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Raping the world
with diabolical


As an American, what kind of sniveling sick skunk would you have to be these days to be proud of your country? That goes double for Canadians and triple for Australians, who got this whole passive zombie thing going by allowing themselves to be raped by a poison vaccine pushed on them by psychopath politicians and doctors who see the truth through their wallets.

Yes, you grim ghouls should all be proud of your dystopian democracies now disintegrating before your eyes. You obey these media morons flush with the cash they get from blood drinking billionaires who encourage the mutilation of civilization for the entertainment of those stricken by consumptive dementia.

What honorable motive remains untouched by those hounds of hell forcing us onto ventilators in which we can no longer breathe or smile or even pretend anymore that we are independent human beings following our own voluntary choices.

No longer satisfied with such putrid perversions as bombing wedding parties in Afghanistan, fouling our skies with microscopic shards of glass, or teaching children to fondle unprosecuted child molesters at the local library — not to be confused with the unprosecuted judges who set them free — self destruction by needle seems to be the game of choice for homicidal humans on this poisoned planet drowning in herbicides, fungicides and Department of Justice-assisted suicides.

Assuming you haven’t already abandoned your kids to the pleasures of Zuckerbergian Meta molestations or the wealthy fingers of Hollywood whoremongers, what are you going to tell your surviving children about the ultimate purpose of being here when they get home from school, if they ever do get home from school and avoid being sucked into a limousine filled with groovy pills and boys with earrings who permanently deface their futures?

Think back to when you were a likable little boy being primped by a beastly barber or a fawning scoutmaster promising to teach you the secrets of life. Did you escape, or were you shaped into the crude carnivore you are today? Whatever happened to that would-be family man who was at the disco stuffing bills into G-strings instead of at the library where he said he was?

Is he on his seventh marriage and still cheating on his taxes and swindling his investors, or did he hunker down and find some productive occupation where he can still get a legitimate smile and thank you for the tireless work he does?

The fiber of society is a complex tapestry of what people have to do and what they want to do. The lucky ones combine both in one and never want to separate the one they hoped to be from the one they became.

What about those cops who beat those protesters without a second thought and then go home and treat their children nicely? Do they go to heaven if they don’t get caught stealing dope from an Antifa wacko whom they have fleeced on the sly?

What kind of country do we live in when the most violated are the most venerated, and the people in charge always do the bidding of someone else more powerful than they are? Sounds like the Holocaust worship formula to me. Shed some crocodile tears for those imaginary corpses whose ghosts have been fleecing you for years, allowing you to stay in the good graces of your local chamber of commerce.

What do our children aspire to today that when we were children always led us astray? Can we find our way back to some job that makes sense when the quickest way home seems to be to take the bribe and hide somewhere where everyone else is engaged in the same meaningless schmutz, the same dreary diversion from the gnawing buzz in your ears that seems to intensify the nearer you get to a cell tower or that building that has no name on the door.

The goal for most is to get a cushy job with the government, where the wages are always overinflated and the instructions are always clear as long as you can ignore the devastation the process inflicts on your conscience.

Let’s get something straight. There would have been no worldwide COVID plandemic without the 2019 business meeting called Event 201 that created it. This worldwide fiasco was not the spontaneous outbreak of an unexpected disease. It was the deliberate demolition of world society for the purpose of regimenting everyone on Earth into a Communist system under which individual freedom would eventually become a criminal act, as it has now become in Canada.

While the majority of the world’s doctors and hospitals have sold their souls for cold, hard, Big Pharma cash, journalists and politicians continue to back mandatory jabs even as the vast majority of intelligent people who are not brainwashed by corrupt corporate media know that deaths and injuries for the experimental nRNA death concoctions have exceeded every medical injection of the past.

Parents who now protect their children from the poison jab in Colorado are now required to go to re-education camp to explain why they don’t want their kids poisoned. Sounds like the quintessential government program to me, guaranteed to make you insane if it doesn’t make you dead first.

Now that Canada’s Communist authorities have driven the heroic truckers, their families and their dogs out of Ottawa, the Canadian parliament has been suspended by the Son of Fidel and peaceful protests have now been declared a criminal act all across this nation flash frozen by the painful betrayal of its so-called leaders.

Other dominoes in the satanically Jewish Communist formula are sure to follow everywhere, unless the real adults in the world suddenly rise up and resist the idea to let individual human freedom completely disappear from the face of the Earth.

Everyone on this planet needs to ask themselves the question right now — are you going to be the one that sits back and lets it happen or are you going to be the one who prevents it? Either way you’re going to die, so you might as well buy that on your own terms.

You must know that living with the shit they’re serving now is going to make you real sick, plus everybody with a conscience is going to hate you for it, because we do know there are people who still possess those out-of-fashion inner voices — at least those who have not taken the jab — and are making clever plans to kick ass and take names. Find a group near you. You’ll be welcome there.

We may not win, but you won’t want to look at yourself if we lose, and the ones you used to love will no longer be around.



John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.



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