fauci and Varic continue to elude criminal scrutiny for their felonious actions producing a horrific death toll, scrutiny by the sleepwalking government overseers as well as doctors who pretend to be critics of the official mass murder programs has been significantly less then successful, reminding most observers of the scandalous behavior of the so-called alternative media which continues avoid naming the chief culprits of all these gigantic social crimes that have undermined the republic for most of the last two centuries.

As the true perpetrators of 9/11 who stood cheering from the across the Hudson River and later raked in $7.4 billion in insurance payouts from clever and complicit underwriters — as well as the judges and political functionaries who arranged all the pseudo investigations and simplistic reports that covered up all the critical details of the 9/11 bombings and fairy tales that came afterwards — these were never adequately investigated by the media giants who are tied so closely to the powerful Jewish button pushers who from behind the scenes engineered this treasonous masterpiece before and after from start to finish.

We have basically the same lineup in the COVID extravaganza with the kosher flavor of Big Pharma teamed up with the Hebraic enterprise of the World Health Organization and the World Economic Council perpetrating this colossal fraud on the world in order to turn everyone’s countries into carbon copies of the Chinese system originally invented at Yale University that is allowing the descendants of the Rothschild empire to finally control everyone’s bank accounts from inside their own bodies and usher in the era of the absence of individuality from the world and the eventual elimination of the last vestige of human freedom that anyone will ever possess.

And that would be the final elimination of your soul, coming soon to a vaccine passport office near you. So this is why people are so worked up. Your future has been canceled, and should you survive this unprecedented shakedown cruise we are about to embark upon, chances are you won’t recognize yourself when and if we get there.



John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.




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