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A few people I know
do know what’s coming


Florence sits in a rehab icebox many miles north of Toronto holding steady at age 96, mixing flashes of memory in the fond distance of her receding past, sound of mind about the real story of who the Führer used to be and always is, yet mixing her indelible images of yesteryear with last week’s doctor’s visit. Then something outside the window triggers the memory of a small yellow flower in a dull red vase producing a patch of sudden solid reasoning that miraculously endows her with perfect poise and sensitive authority as she scuttles down the hallway toward lunch in search of her next adventure.

Further west, amid pines and vines searching for spring, unjabbed Brenda brought her jabbed family for a walk in the frigid Canadian forest; she thought they’d be mad at her but they weren’t. I hope they can fully appreciate the gallant gristle that keeps her blazing a trail of honesty like a lone sparkler in the deepening twilight of civilization while she gamely probes the deals of demons as we slide into a future that makes no sense because our authorities can no longer be trusted. What has happened to them? Where are those high integrity crusaders who are going to get us out of this mess? If they’re coming they’re likely to show up on her website first. (1)

Is Jim Stone off the air again? Has another light of liberty been snuffed out? In the past 20 years since I have been plying these ever-changing media landscapes, I have watched the literate protectors of the common sense way of life either disappear completely or frequently shrivel into meek mannikins too weak to resist the big payoffs and all too willing to screw the pooch when it comes to our rights. These fickle freaks are not the ones we want running the show, like we have now. The creeps in the limelight have checked their original thoughts at the door and have become close-minded clones of the Big Pharma phonies who control their fetid minds. Preposterous Pelosi, Slime Ball Schiff and their fellow vampires stealing millions from right in front of our eyes think public service is pure pork plunder, and for them, it is.

But even in Canada this has always been the American way. I think among the many things that have been changed in these countries is that personal initiative is no longer a desirable trait, neither permitted nor tolerated. They want you to fit in and not stand out, be proficient but not inspired. Inspired is a distraction. Nobody is inspired anymore; everybody is jaded by the lies we’ve been forced to swallow. Who gives a flying frisbee about the Democratic Party? Only people trying to get something for nothing. The ossified Republicans are just as bad. They want to bomb people for money and call it a legitimate business. The body count they pretend to lament only includes their own campaign contributors.

Jon sits in a room on the Italian Riviera. He sent me a Nietzsche book all those years ago which I still dip in to, but he asked for hard copies of my stories which his sister mails to him. Wise man to be away from the radioactive telly screen, which fries our eyes and melts our spines with endless rationalizations for an infinite number of lies. Better the birds and the sky and the leaves garnishing the beauty of the world we have forsaken for cyberspace. It’s like the whole world is a single radio program, and with each episode we become more terrified that a nasty network we are NOT a part of is any second going to pull the plug on everything.

Can you tell the difference between what is real and what is not? It’s all in who you listen to. The government knows that. That’s why it has bought so many newspapers, or media outlets as they call them today. Real voices still wail in earnest solitude, but are slowly silenced by the pressure of conforming to the laws of enforced entropy which suffocate us all but profit the few who control the advertisers. The people who watch TV cannot admit they have been poisoned so their alarmed friends who try to tell them are met with hostile rancor and blamed as insane for not paying attention to their televisions, which constantly remind us that eight booster shots are essential to our health.

Genuinely real is easy to recognize, because you hear so little of it, so little, in fact, that when you read or see or hear it, like Lara Logan’s soliloquy, it stands out like a burst of fireworks in the fogged-in twilight of our minds. Listen below.(2) It’s when you think that all the Biden blather sounds real that you finally know that you’ve lost it, but the opposite is true. You’ve discovered one of the most important things you could ever find, that the official version of civilization is superficial poppycock, meant to anesthetize the population with nonessential activities, so it keeps us from thinking about how severely we are being screwed by our swindlers.

This is how the world has changed, primarily.

You can’t ever really say what you want to say. If you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time and you say what’s really on your mind you wind up in jail with laws they make up on the spot if they don’t have one already in place, as Graham found out a few years back, as have Alison and Vincent and Ernst and Ursula and Alfred and Monica and Horst and the lists go on into the vibrating span of time in solitary for all those who didn’t take the bribe and wouldn’t keep their mouths shut. They live to tell the tale in silence demanded by a jaded judge, serving as a trenchant warning to others that you must not get caught telling the truth or your freedom will be revoked on the spot.

There is a long list of disturbing items that have become much worse than they were yesterday, but one of the worst is a major component of our destruction and that is the widespread corruption of our medical doctors. Guided by orders from above in their corporate chain of command, doctors are blackmailed into prioritizing corporate policies over the health of their patients, which why so many people have died on ventilators which never should have been used and why so many people who have been jabbed can expect to croak because their immune systems have been destroyed by these deadly Jewish stabbings.

Somewhere I read recently that all the great and famous names in world history were psychopathic killers who had good publicists to sanitize and sanctify their biographies. Truly resembling this manufacture of time’s heroes is a Key West imitator of the Mighty Schwab, who wears a cellophane cup around his penis when he goes to the beach so he won’t appear repulsive,(3) even though we all know he’s completely insane. Klaus’s philosophy oozes right out of the Talmud, that 7,000 page book that no non Jew is supposed to read on penalty of death, which details why rabbis bite the tips off babies’ penises, why it’s OK for a Jew to have sex with a girl younger than 3 years old, and why it’s recommended that when a Jew kills a non Jew there is no penalty, but when he kills another Jew there is, although not a serious one.

These are society’s new rules you should expect be enforced soon everywhere. They have secretly been in force everywhere since before you were born. It’s just that nobody had told you. You’ll find out for sure on the day the Talmud is sold over the counter.

This should give you some perspective on all those people all over the world who are being murdered by an experimental Jewish injection that your Jewish controlled government orders you to take and that your Jewish controlled media advises you to accept to prevent a disease that likely you would never catch which likely would never kill you if you did.

Lastly, someone suggested today that Joe Biden bribed Vladimir Putin to invade Ukraine to take the world’s mind off his lethal vaccine mandates that have now been widely debunked as deliberate treason, illegal acts like his son’s multiple child molestations recorded on the privileged perv’s own computer. Yet because of the mainstream media and Internet bans on truthful history, most Americans have yet to hear of these wild rumors which are no more preposterous than the ridiculous rationales for U.S. behavior we continue to hear from the usual criminals which we in our intractable insanity have elected ourselves.




3. (of course, this isn’t really Klaus, just someone who looks and thinks like him)


John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.




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