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How homosexuality destroys civilization
by creating multiple personality disorders
which guarantee permanent confusion
among sodomized slaves controlled
by subversive sexual saboteurs.

Ladies and gentlemen and all other pronouns in between. Welcome to puppet world, where there are no more mothers nor fathers, no sons nor daughters, not even men nor women, but only fecklessly fickle flesh units destined to aimlessly stumble down creepy corridors of degenerate horror designed by the deranged inventors of disambiguation (which is a word invented by Jews to permanently scramble your brain).

Disambiguation! You see the word all over Wikipedia, the ever changing Jewish registry of false impressions. It’s a noun, meaning the act or process of distinguishing between similar things, meanings, names, etc., in order to make the meaning or interpretation clearer or more certain. The hidden trick of its deliberate deception is the use of such a word achieves exactly the opposite of its intent. Instead of clarifying subjects, it confuses them, a truly brilliant maneuver by the obfuscators whose task is to jumble language, confuse thought and thereby impede communication. Word sense disambiguation supposedly helps determine which meaning a word has in any given context, but it really only sends people scrambling to find a dictionary to find out what it means and then wondering what has happened to their befuddled brains.

Talk about twisted meanings: In fact, gay people aren’t really happy, they’re sick, but striving madly to convince the world they’re joyful, when in reality they’re only temporarily satisfied by their perverse preferences while constantly trying to contaminate others, especially children, with their own unnatural practices.

This word disambiguation is an intended catalyst of permanent cognitive dissonance designed for abused slaves unable to comprehend their own constricted knowledge bases. It also applies to clown world gender lists which now extend to an infinite number of both letters and pronouns, usually beginning with LGBT.

LGBTIQA+ stands for "lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer/questioning, asexual and many other terms (such as non-binary and pansexual)". The + after the "A" may denote a second "A" representing "allies". A third “A” may as well represent a certain orifice intended for defecation but repurposed for recreation.

But it would be criminal not to mention that the indiscriminate use of this awful alphabet soup serves a darker purpose, and that is to confuse the landscape of human discourse and erase the distinction between male and female, precisely in order to create one class of worker bee, thereby eliminating the family system and melding all of humanity into an amorphous mass of sexless automatons all centrally controlled by our now rapidly developing Communist superstate.

All these “woke” degenerates with their “build back better” rhetoric are ardently attempting to make the state our mother, and isn’t that a comforting thought to mention to your children whom, by the way, you have forfeited control of them to the state.

Now that we’ve cleared that up, I want to welcome you to the puppet world of palpitating pinheads, running solely on indoctrinated instinct and devoid of intelligent intent. It’s a world populated by beings worth nothing, headed nowhere, implanted by instructions devised by designers of deceit, wholly guided by their own addictions and compulsions, forever forgetful of any worthwhile reason for why they should possess or even seek something as needlessly nebulous as a destiny or a fate, or remember outmoded virtues such as honor, integrity or even common sense.

And the most important element of human history, that one thing that has produced everything good in the history of the world — which just happens to be the one thing we should preserve, is the interactive bond between mother and child, the most intimate and important aspect of human life. Forget about it. Long gone. The state is your mother now. Doesn’t that give you a warm fuzzy feeling? Welcome to the Singularity, you simpleton!

But back to our story. The blind white light of sodomy.

Let’s start here.

Why in the world would anybody try to turn men into women and women into men? We may never know the reason; we only know it happens. A lot. And for a long time. My own opinion is that it’s the stupidest idea I’ve ever heard, and one that will make the human species go extinct, or at least be turned into something else, something clearly far worse than it is now.

Of course, as America’s most famous Communist president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, is fondly remembered for his famous slogan, “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.”

The plan, as it were, has down through history always been the same. Control other people to maximize profit. Plus, erasing motherhood and family gives the state total control over the individual by default.

Consider the following excerpts from THE MASTER PLAN OF THE ILLUMINATED ROTHSCHILDS: Ron Patton interviews Marion Knox, republished on that competent website of medical knowledge known as

See and

Now these survivors have told me that the, "Key of David" is the Rothschild sodomy. The penetration occurs at an upward angle, so it strikes the nerves at the end of the spine and produces white flashes of light in the brain. They do this on a regular basis -- sort of maintenance program to keep everything intact. As a side note, there are Catholic black masses where they sodomize children with a crucifix calling it the, "Peace of Mary" because once the dissociation occurs, it almost produces a calming affect; sort of a peaceful feeling . . .

We are creating whole generations of animal men and women, unable to to generate creative inspiration, but instead only able to operate the programs put into their minds by psychotic puppetmasters, whose objectives are anything but lofty.

Homosexuality has always existed. And by its perversion it has always destroyed the societies it has engulfed because its exclusion of women always betrays the most important duty of its men, which is the preservation of the species through the protection of its mothers.

It is the male gender’s No. 1 responsibility which today is completely neglected. But sodomy does something else. It creates mind controlled slaves who are powerless to do anything but the bidding of their masters. The famous Christian deprogrammer of these injuries, Marion Knox, explains:

Well, as I began to work with more survivors, I gathered more details and was able to kind of form a victim's profile. So as I mentioned before, they take a child at approximately three years of age and make the child fast for several days, force the child to witness human sacrifices, and to participate in a cannibalistic communion service.

In some instances, they physically abuse the child and then place he or she in a cage or coffin to further the trauma. The child is sometimes drowned in a baptismal ceremony and brought back to life. In the process of all this blasphemy, the child's mind is reversed or shattered into multiplicity.

The act of sodomy is also performed to open up the victim's "third eye" which is suppose to enhance psychic ability. During this vile act, a demonic system called, "Legion" is installed. In the King James Bible, Legion is referred to as an, "unclean spirit". This is systematically done to have complete control over the child, like creating a programmed robot.

Yes, your suspicions are correct. This is how they create serial killers and sex slaves. And also politicians.

Has it ever crossed your mind to wonder why all our recent presidents have been sex criminals and/or open homosexuals? It’s because they have been deliberately selected for such sadistic tendencies and their proclivity to be programmed, plus their slavish willingness to faithfully obey the commands of their hypnotic masters.

Just contemplate our last five presidents: Joe Biden’s constant public molestation of little girls (as well as his son’s depraved exhibitionism); Donald Trump’s payoffs to strippers to keep their mouths shut; Barack Obama’s history of murdered bath house partners and his preposterous marriage to a man with borrowed children; George W. Bush’s overnight assignations with an ex-Marine body builder; and Bill Clinton’s reckless rendezvous with anything that moved causing the deaths of dozens of Arkansas state troopers. Hillary Clinton would have been an appropriate member of this list had she not lost her election to a fellow competitor.

That these high profile offenses to human decency are seldom spotlighted by religious guardians of our nation’s behavioral integrity are more evidence of America’s moral inferiority and why future generations are repulsed by the questionable character of those who pretend in vain to guide and inspire us to act honorably when they do anything but. Besides, they are afflicted by innumerable contemptible practices and betrayals of their own.

Then, there’s this testimony from yet another chronicler of the depraved and the famous, Deprogrammer Interview with Marion Knox: In the House of the Strongman, Sodomy is the Key - by Elana Freeland

When a man sodomizes a child at three, the child bonds to that man as if he were their father, and when he’s a man of the cloth, of the Church, the child bonds to the Church, too. This sodomy thing has been around for hundreds of years. Ignatius Loyola, founder of the Jesuits, was a Catholic mystic; he had to have been a sodomized one. He was the guy who headed up the Inquisition to persecute those who didn’t adhere to the tenets of the Catholic faith. Terribly cruel! How could you be that cruel if you didn’t have the sodomy rage? The torture they put people through!

Knox pegged sodomy as the key element in turning children into MK ultra assassins or merely mind controlled sex slaves, to be used and discarded upon the whims of the very rich and powerful.

I haven’t found anybody who was just sexually fondled and became multiple, and I’ve never found anybody who went through occult rituals without sodomy. So I can’t tell you whether being put through a sacrifice ritual without sodomy makes a multiple.

People are trying to say that would be the case -- that the ritual murders and sacrifices are traumatic enough to produce MPD -- but I’ve never found a case out there that only had sacrifice. They’ve always had the sodomy.

They don’t always remember it, but when push comes to shove, they’ve got the symptoms. The occult groups know -- and they think all Christians are stupid and can’t catch on -- they know that sodomy is required to achieve what they want to achieve.

The sorry customs of holy Islam did not escape the wrath of insane sexual behavior noticably prevalent in the recent U.S. abuse of Afghanistan. Knox recalled:

One guy I know knew a Saudi who said that over there women are for children and men are for love. The violence and hatred in that kind of stuff is produced by sodomy; it produces the internal rage.

Freeland writes:

The act of sodomy is also performed to open up the victim's "third eye" which is suppose to enhance psychic ability. During this vile act, a demonic system called "Legion" is installed.  In the King James Bible, Legion is referred to as an, "unclean spirit". This is systematically done to have complete control over the child, like creating a programmed robot.

This is the spirit occupying the minds and hearts of most homosexuals, no matter what the current Pope might say.

Patton asked Knox what he had learned wallowing in all this filth and trying the cleanse the victims of their agonizing misery.

Since I already had a pretty good understanding of the Bible, it gave me part of the picture. But what I learned from other sources and what the survivors were telling me help put it together more clearly. Basically, Satan's system is built on the mirror image principle to copy the kingdom of God.

The perpetrator's goal is to gain power. They believe that the devil has the most power, and the most powerful component in the rituals is the blood sacrifices in blasphemy of Christ's atonement. Another very important component is the act of sodomy which is the opposite of the "new birth" we have in Christ.

Once I locate the highest demon, called the "Strongman", I attempt to cast it out along with Legion. In conjunction with the deliverance, we will sometimes have a Christian communion service but we try not follow a ritualistic pattern too much. After the deliverance, there needs to be intensified Christian support that should include, prayer, friendship, understanding, teaching, counsel, and accountability.

The person needs to do whatever it takes to stay away from any relationships and associations that gets in the way of the healing process. I guess it seems too simple for some therapists to understand or comprehend because I have people come to me who have been through conventional psychiatric therapy for years yet I am able to get many of them free, anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days...

Regardless of its putrescent details, public acceptance of homosexuality has never been higher, given the emphasis placed upon its so-called normalcy by Jewish media which constantly trumpet its virtues. On college campuses especially, the issue of “coming out” into unusual sexual practices has been conflated with freedom of speech and assembly so that critiques of its potential emotional damage are lost in the chaotic anarchy of youthful license.

Material on the dark side of queer behavior has mostly been expunged by hetero haters dominant in Jewish media and on college campuses, so one of the great sources chronicling its dangers happens to be my own article on the subject which got great play on the now defunct Darkmoon site in 2011 that stressed the following pitfalls of the random advocacy of homosexual sex and the downfall of conventional sex roles. and more lately

It made the following points:

Public acceptance of homosexuality has been used by the Jewish puppetmasters to destabilize societies they are plundering.

All societies coalesce on the basis of protection of one's own children and property. Homosexuals and Jews sabotage this life-sustaining coalescence as they are motivated by their own pathological and physiologically deviant propensities.

The original, official acceptance of homosexuality in contemporary society occurred in 1973 after three-year long jihad of outrageous public insults to American psychiatrists by an ad hoc army of gay activists.

To get the aggressive homosexuals to stop harassing them, the American Psychiatric Association canvassed its 10,000 members and by a vote declared that the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders-II (DSM-II) would no longer classify homosexuality as a pathology. Instead, it would be called an alternative lifestyle.

No medical evidence whatsoever figured in this decision.

In the intervening decade since that story was published, media-driven social acceptance of homosexuality has mushroomed, yet despite that overcooked campaign for “tolerance”, social mixing outside of youthful urban enclaves remains rare and sexual segregation continues, exacerbating an already high level of alienation in psychologically fragmented communities.

What remains unaddressed and uninvestigated are the consequences of children raised by same sex couples, particularly by men whose underlying drive for homosexual sex focuses on younger children they try to convert, presenting from a traditional perspective a clear and present danger to the children they aspire to adopt.

Analysis of that ambiguity is beyond the scope of this article, but the incompatibility of homosexual parents with heterosexual families would seem to be a destabilizing factor in the psychological stability of ordinary communities, feeding into the existing perspective that homosexuals in general are, willingly or not, prime agents of the overall Jewish destabilization template destroying all communities around the world by their constant and legendary financial finagling and misleading production of false propaganda provided by corrupt politicians who adhere to the standard Jewish beliefs that they are the only genuine humans and all other people, no matter their color or beliefs, are only subhuman farm animals whose destiny is to serve the Jews.

Check with your local rabbi for unambiguous confirmation of these beliefs and practices.



John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.


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