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It’s those who watch TV
against those who don’t

Perhaps I chose this subject because I’ve lost my family to mainstream TV. Some of them actually voted for Biden, a few have been jabbed multiple times, none of them have suffered from the shots, but they are all impervious to news from other places than from the boob tube in which they have placed their trust.

There is a new divide in the world. Families are split apart, both sides absolutely certain of their opinions. All societies have been splintered, and they show no sides of getting back together.


and I can’t tell if these are headlines,
or lines of poetry, or Buddhist riddles





People who have given up watching TV just can’t tell people who still watch that the news they’re getting is very far from accurate. Those who are still addicted to this electronic corporate mind control habit simply can’t admit the lies they have swallowed.

The lie of the COVID epidemic would have been detected immediately by a minimally intelligent population which knew that the PCR test could never properly identify any individual disease, according to the Nobel Prize winning scientist who invented it.

The lie of the election of Joe Biden as president of the United States was instantly recognized by those who knew that vote counting is never temporarily halted because it permits the temptation of inserting phony ballots during the interruption of the counting.

All the wars we know about are always started by stealthy provocations that cause the target to react and get blamed for starting the war in the first place, as has happened to Russia after the rigged revolution the United States staged in Ukraine triggered the massacre of innocent civilians.

Keeping the public in the dark while setting a flaming stage for wars with false flag fiascoes has the been the deceptive speciality of the Jewish money cabal playing the United States like a fiddle throughout the 20th century, and now it has veered into the new century with an even more insidious series of catastrophes.

Media mouthpieces all controlled by the same ethnic maniacs have proved to be the central method of control by warmongering elitist governments circumventing the generally peaceful wishes of the populace and kindling repeat invasions with specious justifications masking lethal greed as it bombs its way around the world poisoning populations as it goes.

Heretofore Americans generally received a modest portion of this ill-gotten gain in the form of trickle down largesse while the main slice of the profits remained with the elite ensconced in Switzerland, Israel, the city of London and other capitalist citadels. No more.

The American citizenry has been demoted into the pulverized pauper category with the rest of the world as Jewish control of finance has elevated into itself into control of all the countries, and with the corrupt vehicle known as the World Health Organization now the new worldwide commander of the power to declare what is health and what is illness, and by its directives define who is free and who is not, to which the tragic lockdowns in Australia and China clearly demonstrate.

The elitist method of enforcing this power is by media, which are all conveniently funded by Pfizer, Gates and other Jewish criminals vested with the power of inventing both the disease and the poison medicines supposed to cure them but today make them worse.

The main vehicle of this new found power is the electronic community, formerly television but evolving toward control by Internet, by which new and inflexible laws planned for many years are promulgated worldwide. They capture formerly independent countries in their toxic mandates, resulting in a surging death rate among formerly healthy people.

Emphasis on the formerly independent, as most countries have already signed away their rights and obey WHO declarations, meaning any territory controlled by its directors can be locked down on the basis of a pressing public health matter, which only these tyrannical tycoons can determine is valid, an unchecked process which is never legitimate and never will be.

This should tell anyone with a functional brain that ordinary people have lost control of their future, especially given the most recent and continuing series of false flag diseases that are enforced by corrupt doctors and other officials whose cynical pronouncements and mandates can destroy whole populations with toxic medicines, and failing that, by quarantines which when they become so onerous ultimately lead to starvation and mass suicides.

This is what the future now seems to hold for everyone.

So that the war against this accelerating tyranny is now between corrupt health officials in practically complete control of worldwide media up against a shrinking number of determined investigators who remember the old ways of a world when empirical truth determined the facts instead of unfathomably large amounts of money inventing truth based on the whims of mega-rich money managers.

These principled investigators never appear on TV, which is precisely my point. The embargo on the truth extends the mainstream mind lock to Google, Facebook, Twitter and the other mainstream Internet platforms that censor anything that does not support their commercial and political objectives.

Judging by the mammoth fines Big Pharma has paid out to settle lawsuits against their badly tested poison products, it should be obvious to everyone with a brain that these are people who should never be trusted, which also pertains to the politicians who support them.

Arresting and punishing them might be a good idea, since they have admitted planning the murder of more than half of the Earth’s population.

Knowledge shrinks as profits soar

This corrupt situation that now pertains across the spectrum of what is known as news and its media spectrum has undergone and continues to undergo a shrinkage of options for the American people to believe.

I noticed this years ago, in the early part of the 20th century, when many conflicting opinions abounded. Now we’re down to four corporations controlling all the world’s news, the famed media monopoly of one size fits all.

Repeating the lethal philosophy bellowed by an endless number of disingenuous tyrants across time, George W. Bush articulated the slogan which continues to swindle the public into giving up its freedom: “You have to keep repeating the propaganda until it sinks in,” a notorious phrase he repeated on numerous occasions.

That’s a proven formula easy to swallow for people who routinely park themselves in front of the television and wait to be fed the day’s news by someone who never fails to mention that a long time ago six million jews were murdered by the greatest villain in world history. This is a story that has never been proven but is endlessly repeated.

Humanity is losing its freedom because in the final analysis, humans don’t wish to be wish to be free — they only wish to be happy, well fed and not bothered by adversity, all of which can be nicely taken care of by sharp operators who are all too willing to provide all three — entertainment, nutrition and safety — in the all too familiar name of profit.

This is where the famous phrase “you get what you pay for” kicks in.

The major mistakes people make are that freedom comes without cost and effort, and that there are many way to pay, foremost of which is knowing what you’re talking about.

Is freedom worth the effort?

Freedom, it turns out, is a proposition more trouble that it’s worth, because in order to acquire freedom you must fight for it against people who can’t resist the temptation to take it away from you because it makes them rich. Ripping of the public is the No. 1 world cause of profit, so wonder no longer why you are poor and getting poorer.

We love entertainment because it takes our minds off of our existential dilemma, which is our temporary lease on a space on this planet. Basically, we’ll laugh at anything

Nutrition, judging by the obesity of the masses, is better controlled by experts than by the whims of misguided appetites, dependent on ease rather than quality.

And safety stems from the prevention of intrusion of one person on another person’s right, which generally speaking is a description of all the wars in history. It’s a dangerous illusion to think your government protects you; it actually protects the people who own you.

Families across America and in fact throughout the world have been shattered into silence, split right down the middle, with false flag government reports on one side refuted by common sense logic on the other. Needless to say, government hysteria is winning as the dumbed down population can’t or won’t investigate beyond the bluffs and doctored statistics and determine the real truth.

Discussion of the the germ theory, and whether any vaccine is any good for anything, are still widely discussed on the Web but nearly never discussed in the newspapers.

The matter of Jewish interference in international affairs is never heard on TV but frequently discussed on the Internet, despite widespread bans against it.

Which leads us to the foremost hopes for human freedom on mainstream TV and an evaluation of the greater knowledge base that the public is allowed to know.

Which leads us to Tucker Carlson, Ron De Santis and Tulsi Gabbard.

In a way, this is yet another indication of the shrinkage of knowledge that has been generated by ownership of media by a single ethnic group.

It’s important to remember that Tucker Carlson, a former CNN employee, is regarded as the most educated member of the mainstream media yet he believes in the government’s twisted Arab terrorist version of the 9/11 tragedy.

Likewise Tulsi Gabbard, the former member of the House of Representatives who was highly regarded as a presidential candidate in the 2020 election and still looks like the most reasonable and intelligent candidate. She is nevertheless a graduate of Klaus Schwab’s leaders school which has produced such totalitarian dictators as Canada’s Justin Trudeau and France’s Emanual Macron.

And in the same vein, after Donald Trump’s was deprived of re-election by obvious voting irregularities in 2020, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is considered the likely Republican front runner, but he is joined at the hip to Israel where he has illegally held several Florida cabinet meetings in recent years.

So do you dare ask if these are the people you would choose to restore some semblance of freedom and liberty to a USA that has been downgraded into a demented form of socialism by deprivation and deception?

By now it’s crystal clear that there is no potential presidential candidate not welded to the Israeli superstructure controlling the United States, making it a fait accompli that the Palestinians and any country opposed to Israel’s continuing terror tactics throughout the Middle East can reasonably expect to get a fair shake about anything from the United States, as Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, and Iran have already experienced.

Nor can any American any longer disagree with what Israel and the worldwide Jewish media, political and financial apparatus declare to be the truth. It’s OK for Israeli soldiers to shoot Palestinian children (and journalists) in the head because it says so in the newspapers.

In the same vein, it’s OK for Americans to send $40 billion to Ukraine because Russia attacked our ally. Never mind about all those Hunter Biden bribes, or that Americans built those biolabs that infect birds with deadly diseases, birds that will fly over Russia and deliver their payloads, just like Bill Gates’s mosquitoes do in Florida.

I think it’s important to mention now that in our stressed out condition with a faltering money supply, disrupted supply, a lingering health crisis with suspect medication continuing to cause profound complications, that our reaction to traumatic events such as school shooting and other shocking crises is apt to be exaggerated because our level of stress has been already elevated to such a degree in the first place.

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John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.



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