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Believing those big lies
makes more dead babies


Everybody in charge of our health and welfare seems to be lying.

The president, the doctors, law enforcement and the media all seem to have combined to perpetrate a fatal fraud on the people of the world at the behest of the oligarchic ogres who own them, that is to say, the billionaires who have bought them and ordered them all to say what they are told to say if they want to keep their jobs and the millions of dollars in bribes they have received to continue to inflict this multifaceted homicidal fraud upon the world.

Build back better my ass. It’s all about kill people faster, or reduce the unwanted population, as Bill Gates likes to say. And like the European countries now resisting the lockdowns and refusing to go along with Bozo Biden’s embarrassing push to start a war with Russia, cracks of revolutionary light are now seeping through the neocon darkness that has blindfolded the world for most of the past three years, if not the past century.

The scam has become obvious

One need only witness Biden’s consistently bizarre behavior during his first tremulous year in office to realize every move he has made verifies the promises he made for the bribes he received to destroy America as fast as possible under the rancid rubric of his lurid lies.

Closing the pipeline, opening the border, obstructing the supply lines and enforcing the use of disease causing masks, behaviorally damaging lockdowns and fatally toxic inoculations have not been productive maneuvers to improve the well being of the American people. Anything but. Instead we have seen the deliberate demolition of America’s prosperity in service to the totalitarian designs of tyrannical traitors.

Doctors have forfeited their reputations as moral beacons of the most important human occupation by calibrating their treatment plans to corporate profit strategies rather than sound medical advice. Their practice of withholding medical treatment until their invented diseases push patients past critical thresholds of safety are pathological deceptions matched only by their use of frighteningly expensive poisons while prohibiting inexpensive medicines to maximize both the unnecessary death toll and the obscene profits for the smelly spectrum of malicious medical parasites.

The new rule of safety for terrified American citizens is not to call the police in an emergency because they so often murder the victims in emergency situations and seldom apprehend the perpetrators. This formula applies to the larger crimes as well as local shoot ’em ups because law enforcement, particularly the FBI, seems more adept at facilitating false flag atrocities like school shootings and suspicious suicides rather than actually preventing threats to the citizens it pretends to protect. This is glaringly obvious in their fabricated prosecutions of politicians opposed to egregious FBI misbehavior against law abiding citizens merely interested in their own personal ability to speak freely.

What America’s befuddled citizens most refuse to realize in their unwanted misery is how they have been guided into this devastating dilemma. There is only one all encompassing reason. They have believed what they have read in the newspaper, or heard on television. This is the primary path to the worldwide disaster of fabricated crises that everyone has followed like deluded children marching to a demented pied piper. And which too many have followed to their premature graves.

Glimmers of resistance

All opposition to New World Order tyranny is assiduously suppressed by both mainstream media and the principal pathways to Internet information which are dominated and shackled by Jewish controlled search engines that stifle honesty while they promote their pathological programming, their ‘woke’ distortions of common logic and empirically healthy realism.

Literally millions of people have gathered in the streets of cities throughout the world to express their outraged dismay at the political perversion that has inflicted these restrictive measures on the lives of everyone on the planet.

Lately the abandonment of the totalitarian plan of lockdowns, masks and jabs by blithering British prime minister Boris Johnson, plus the heroic effort of Canadian truckers to clog up the capital with their big rigs are encouraging signs that the humane forces for freedom will end the Big Pharma tyranny once and for all.

What remains to be detoxified are the malevolent medical missteps that have caused millions of deaths, the loss of uncountable small businesses and the permanent distrust of a medical profession that has sold its soul to the trillion dollar profits of the one world psychos now rampaging uncontrolled through the government offices of every country on Earth.

Central to a solution restoring freedom to the lives of individuals and ending this universal siege of fear that keep people terrified of a phantom disease that has not, will not and cannot be authentically identified is solving the corruption dominant in all mass media which cannot be trusted to state trustworthy facts not polluted by these pathetic producers of poisoned profits.

Seeking victory for victims

No exaggeration — millions have died for nothing. Many millions more remain at risk. Literally — the fate of the world depends on ordinary people seeking solutions not provided by the master manipulators who seek to control our every thought and action through sophisticated schemes to deceive us and rob us of our individual autonomy.

As those who seek to control us and deprive us of our individual wills are easy to identify, those who claim to help us by fighting the corporate monsters who wish to suffocate our souls are not so easy to authenticate or verify or, primarily, to trust.

Such a slippery situation was staged recently with what advertised itself as a corrective conference in Washington, led by Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson who gathered the supposedly leading medical examiners of the colossal hoax that has been played upon us by the leading criminals of the Big Pharma monstrosity.

But all is not what it seems sometimes as two of the pivotal questions now dominating our inability to trust our medical profession were studiously avoided.

The first huge question was does this pox that has made us afraid to step outside our homes and talk to other people without fear of contracting this debilitating mystery actually real or merely a fantasy of the pharmaceutical media hacks?

And the second part of that first question involves some kind of malady that does exist and has made so many people sick. Does that exist, or is all this sickness, overhyped for sure but demonstrably real, merely caused by the very medicine that is meant to cure it?

The second question never properly addressed at this conference of well known medical luminaries was about the actual efficacy of treatments and treatment strategies that have been proven disasters causing the needless deaths of so many.


• Stifling of dissent. (The electronic Jewish forces of evil could even ban a U.S. president from speaking while allowing foreign terrorists to continue their psychobabble.)

• Discouraging early treatment. (Stay home and get really sick so hospitals can use ventilators that boost the kill rate to 90 percent.)

• Use of expensive medicines deemed lethal in previous studies while prohibiting efficacious cures known to work. ($3200 per pop for Remdesivir which doesn’t work; 2 cents for HCQ that does.)

Known crimes

• And foremost, the illegal blockade of human freedom mandating highly questionable experimental vaccines by now proven to be fatal to so many, and allowing no exceptions to these illegal orders resulting in social devastation across the board around the world. (RIP Australia, Canada, Austria, Germany et al.)

Crimes against humanity, ordered by all governments without proper authentication, generated by malevolent media hysteria totally lacking academic justification or even common sense.

And there is a third question that this conference did not, would not, and really could not ask nor answer. The big question that has afflicted us throughout our lives that we have been taught to avoid upon pain of social ostracism, legal torture and financial apocalypse.

Who controls us? And why are we not allowed to say the word?

It’s a blatant power grab by Big Pharma in service to the Jewish billionaires who aim to control every mind on the planet with secret nanotech receivers inside every body to be controlled by the central source of totalitarian insanity created by the same soulless psychos who control our money, our leaders, our teachers, our doctors, our cops, our preachers and in most cases even our well meaning friends.

Those labels are all false when it comes to those advocating we take improperly tested inoculations to protect us from a disease that either doesn’t exist at all or has been created by Dr. Frankenstein wannabes creating artificial humans they can utterly manipulate with their clever but demonic technologies at the expense the greatest creation ever known to anyone. God’s precious and incomparable gift of life, to which all living things give thanks by simply by being honest.

Those who have suffered most are the children who now regard their playmates with unwarranted suspicion, foreshadowing a terrifying change in human behavior in a radically mutilated future. Adults have suffered too, mostly with a diminished hope for their own lives under the continuing onslaught of madmen unable to explain their own insanity except by lies.

This is your past, your present and your future as long as you continue to say there’s nothing you can do about it. Go ahead, say it again, and imagine you can see the devil smile when you do.



John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.



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