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World supports Russia against
U.S. perverts ruining Ukraine


Only fools, criminals, retards and perverts support the ongoing U.S. war against Russians trying to rescue their own relatives from the criminal madmen in Ukraine who are glorified as patriotic heroes by the American drug pushers and child rapists who have turned this poor country into their warmaking crime center in eastern Europe.

Normal people not fooled by the barrage of media lies know that Russia has only been trying to protect its citizens being murdered by American mercenaries and was forced to act to forestall an invasion planned by the madmen running Ukraine.

Now as an endless supply of new weapons are smuggled into Ukraine from every angle, this creepy coalition of corporate criminals that includes corrupt politicians, blood drinking billionaires and jaded journalists who will say anything for a paycheck, plus Jews posing as Nazis butchering their own countrymen and a comedian paid millions to pose as a patriotic president, asks the world to support its request for help so it can remain a lethal Western thorn in the side of America’s perpetual enemy, the old Soviet Union.

Never mentioned in their cynical pleas for support is the comparative example of how Americans might respond to Russian missiles in Mexico which is the threat that the U.S. biolabs in Ukraine pose to Russia.

Supporters of this demented Ukrainian underworld are the same thoughtless patriotards who cheered America’s 20-year torture of Afghanistan, the continuing rape of Iraq, the demolition of Syria, the evisceration of Libya, the continuing abuse of Yemen and dozens of other illegal assaults on defenseless countries around the world that have darkened this young 21st century with unceasing mass murder and mayhem, all grouped under the rubric of fighting a phantom terror apparatus that is secretly manufactured by Washington and Israel.

Members of this malevolent freak show have all combined in a nightmare cabal to support the criminal state of Ukraine obscenely fortified by Western bribery and lethal bioweapons against Russia’s noble attempt to save its own citizens who have been being butchered by U.S. sponsored sadistic spies and mercenary murderers for the past eight years.

This single minded sociopathy has enveloped the rest of the West’s puzzled allies into accepting anti-Russian policies that are actually destroying their own countries with measures handicapping and destroying their own economies and social fabric.

Meanwhile the American people and their simplistically servile politicians, totally deceived by a mad media menagerie gone totally psychopathic, obey their mandated programming and cheer the malevolent maneuvers of the senile sadist in the White House willingly trying to start a civilization-ending World War 3 because that’s what the international oligarchs who have bribed him have instructed this brain dead zombie to do.

Never mind that President Biden’s reckless recommendations continue to disintegrate the sabotaged American economy and threaten to remove Europe’s ability to keep its citizens from freezing to death next winter, the comatose creeps in the totally corrupt Western world, misled and bamboozled by by bad doctors and corrupt financiers, continue to mindlessly applaud the suicide course of their very own existence.

After eight years of covert aggression against Russian speaking residents of the eastern sector of Ukraine, Russia forthrightly moved to protect its relatives who were being surreptitiously exterminated by American-funded killers in the continuing U.S. aggression that for decades has surrounded the former USSR with all manner of military might.

The Western press has utterly failed to note that Russia has only been defending itself against American aggression that goes back to the Cold War days of the 1950s when the well-publicized fight against Communism by Capitalism gave the war makers all the reasons they needed to continue manufacturing increasingly expensive weapons systems which have always been the principal profit provider of American prosperity.

The fact that even with these fantastic windfalls from endless wars that have propelled the U.S. to becoming the richest country on Earth, the American people have never fully profited from this lascivious largesse because of the presence of Jewish middlemen, who have controlled the U.S. money system since its very beginnings, even in colonial times. Throughout American history they have siphoned off the majority of these dirty profits powered by the blood of innocent victims so that today America is a land shackled by an egregious poverty engineered by the pathological operators of its criminal Jewish money system.

This insane system today has been further sabotaged by President Biden’s unbalanced approach to common sense when he funds Ukraine’s overtaxed defense system with seven times more money than what he has budgeted for the defense of his own country.

This obvious act of self-sabotage leaves reeling American citizens without jobs, without safety and without a future as deliberate destruction of supply lines and demolition of food production systems have been methodically destroyed by political decisions directly opposite of what is needed to support a healthy population.

Furthermore the opening of America’s southern border to uncountable unemployables who don’t even speak the native language guarantees total destabilization of a formerly great nation now wrecked by the deliberate debasement of the money supply, obvious sabotage of the environment by the poisoning of the landscape and the atmosphere, and media misdirection that advises the destruction of healthy traditions and praises perversion, anarchy and destruction of functional systems as well as support of dysfunctional and unproductive citizens overwhelming social and medical support capabilities.

Pedophile expert Joachim Hagopian distills this current world shaking crisis down into a single paragraph describing the process now strangling everyone on the planet with its diabolical deceits.

The Great Reset, accompanied by the orchestrated convergence of this perfect storm bringing mass genocidal crises, is fast paving the way toward one world governance scheduled to emerge by the end of this year in the form of the Digital Services Act and the UN’s Pandemic Treaty, superseding all national sovereignties and enabling the demonic power structure absolute draconian control over a digitally enslaved, drastically reduced population. 

The EU as a crime cabal puppet recently passed legislation called the Digital Services Act, effectively eliminating public access to truthful information and real news. The Biden rollout of a laughably hideous and fake disinformation czar under auspices of US Homeland Security is intended to set the stage for the US government to pass its own Digital Services Act criminalizing free speech.

Meanwhile, the other cabal puppet, the United Nations, is on schedule in less than a month to pass and ratify by November its Pandemic Treaty. Both of these NWO measures are now being fast forwarded to secure the longtime globalist agenda for one world governance.

In the meantime, the people of the world march toothlessly to the irrational mandates of semi conscious politicians mostly unaware as they receive their overly inflated salaries for mindlessly repeating what they are told to say as they lead the whole world toward its doom without realizing that these dire, demonic plans will engulf them, too.


John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.



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