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U.S. serial killers
keep killing to try
to hide the truth

Nothing good will come out of the future as long as America tries to keep building on its ludicrous historical lies.

Slimeball politicians like Lindsey Graham and slithering journalists like Sean Hannity may gratuitously call for the assassination of Vladimir Putin for dramatically impeding the continuing U.S. stealth aggression against Russia, but this hollow patriotic virtue signaling by imperialist network shills fails to succeed in covering up the international crime nest that the United States government has created in Ukraine, with its biolabs and child sex rings, its arms smuggling and blatant political bribery, which the real monsters continue to try to conceal from the world.

This felonious fakery succeeds in the minds of those who rely on TV for their fictional facts. But it has been thoroughly demystified by those digging deep into cyberspace who aren’t fooled by Big Media’s neocon propaganda and who realize the cynical Twitter bans and Google mind control are all about their super rich co-conspirators trying to camouflage their lucrative criminal activity.

According to Washington spin mandates, all the media-generated hysteria coming out of the mouths of all the familiar boob tube mouthpieces suggest that Russia should be sanctioned, shunned and segregated from the rest of the world.

But this is just more disingenuous doublespeak that has dominated world conversation since the embarrassingly criminal U.S. invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, followed by this clumsy aggression against humanity by Big Pharma that Big Media still struggle to cover up from the increasingly skeptical public, which has been severely decimated by poison medicines approved by corrupt government sociopaths and administered by doctors with no consciences.

How much longer the warped pharmaceutical weirdos who have infected the whole world with their caustic concoctions continue to deceive the world and turn people into genetically modified lunch meat with no say about their own health needs is anybody’s guess before the light dawns in the minds of everyone that these monstrous media moguls have mutilated everyone’s future with lurid lies disguised as sound medical advice?

Ditto the fabricated threats to American security interests, which are far more jeopardized by the disguised false flag capers of the FBI and DNC than they are from any foreign subversives, not counting the alien invasion of well-dressed Third World refugees packing UN debit cards and getting free flights to designated destinations all over the Caucasian regions of the United States by Joe Biden’s secret terrorist travel agency.

Is there any portion of U.S. government information, mainstream media reporting, or major Internet service provider fact checking that is actually reliable anymore?

From catastrophic weather control to assassination by food additives, the answer must be absolutely not.

Take a look at what has happened to the world and realize that the lies you are being told have created this across-the-board destabilization of the condition of your life. While cloaked in patriotic invective, realize it has been nothing but diabolical.

We haven’t done this to ourselves, but we know who has. And it’s not Russia.

Our brains have been poisoned

I think I’ve proved beyond a reasonable doubt, even in my last two essays, the brains of all Americans have been permanently twisted into mistranslating popular falsehoods into irrefutable truths.

I’m talking about how the public perception reflexively repeats that America had to bomb Afghanistan for 17 years because Obama bin Laden destroyed the World Trade Center with his gang of Arab kamikaze pilots or, more recently, that everyone had to wear masks to prevent the deadly spread of a disease that was never proven to exist.

Ceaseless repetition by malicious media of these sinister fairy tales now has Americans screaming for war on Russia for trying to stamp out the obscene American corruption that has turned Ukraine into one of the smelliest crime hubs in the world, which is probably why so many U.S. senators not only support it, but get paid by it. Romney, Kerry and God knows who else.

It’s the same old story that has misled us since FDR set up the bombing of Pearl Harbor to convince us we had to annihilate Germany, or more recently, since the proven demolition of the Twin Towers provided the magic PNAC excuse for the U.S to make permanent war on the whole world.

Kute kosher kleptomania

It always sounds real impressive when Jaundiced Joe and Nitwit Nancy talk about how America’s allies have all banded together to support their vigilante vengeance against the vicious Russian Bear. But when you take a closer look at these vaunted allies, you don’t see powerful forces, you see pathetic shells of formerly robust nations looking more like cadavers of consumptive invalids (just the way the U.S. likes its allies), ready to commit more crimes in service to American injustice, which is spreading faster than a Pfizer generated brain tumor rapidly leading fools who took the jab directly to the undertaker.

Perhaps the most shocking example is Germany.

There is no such thing as Germany

The German reunification of 1991 was nothing of the sort. It was a total takeover by the U.S. Today it is Washington’s State Department in Europe. Germans may not elect their own leaders.

“The entire BRD is a state security prison, with guards, sneaks and informants on every floor. Dissidents are immediately smeared as terrorists, communists, neonazis or antisemites.”

Zelenskyy: Servant of the people

“In July 2019, Zelenskyy tweeted a picture of himself with Justin Trudeau and credited the Canadian Prime Minister for inspiring him to get into politics. His credibility hit the gutter for me when I saw that. [. . .]

“He describes it as a program of 4,000 people, soldiers and sailors in Ukraine, one for each corner of Ukraine; one from Lviv, one from Kharkiv in the north, one from the Lugansk area and then one from the Odessa area, that were all given this hemorrhagic fever bioweapon.”

The final catastrophe looms into view

Rumors of massive blackouts, Bluebeam alien invasions direct from Jewish Hollywood and omnicidal inflation have depressingly darkened the future for everyone who needs a paycheck to survive, assuming their livelihoods have not already been demolished by the COVID caper.

With skyrocketing gas and food prices concealing the pain of the world being forced to accept the death jabs in order to go to the grocery store, the numbers on everybody’s empty-bank-account meters are spinning toward zero faster than most realize.

I am not immune from this depressing phenomenon. Whether I make my rent next month is always an exciting game show I play, daily consulting my dwindling bank account to forecast the fateful moment when it will actually run dry.

So I am constantly conscious, as I have been for most of past 20 years, of how long this quixotic quest of mine to inform the world that most of the things they believe are wrong will continue.

If I suddenly disappear one day some of you will have realized that my activity since 2001 and first listening to Mike Ruppert say that Israel had nothing to do with it kindled in me an outraged rant that has not ceased to this very moment.

Each of these several thousand essays since have been sponsored by generous readers who saw in what I had to say something they could not find elsewhere. How many more essays like this I may write to vent my spleen (as they say) at the bilious billionaires with multiple mansions who get their cash from underlings like us who have begun surveying the vacancies at local homeless camps which now dominate American cities and are popping up in the forested suburbs around here where I live in the filled-in Florida swampland.

I surmise the number is not real high in the time have left in this luxurious low income senior citizens apartment complex before the lights go out and the hammer comes down on everyone.

Food is not a problem because I’ve cleverly put on a lot of weight lately because my feet no longer work right and I can’t hike like I used to, so I can well afford to downscale my intake, especially because most of us will be practicing this together.

This is my apparent future in the greatest country on Earth and I thank you all for carrying me this far. What’s your future? I know I am unable to calculate mine beyond next week, but until then I’ll just keep on typing.



John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.



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