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Extinction of humankind
no longer just a fantasy


What if tomorrow never comes? What will you do? Will there be anything TO do.

Disturbing news arrives in a hollow silence resonating down an empty hallway, blotting out all other sounds at its moment of impact. Our peaceful past, stretching out behind us as a warm and misty memory, may no longer exist past the jarring moment which at some time soon — perhaps tomorrow morning! — will arrive with a finality that may not be appealed, rejected or nullified.

It is difficult to believe apocalyptic hyperbole when first presented. Even as empirical evidence piles up creating an impenetrable barrier to our smug comfort, we still can’t quite believe it when the news we have so long expected finally arrives.

Memories of these moments are indelibly etched on the sudden flash of a tombstone in your mind. It’s impossible to overstate the case or anesthetize the impact. Read the headlines, without getting too upset just yet. There will be time for that, a little of it, at least.

Global emergency:
Extinction of mankind under way


The mind recoils. Initially it cannot process the thought. More information is needed to either declare it a National Enquirer headline or something to which to pay more attention than you have ever paid to anything. That information will follow shortly below, but first, more tectonic shocks and the brittle sound of thunder grumbling in the distance.

The Vax Genocide Has
Likely Killed a Billion People

Disabled rights advocate lawyer Todd Callender says a billion people likely have already died from these mandatory vaccines. The Vax genocide has likely killed a billion people. No matter how many times you repeat the sentence, it remains difficult to integrate into your pulsating thought process.

Mr. Callender is as frank and honest as any guest we have had. He stated that there is no doubt that Americans and people around the world are experiencing the ongoing application of a well-planned genocide meant to kill billions -- a billion people are likely already dead -- and destroy national sovereignty in favor of a world government staffed by homicidal maniacs. After all, in this case the science being followed at the moment is the science of how to commit genocide.

Humanity itself is under attack. Not just depopulation but command, control and ultimately elimination of sovereignty. All of the test animals for this vaccine died. I just couldn’t stand by, said Callender, a lawyer appearing frequently on all the talk shows lately. The facts he presents are jarring. They continue below.

Todd Callender: The Role of Hospitals,
Covid Injections And 5G In Genocide 4/1/22

Disabled Rights Advocates

Todd Callender

Todd Callender has worked in the disability, health and life insurance industry for more than 20 years and focuses on the international convergence of biomedical, morbidity and mortality risks in the global legal context. Todd currently serves as an executive board member of many multinational companies and was responsible for the completion of the FDA’s registration process for a new medical device in the mass vaccination industry. 

He currently serves as lead plaintiff’s counsel in the ongoing federal litigation relating to the compulsory Covid vaccination of members in the US Armed Services.  See: Robert v. Austin (21 CV 02228) in the Colorado Federal District Court. Areas of Practice: International Law, Health and Disability, Insurance, International Tax, Cross Border Transactions.

Todd told the Corona Investigative Committee:

“The short answer to this whole thing is that everybody that got the [Covid injections] was given some form or level of AIDS, autoimmune deficiency syndrome.

“The ones that got the one shot, it seems that they have about 30% of their natural immunity destroyed. By the time they get three shots, all their natural immunity is completely gone. And we’re seeing that with our doctors, experts who are testifying, in their practices.

“The real epidemic is, now … based on what it is we are seeing the rates right now: excess mortality, 84%; excess, every kind of disease at 1,100%. We are expecting a 5,000 or so percent increase in excess mortality for this year. An enormous number.

5G is like a butcher knife

“Almost worse than that … experts have figured out that there’s an electromagnetic connection to all of this … 5G is like a butcher knife. It’s a dual use item. You can use it to communicate, but at the same time, you can use it to kill … a lot of the tests that we looked at in the scientific world focussed on the 18 GHz signal and this interplays with the lipid nanoparticle [in the Covid injection].

“The pathogens inside of the lipid nanoparticles, the ones that were created and are inside of the nanoparticles, inside of vaccinated people right now, are also chimeric. In some cases, they are Marburg mixed with E. Coli. They are Ebola mixed with staphylococcus.

When those lipid nanoparticles are exposed to an 18 GHz signal, they swell and become porous, which means that they will literally pour out those illegal nucleotides, the proteins, that cause people’s bodies to produce these pathogens.

After They Modify You, They Will Own You
-- Attorney Todd Callender
(SGT Report podcast)

Our servicemen are already being injected with gene modification agents. . . . page 6 in particular, it specifically states that if mRNA is used to modify a genome, then the new synthetic genome belongs to the patent holders . . . can’t necessarily call them humans because they’ve been genetically modified . . . if they’re not humans for purposes of the law then what are they? . . . they are the chattel property of whoever owns the patents . . .


Now, to return to the narrative, not quite in the same order as above.

Vax genocide: 1 billion dead

Todd Calendar speaks with the no nonsense efficiency of a globe hopping, helicopter piloting disabled rights advocate lawyer with thousands of contacts, clients and expert witnesses. He spits out facts like nails in the coffins of our lying leaders.

• If you utilize mRNA to effectuate genetic modification of a genome, synthetic genome created by the patent holder belongs to the patenters. This is law.

(Recipients of the jabs will no longer be human and will be the property of the vaccine companies.)

• Pfizer’s list of serious adverse events deletion of P136 gene, related to God gene, symptomology of this destroys the thinking part of brain, facial tics, biting, purposely deleted this gene, absolutely Luciferian.

(Your sense of spirituality will be killed. You will no longer have a soul.)

The dialogue in this interview ran through some of Callender’s recommendations.

• We have to use the system we have and get rid of the people running them.

• If the globalists win they’ll do it by eliminating sovereignty

• It (the resistance) started with America’s Frontline Doctors, but it’s up to the people now.

• People can file criminal complaints and overwhelm the system.

• If your law enforcement isn’t doing their job, invalidate them.

Phase 2 of the COVID fraud is now beginning and new legislation involves the Marburg virus and funding for FEMA camps. Hospitals are already killing people, Callender explains.

“All the tools we need already exist in U.S. law. So go out and do your job and arrest these people. Start with Fauci.”

Global emergency:
Extinction of mankind under way

Callender’s interview with German lawyer Reiner Fuellmich recapped the whole situation and contemplated an even darker future.

The Marburg virus is the next shoe to drop, with martial law, FEMA camps and quarantine centers, using the same formula that has murdered so many victims over the past few years.

And here is your final nightmare scenario.

These are hospital homicides: someone will go to the hospital with a broken arm, they arrive with ICD-10 code, mandatorily given for hospital protocols because they accept federal funding given a COVID test. If the test comes back negative they are given another COVID test with a higher cycle rate, and they invariably come back positive. At that moment they are then moved to a COVID ward. They are given in IV bag with Midazolam (That’s the one they use for lethal injections) and what that does is it tranquilizes the lungs and it lowers the oxygen absorption rate to about 70 percent. That is then used as the pretext to move them into the ICU. Then they add Remdesivir into that IV bag, and invariably they end up on a ventilator. Ventilators are operating and broadcasting on the 60 Ghz signal — the same one that separates oxygen from nitrogen. It’s only a function of time then for when they die.

Efforts to protect victims are constantly frustrated by a system intent on killing people.

Trying to get people out of hospitals, thwarted at every turn. Police refused to investigate it, or now what happens is that the police show up and ticket the loved ones who try to be with her, and then they drag them away. This is where I came to understand where hospitals are part of the law enforcement apparatus. The judiciary has combined with health services and law enforcement. What we were seeing were canned pleading that has nothing to do with our cases.

When we would sue in local courts, hospitals would send in lawyers to tell the judge he was trying to practice medicine, the two went away and our client was killed. And so on up the line.

Master plan extraordinarily well coordinated, Agenda 21, 1. Eliminate private property rights 2. eliminate all borders to eliminate sovereignty, and 3. they call it sustainable development but it’s really mass depopulation. We’re in all three of those phases right now.

Hospital homicide. Roll out the Marburg or Ebola, doesn’t matter, open the quarantine camps.

Supreme court case, 2013, page 6 use of mRNA creates intellectual property rights in the synthetic genome that they create.

Those who have the spike proteins are now the chattel property of those who hold the patents.

Spike proteins producing hybrid humans owned and operated by the patent holders

This is about the end of humanity.

If they are no longer human do they enjoy human rights?

My sense is no, they don’t.

They all have AIDS.

Greg Reese: A vaccine delivered AIDS epidemic
The final destruction of the U.S. military from within.



John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.






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