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Erosion of trust destroys
credibility of authorities


They tell you to take
a shot that will kill you

The more evidence is disclosed that the COVID masquerade is a total hoax, the more the government pronouncements harden and demand the poison vaccines be taken by everyone. This guarantees that the painfully ugly and unnecessary deaths of people will continue. The population will be reduced according to the wishes of the demented Jews who run the world. Along with deliberate supply line sabotage, this is a sure sign of imminent mass destruction. The plan to shrink-wrap human society is still in place and developing nicely as Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates wring their hands in gleeful delight.

This intention is further revealed by the insane provocations which continue to spew from a whacked-out president inside a walled-up White House against both Russia and China, and also against the patriotic American patsies still jailed in a D.C. gulag.

While media focus on the fake insurrection in Washington for which patriots are preposterously prosecuted, real time bombs tick in Hong Kong and Taiwan, as well as in Ukraine and Kazakhstan. The mad money men squeeze the trigger of terror to maximize the likelihood humanity will destroy itself in wars for no reason except the to satisfy the warped whims of those whose idea of heaven to everyone else resembles hell.

It appears as if the powers that be are rushing to create multiple catastrophes before an awakening public coalesces to realize the tricks the powerful are playing upon the poor, and rallies to thwart these diabolical demagogues by evicting them from their public postions of power they have so badly misused and abused.

There is something you should realize which we all should have realized for the past several hundred years, which both Benjamin Franklin and George Washington appear to have warned us about.

The reason for the charge that all so-called anti-vaxxers are also anti-Semites is because all the pro-vaxxers are Jews — namely the managers and top scientists of ALL the vaccine companies, the regulators of ALL the government health agencies, and ALL the politicians who endorse the idea of mandating experimental gene therapy that has already officially killed at least 400,00o and likely many millions more with a so-called vaccine that doesn’t really work for a disease that doesn’t really exist.

What you don’t know will kill you

All these toxic shots really do is kill those foolish enough to take them. It doesn’t really protect them from anything, but as a special bonus gift from the mad scientists who invented them provides recipients with afflictions they never thought they’d ever have, such as myocarditis, AIDS and Mad Cow disease.

Even your local newspaper publisher at the Podunk Press gets squeezed by the extortionate vise of economic reality. Unless he breathlessly advertises the necessity to get your COVID shot, Jewish merchants will quickly put him out of business by withdrawing their advertising. This makes all these publishers, editors and writers — as well as the advertisers — accessories to premeditated mass murder, a notation everyone should make in their minds when this horrific hoax has been debunked and destroyed by a world eventually come to its senses, assuming that ever happens.

Know for sure that the Great Reset not only aims to radically reduce the world’s population and control the world’s money supply via nanotechnology with devices inserted into bodies via vaccines, but also it seeks to rid the world of most of its non Jewish population using multiple methods which have been devised and implemented by Jews for many centuries.

A key element now separating authentic doctors from the paid poseurs pitching poison products is the obvious tendency to equate current media-induced mass psychosis luring unenlightened consumers to their jabbed graves with the World War 2 Nazi menace forever trumpeted by Jewish media as the greatest evil in world history.

Doctors such as Robert Malone and Peter McCullough plus popular promoters like Mike Adams and Joe Rogan keep harping on Hitler as the greatest threat humanity ever faced, when in actuality it was the Jewish leaders Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin who erased the only country that ever tried to escape the worldwide grip of the Jewish money monsters now engineering this Big Pharma plague now massacring the entire planet.

Now under siege from this multilevel attack on human freedom, humans’ failure to realize this upside down manipulation of historical fact continues to be the main threat to today’s survival of the confused and conflicted peoples of the world, most of whom amble aimlessly along while whistling past the graveyard of their own ignorance.

You have put your trust in liars

How are we supposed to trust a doctor that tells us we must take an experimental vaccine that has already killed at least 400,000 people and perhaps as many as 4 million, is guaranteed to shorten your lifespan, and to top that off destroys your immune system by genetic modification that winds up giving you AIDS?

And what kind of faith and trust do we have in a political system that orders us to take his diabolical jab when the authorities empowered to protect us by their actions are not required to take this suspect toxic shot themselves? These same dupes conceal an ever growing death toll with further restrictions on our freedom leading to even more deaths.

Have you figured out that there is something extremely fishy going on? Or are you one of those robotic retards who just does what you are told and lets your government shorten your life and ruin your dreams because you believe your authorities and your doctors would never willingly do anything to harm you?

Most people won’t stand up for their own rights. They say, it’s OK, it’s only a shot, it’s only a mask, without realizing how these shots, these mandates, are killing the world, are killing freedom, are killing the future we had hoped for and now can never achieve as they go twitching off into the sunset.

The surest way to remain healthy is not to take a vaccine for anything.

It’s all downhill from here

The future looks like pure slavery, of doing what we’re told, what is good for us, of never having original thoughts that are outside the purview of the controllers, what they have determined are good for us that are really exactly the opposite, and good only for their twisted dreams of crooked control and contrived efficiency.

The not-so-funny thing is those who are jabbed won’t listen to the facts. They hide behind their mainstream accounts of how all anti-vaxxers are paranoid anti-Semites wanting to destroy the world when the exact opposite is clearly true: those who get jabbed are destroying the world, and themselves along with it.

Authority is always false when it relies on the suppression of accurate information to authenticate its mandates. The world has been badly blackmailed into obeying illegal orders issued by seriously deranged actors. Seeing as how our corrupt authorities openly admit prioritizing profits over health clearly demonstrates what their words are actually worth.

In fact it’s the same value of what your life is worth to them. Nothing.

I don’t ever recall witnessing an American president deliberately commanding citizens and businesses to disregard the lawful opinions of the Supreme Court, but watching senile President Joe Biden do just that while trying to kindle nuclear war wherever he can reveals to that modest percentage of the American population who can actually think in some sort of functional way that their country has been lost to the putrid propaganda of personal corruption — conscience free and supremely destructive to the now-forgotten notion of individual freedom as the highest goal of humankind.

But any excuse will do because, just like disease, war is Jewish honey, and the Hebrew hive will buzz happily as the Jewish Pfizer billionaires peddle their vaccines that don’t work for diseases that don’t exist. It doesn’t matter to them how many innocent people are killed by this process, but only how much money can be made.

The realization all Americans fail to admit is that their country has been run for all of its time in existence on the bodies of those it abuses and kills in order to rob them of their valuables. And when it finished fleecing everyone in the world, it turned its cursed behavior on its own citizens, which is what we are seeing now.

Because war is the surest way for Jews to make money as well as a great way to reduce population, it pleases the wicked men who put those words in Joe’s ear that he can barely remember to pronounce. And as Biden and his pervert children harvest bribes from despots around the world, the true worthlessness of amnesiac America is revealed to everyone.

Woe to everyone in the world because Americans have failed to keep their promise to each other, that we would defend liberty wherever it was threatened to be extinguished, and by this betrayal of our own cause, guaranteed the end of freedom by our conversion into centrally controlled Jewish slave-zombies.

Attention Jabbees! Just listen to that new voice in your head. It will lead you to your death and you won’t even notice.

They are paying hospitals to kill you



John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.


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