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What you choose to
believe can kill you

The most important thing in the world is the individual.
Anybody who tells you differently is a criminal psychopath.


When you pretend to know something you don’t really know, you put yourself at incredible risk for something bad happening to you. It plays out something like this.

You base all your decisions on what you have previously learned. If what you have previously learned is incorrect, all your subsequent decisions will be wrong. This is what has largely happened to the American population throughout the 20th century. Not to mention the rest of the world following along directly toward their doom.

As a casual watcher of TV news, my sister was opposed to many of my heated assertions that the Jews own America, conducted the 9/11 false flag operation, started both World Wars, control all major presidential candidates, and promote homosexuality as a way to destroy the nuclear family so individuals will be more likely to make the government their Big Brother and therefore facilitate the conversion of the entire world into a system of totalitarian Jewish communism (the last three words being redundant by all meaning exactly the same thing).

So when I instantly yelled “HOAX!” at the very beginning of this dastardly COVID caper in the spring of 2020, my sister, well conditioned to distrust my so-called anti-semitic comments, naturally assumed that I was wrong and the clever commentators on CNN were sincere and correct, and went out and got herself two injections of some kind of so-called vaccine.

Four days after the second jab she called my other sister early in the morning, claiming she couldn’t move her arms and neck, and pleaded for both help and answers. My other sister transported her to the local emergency room and an ambulance soon shipped her up to the main hospital in Sarasota, where after multiple examinations and CAT scans, these doctors whom she so fawningly admires pronounced that she obviously was suffering from a statin allergy, which was causing some kind of cardiac irregularity.

Far be it for me to defend the use of statins, which are supposed to ameliorate these so called bad cholesterol numbers. Everyone I’ve talked to who has used statins has eventually abandoned them for any number of various bad reactions. I myself had the same history with this bogus nostrum, which most doctors continue to prescribe with regularity as if they were some kind of harmless but necessary Tootsie Rolls.

So the doctors she trusts prescribed the over the counter heart medicine CoQ10 and sent her home. She appears to have had no adverse conditions since. Yet.

Now I’m only talking about second hand reports from my other sister, but I heard nothing mentioned in her treatment about the COVID shots received prior to this episode. You know, the shots that are now killing far more people than this so-called dreaded disease itself.

Shortly after her visit to the hospital, the news broke that teenagers and assorted young people were having heart trouble after receiving certain COVID vaccines. Myocarditis is the magic word of the day. I don’t recall which vaccines were under study, but the numbers seemed to me to be significant, and the reported symptoms strikingly similar to my sister’s.

And it became obvious to me that this was another case of doctors betraying their own Hippocratic oath by, first, not inquiring and learning that she had been jabbed, voluntarily, and second, not testing for the possibility that her shots had something to do with her distress.

And then this popped up in the newspaper.

Covid vaccines worsen disease upon exposure;
trial participants are not being warned by doctors

Patients who participated in Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccine” clinical trials were not told that the injections could worsen disease upon exposure to challenge or circulating viruses, a new study has found.

Researchers from New York University (NYU) and Tulane University looked at available published literature to see whether or not the risks associated with Chinese Virus injection were properly disclosed to patients. They were not, it turns out, and many patients ended up learning the hard way through serious illness or death. [ . . . ]

Wuhan Flu shots, we now know, were designed in such a way as to elicit neutralizing antibodies that end up sensitizing vaccine recipients to more severe disease. In other words, getting injected actually worsens one’s risk of developing a serious infection later on down the road.

The report goes on to say . . .

. . . viral-based vaccines simply do not work. These in particular contain fundamental flaws in their mechanistic design that, as previously mentioned, cause the human body to become more prone to illness. This is why we keep saying that this whole thing is one big experiment on human health, the long-term implications of which are yet to unfold.

Covid vaccines are the real pandemic spreading disease, the report concludes.

Now that the Northern Hemisphere is about to break into summer, vitamin D levels will be up and many vaccinated people will probably do okay for the time being. Once fall rolls around, however, there is no telling what might happen next.

Getting it straight

The most important thing in the world is the individual. Anybody who tells you anything different is a criminal psychopath.

So, how are we supposed to trust doctors ever again? Not to mention politicians, if we ever had the naivete to believe them in the first place? And how are we supposed to trust our media, upon whom we have relied to stay alive all our lives?

That’s the thing that really gets you — ALL OUR LIVES. All our lives they have been lying to us. All of a sudden the ground caves in, there is no basis for reality, nothing to tell our children to keep them from harm.

In the final analysis we are afloat in the universe with no one to guide us, no one to trust, no law enforcement to protect us. The cops only work for the bankers, they only protect their properties. Our rights are something to be ignored once they come up against what the bankers say is important.

That’s what Dr. David Martin said, too. Forget about the Rothschilds; it’s our own insurance companies that really run things, and our doctors follow along and do whatever they say or they lose their licenses to practice medicine.

How come nobody ever went after Dr. Anthony Fauci for all the hundreds of thousands of luckless patients murdered by his AZT confection now that it has been proved that AIDS never really existed? Or after Nobel Prize winner Dr. Jonas Salk when it was proven that the SV-40 he put in his polio vaccine gave people cancer 20 years down the line? 

As a journalist now going on 5o years of pecking out stories on a keyboard (actually it’s 65 starting from that one page broadsheet I penciled out in the fifth grade when I was 9 years old), I have come to learn that no authority can be trusted unless he has the footnotes to prove what he says, and even then you can’t be certain.

Further complicating this conundrum is the systematic mind rape of the public by authorities who insist math is racist and the concept of America, which was once the top, most revered ideals pursued by the whole world, was based on the systematic oppression of people of color. What garbage! it was based on hope, which is the grounding principle of all religions and the raising of all children.

The beauty of life is obvious right before our eyes. Why must governments say that it is not true?

And this leads to an even greater uncertainty that there is no one — no authority anywhere who can be trusted — given the outrageous state of organized religion today with a pope who says you can be a Christian without believing in Jesus, the dastardly record of priests who molest little boys in the name of the Lord, and the rabbis who bite the tips off babies’ penises and call it a religious ritual.

In terms of how we can perceive the reality we face today, as real people trust their doctors and take shots that kill them to prevent a disease that doesn’t, 

The emotional algebra of public perception is based upon the facts we have previously learned guiding our judgment when we confront new unexpected facts. Considering how the government and media have both lied to us consistently throughout our lives, there is no reasonable expectation that either government or media should suddenly and surprisingly start telling us the truth. This shows that no publicized government calculation, from decisions about medicine or decisions about war, has ever really added up.

And today, many if not most of us are all at risk from a profit motive that guarantees we will not survive the lies we are told.


John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.



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