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Western cheers for Ukraine
fail to see freedom bleeding


Honesty doesn’t matter so much when you’re starving. Principles don’t mean much either when you’re bleeding. The price you’ll pay to solve either problem when they happen doesn’t much involve philosophy or politics so long the immediate solution furnishes the necessary food or bandages as fast as possible. Those other questions can wait for another day when many lives are not hanging precariously in the balance.

Maybe weighing this difficult question can shine some light on how political or philosophical decisions improve when they are removed from the brittle crucibles of hunger or pain, because when they are stressed out by emergencies they usually turn out to be wrong.

Something like that is happening as we speak about Ukraine, an unfortunate and often injured nation pinioned between two superpowers who each have invested substantial fortunes in its future and now find themselves in a sticky stalemate in which it is no exaggeration to say the fate of the world depends.

When one person’s despicable corruption is another person’s faithful conviction, sometimes it takes the whole world to decide which is which. And we are at that very dangerous and worrisome juncture right now.

What decision will we make? The smug and jaded already know because the fix is in.

Is faith in ourselves justified?

Since I still retain a huge but diminishing quotient of optimistic faith in a peaceful and rewarding future, I am naturally aghast and depressed these days as I see one conflict after another decided by unjust force and bald faced lies rather than by thoughtful consideration of the facts resulting in sensible and equitable solutions.

I don’t maintain this faith and hope in better days ahead by adherence to any particular creed or philosophy, but from many decades of usually impartial observation and a lot of good reading and learning. I have concluded that when force and extortion are not brought to bear unduly and honesty is employed fairly, people are generally smart enough to figure things out. Or used to be.

So I don’t need to tell you, my fellow media devourers, how shocked and disappointed I have been that the entire world has been devastated by false facts forced on people, first by the propagandized promotion of a disease that doesn’t exist mandated on the whole world producing a stunning and shocking death toll, then by the development of the greatest democratic outpouring of bravery I have seen in many a year in the march of the Canadian truckers convoying to their capital to protest senseless tyranny — suddenly destroyed by fiat of the bankers who control the world.

By now you all know of the sad result of my hope for common sense in both of these momentous matters. People continue to be ordered to put these disease causing and psychosis producing masks on children, damaging their futures as much as the hazardous untested experimental inoculations that have already murdered millions of young and healthy people all over the world.

Just when things couldn’t get any sadder, the Communist Canadian government rewarded the noble effort of the finest bunch of Canadian patriots with the charge that their patriotism was really a crime, and promptly stole not only their vehicles, but also their bank accounts, as well as the bank accounts of well meaning, sincere people who supported them by mail and by Internet.

Down a dark ladder

In stark contrast to all those colored Antifa protesters who burned down towns in the U.S. last summer, and the sickening sneaks who torched all those Anglican churches all over Canada last summer — and none of them was ever arrested and/or prosecuted by the demented governments who are clearly trying too destroy their countries rather than protect their people. The heroes who showed true evidence of patriotism were deemed criminals by sick psychos now in powerful government positions who earlier were tutored by Klaus Schwab and George Soros.

Even though it was eventually rescinded, the biggest bummer of all came when the Canadian parliament actually APPROVED tyrant Turdeau’s totalitarian measures, reinforcing the stark raving mad idea that patriotism is a crime and burning down churches is not.

So, getting back to our original question — Is faith in ourselves justified? — do I dare let you make the call? When all you have done so far is sit back and watch the bravest among you risk everything and lose most of it because you sat on you bulbous butts and let it happen?

But all this is not the worst of it, not the most disheartening of all the things that have happened in these past two years of Big Pharma premeditated murder, of studious government disregard of everybody’s individual rights, of murdering our own children because of a bunch of corrupt doctors and Jewish poison peddlers made billions of dollars while we were ordered to stay home, ruining our businesses, letting our elderly parents die alone in nursing homes that wouldn’t let us in, who killed those old folks deliberately, for cash bonuses.

No, that’s not the worst of it. The worst is happening now.

If you’ve turned on your TV or looked at a newspaper at least once in the past couple of weeks, you know the poop’s in the fan in Ukraine, a country who location you don’t really know, but you know it’s attached to Russia, and Russia wants it back, because Ukraine has been take over by criminals — principal among them the Biden family. That’s right, your president, illegally elected in a fixed election, is the center of American corruption in Ukraine.

You remember the forced election in 2014, the fake revolution engineering by a cookie peddling scumbag diplomat who spent $5 billion to install a software porn comedian as Ukraine’s president, who later named a bevy of U.S. senators to well paying fake jobs, following in the footsteps of Hunter Biden’s $86,000 a week job that enabled him to pay for the crack and hookers he’s addicted to, as he leaves a trail of jilted wives back in the states while his demented dad fondles little girls in White House reception lines.

No, wait, the White House is wrapped in barbed wire. The receptions are held elsewhere. Speaking of that, friends of the U.S. government, Biden voters, Woke weirdos. You know what they’re saying is coming out of the wicked cellars of that boarded up White House? You know how many things our prostituted media are covering up that our government officials and favored celebrities are doing to little children, whether they’re alive or not?

But I digress.

Beginning of the end

What I wanted to tell you is more disappointing that all the things I just mentioned — PUT TOGETHER! And certainly more dangerous.

You know how law enforcement and elected officials are only too eager to arrest people who won’t follow the mandates of corrupt politicians paid to push poison shots, illegal lockdowns and psychotic masks.

You know the Canadian, Australian and New Zealand sadists robbed all their citizens of their rights in order to poison them and steal their freedom.

OK, Russia is trying to put the New World Order scum regime in Ukraine out of business because it is the worldwide center of more crimes than most people can even conceive of — bioweapon labs, child torture centers, international drug smuggling, headquarters for Israel hit squads, you name it, it’s there, and a bevy of American politicians go there to partake of the benefits.

And you know what? Just like the situation in Canada when the parliament voted to approve Turdeau’s torture, just like the situation in Australia where all rights were suspended, people were thrown in jail and shot in the back, and just like in America where a popular president was run out of office because of a well-planned fix of an entire election, the free world is now coming out in support of Ukraine, sending weapons and money and every other form of support to crush Russia, which was only trying to obliterate one of the great crime centers in the entire world, fully endorsed by the U.S. criminals who run the corrupt American government.

Now it can continue its comprehensive push to fully and finally eliminate individual freedom from every corner of the world, by restoring this important neocon crime base.

Best of all, this rush to support Ukraine by all of the nations of the free world as they organize to send weapons and support to cage the Russian bear now interfering with the operation of the American war machine.

In its entire checkered history Russia has never attempted such a valuable favor to the whole world nor has it been met with such a united effort by the warped Western powers to keep the neocon crime scheme from being dismantled by a country that knows better.

But the whole Western world, perhaps jabbed into insanity by spike proteins rattling around in their brains, is now united by malevolent media, totally corrupt politicos and snickering billionaires to support the crime ridden neocon regime in Ukraine.

I’m not sure you’ll want to know what will happen next.



John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.




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