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that you can’t believe
a single thing that
your government says?



interview with John Kaminski

There has not in modern times been a clearer betrayal of a people more tragic than what has happened to the Canadian people cheering on their valiant truckers trying to right the wrongs of a government trying to force a healthy people to believe they are sick and using a poison bioweapon to kill them in the process.

It is both an augury of future tyranny and a sad commentary on the recent history of the world that well meaning people are herded into camps because they refuse to commit suicide. Yet this has been the formula that has ravaged the innocent people of Russia and China for many decades, so it should come as no surprise that it has finally arrived in the United States and its mumbling collection of moribund Western allies.

The real disease is called Communism, it was invented by Jews, and it signals the permanent end of individual freedom, and your ability to disagree with what your government tells you to do.

There is one trend only, this is it, and it is intensifying, one might say strangling the life out of the human species, and all the other species as well.

Governments are the enemy of the people. All governments, everywhere. Everyone who works for any government.

Around the world, freedom is being crushed. The Freedom of Information Act is dead, everywhere. Governments no longer listen to ordinary people.

Hello, is anybody home?

Have you noticed that you can’t believe a single word emanating from the mealy mouths of any U.S. government official or employee?

Whether it’s fomenting an unnecessary war in Ukraine, insisting that you take a poison inoculation for a disease never proven to exist, or demanding you put masks on your children that will mentally cripple them for life, have you noticed that you can’t believe a single word you hear not only from your government insisting all these things are true and necessary requirements for your own health . . .

. . . . but also from what you hear on the mainstream television networks, the major Internet news providers and social networks (Google, Facebook, Twitter, PayPal etc.), on any of the major American newspapers or on any information services of the major American universities and public school systems that classify you as a social misfit for disagreeing with anything you are forced to believe by your authority figures?

There is every reason to today believe, as Orwell predicted, that the government and the media speak with one voice, with absolutely no hint of disagreement about what they force people to believe.

Have you noticed that anyone who opposes the official line about anything can cause offense to minorities, cost you your job and generally lead to a destruction of your social and financial life should you choose to challenge the veracity of all these hair-raising commands raining down upon you from the mouths of cocksure political appointees?

Have you noticed you can’t believe a single word put out by the FBI, which for years now has allowed Antifa rioters to burn down American cities without arresting anyone yet jails conservative white patriots on trumped up charges who rally to support an American president for supporting their patriotic values? As well as fix elections, raise taxes, guarantee illegal stock profits to elected officials who get inside information well in advance of the public?

Have you noticed you can’t believe a single word about the so called COVID pandemic put out by virtually all doctors, hospitals, medical schools while the government/media monopoly implements excessive measures to prevent any evidence-backed statements from responsible critics from reaching the ears of the public at large?

Have you noticed that if you challenge absolutely anything that the government has ordered you to believe is true you could lose your job, be arrested, have your children taken from you, and suffer permanent mental damage exacerbated by the medications you are mandated to take to correct the damage you have done to yourself by your cantankerously responsible attitude?

Have you noticed that all this has been going on for years?

Have you noticed that all this has been going on for your entire life?

Jumpy Joe jukes for jerks

Take today’s news, as our first example. Jumpy Joe Biden says Russia is about to invade Ukraine. For just a moment, set aside the corrupt and poisonous media narrative and examine the objective facts.

The Neocon protectorate featuring Hunter Biden bribes that the U.S. has set up in Ukraine a mere 300 miles from Moscow is the equivalent of Russia setting up bases in North Carolina from which to threaten Washington 24-7. So all this criminal propaganda hype emanating from the Jewish media triumivirate NYTimes-CNN-White House is merely more hysterical hoopla agitating America’s illiterate electorate which still has not fully realized their presidential elections are grotesquely fixed.

As the U.S. plummets toward a new Great Depression era with a financial system that crashed about 15 years ago and has never recovered yet remains propped up by the endless printing of worthless money, the American people continue to be distracted by one contrived crisis after another to keep them from realizing their country has already gone over the edge of insane fantasy into nonexistence kept breathing by an endless series of crises that can never be solved, only distracted from by a never ending series of new contrived emergencies.

Thus the Ukraine war is created to take our minds off of the failed COVID plandemic, although these random and arbitrary fictions continue to maim the next generations and finish off the people who have lost their jobs, their homes and their minds because of it. Perhaps they should start a new political party. Maybe call it Brother Can You Spare a Dime party.

Also note that the COVID pandemic aimed at diverting attention from the collapse of the financial system, which was caused (as it always is) by the Jewish skimming of profits from legitimate commercial enterprises that have bankrupted the world and made the top 10 percent a million percent richer than the remaining pauperized 90 percent of the population. Actually it’s about 2 percent vs. 98 percent.

When the Ukraine war fails to get off the ground, some new panic will attack the populace — maybe even the danger of the 5G deployment as radiation from satellites continues to get people to drop to the ground and never get up while the whole thing continues to be explained by a new variant of the Spanish flu that has been renamed about 16 times since it was first invented in a lab all those decades ago.

Here are the facts never reported by mainstream media yet governing all the events of jumbled world politics.

The U.S. government, controlled by that one evil foreign power that controls all the money in the world, has never worked for peace, only for war because that is where the real money is, first from billion dollar armaments sold to all the participants, but then from rebuilding contracts keeping corporate criminals like the companies of Dick Cheney and George Bush in the black with the tax money coughed up by confused citizens who still think they are contributing to the defense of a formally thriving country, which doesn’t really exist all anymore more except as the corpselike collection of decaying rituals and entities that used to be regarded as the truly democratic hope of the world.

Now it’s only a rotting remnant of hypocritical fictions once used to entice its citizens to believe that they lived in the greatest country on Earth that got rich by bombing other countries by claiming they were saving the world for democracy when really they were only stealing everyone’s resources so the homicidal Jewish bankers could lead the world into an sadistic darkness of totalitarianism from which no one could escape.

And whoops! Because you didn’t notice that your government had been lying to you about everything it did, that dark day has already arrived. And whose fault was that? Why, as a matter of fact, it was yours.

Have you noticed that? I doubt it. If you had, we wouldn’t be in this position now, in the final moments of our formerly enjoyable lives.


John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.



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