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Billions for Ukrainian corruption
wreck floundering U.S. economy

America’s media mutilated morons continue to be misled by Jewish owned publications which encourage U.S. crimes overseas that profoundly sabotage the lives of its struggling citizens at home.

In fact, it may be said that the major effect of America’s support for Ukraine’s corrupt government and its covert aggression against Russia is hurting the American people more than anyone else by diminishing their chances of ever recovering from the economic devastation triggered by the phony pandemic and drastic social restrictions that have harmed everyone in the world.

So billions of dollars in lavish U.S. funding for a renegade Ukrainian government that takes a peculiar pleasure in murdering its own citizens not only furthers the American reputation for being criminal killers in other people’s countries, but also directly harms American citizens who, not thinking clearly, are persuaded to support these crimes which are inadvisable from every angle. 

First, funneling billions to the Ukrainian crime machine takes much needed money away from an American citizenry ravaged by a needless medical pandemic that caused millions of jobs to be lost. When it gratuitously sends expensive weaponry to a dictatorial regime whose corrupt kickbacks to American politicians not only deprive Ukrainian citizens of authentic defense capabilities, it also handicaps Americans trying to maintain their sketchy economic viability in a decaying landscape further exacerbated by the senseless importation of Third World denizens who receive lavish incentives to become further burdens on an increasingly bankrupt society.

The deficit has reached $31 trillion and continues to climb beyond measure as a result of Joe Biden’s continuing reckless expenditures.

Second, its underhanded sponsorship of the phony Maidan “revolution” in 2014 allowed corrupt U.S. interests to infect Ukraine with several criminal programs designed to further menace Russia with seriously dangerous intrigues, notably biological warfare labs developing toxic weaponry for use against its next door neighbor.

Third, the open support for this insane revolution which featured hired Israeli snipers randomly killing victims from both sides of the conflict to sensationally inflame the situation merely embellished the awful American reputation for senseless murder and mayhem it has demonstrated all over the world to strong-arm weaker countries into economic subservience of no benefit to anyone but the bloodthirsty billionaires who control the economies of the whole world.

Fourth — and most importantly — it enflamed the fears of its innocent neighbor Russia, which had graciously allowed Ukraine to obtain a virtual independence from the Soviet Union back in 1954, that surreptitious U.S. skullduggery would pose a fatal threat to its health and welfare if allowed to develop, a fear which subsequent developments have verified and even been admitted by U.S. politicians eagerly awaiting their cut of profits from the venture.

One need only look at the vast amounts of military hardware the U.S. has amassed on Russia’s borders to understand the former USSR’s apprehension and mistrust of America’s motives in the creation of its formidable aggressive criminal enterprises in Ukraine since the cynical revolution it brazenly choreographed in 2014.

So what we see happening here, given the curious nature of an illegal American government handpicked and shoehorned into office by the world’s richest men engineering a contrived presidential election result, is an utterly insane decision to send money overseas that it desperately needs at home. — a sure sign of self-sabotage engendered by obvious outside interests.

The planned result of such folly can only be the imposition of world government which bankrupts everyone to control the world’s finances from an impregnable central position, thereby eliminating individual freedom everywhere.

However, as with so many Jewish financial projects that have been foisted upon everyone all over the world, the big losers are always the people who are convinced they have the most to gain, which is why they sign on to these programs, but who never seem to gain it, all because of the fine print on all these devious dealings with whom everyone on the planet acknowledges are the world champion swindlers of financial manipulation, and whose machinations always result in the agonizing deaths of millions — and this time, sure to be billions — of innocent people, wondering what happened to the simple lives they so earnestly desired.

Realizing this, then, the answer becomes clear — disempowering the maniacs whose insatiable lust for profit jeopardizes the lives of every single person on this planet with their hyped up rhetoric about a contrived crisis that they themselves have created.



John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.



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