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Shut down the government,
incarcerate the leaders,
then try the doctors
for mass murder


I am not a doctor, but I play one on the Internet. One thing you can be sure of is that whatever I prescribe is not going to kill you, which is a lot more than your so-called doctor in real life can ever say, since according to statistics iatrogenic medicine is the third leading cause of death in the United States.

But the news is much worse than that.

If the PCR test can’t actually identify any disease whatsoever and the so-called COVID virus can’t be proven to exist, than regardless of what the newspapers scribble and the TV talking heads bluster, nobody in the entire world has ever died of COVID.

There is no COVID, just like there was no AIDS. Both were pathological phantoms, and in fact were invented by the same man. He happens to be the highest paid U.S. government employee, which should tell you what your government is really all about.

But all this begs the big question. What has caused all these recent deaths of all those innocent people just following the orders of their government — from babies in the womb to grandmothers in nursing homes, from perfectly tuned athletes on the field to little kids riding bicycles but wearing masks?

Once they took that shot, so many of them were goners. Myocarditis, heart attacks, so many of them keeled over right after they were jabbed. The grand total continues to be hidden by a government that lies about everything else as well.

These were all good citizens, patriotic individuals, following their doctors’ orders, which were mandated by our respected, elected leaders to submit to these unapproved nightmare mRNA injections produced by suspicious pharmaceutical giants known for shoddy research, well-connected political backers (like George Bush!) and endless lawsuit settlements after being found guilty of intellectual fraud?

We trusted them? And they let us down? And they’re still letting us down.

What killed all those people? Were all those televised tyrants lying?

The presidents, the TV talking heads and the very rich doctors in charge of the public’s health at the CDC, the NIH and all those other alphabet agencies, pretend not to know. They had to stop counting deaths because the totals of adverse events and inexplicable deaths were so embarrassing.

And all this came after they lied about the treatment, they lied about the totals, and they lied about all those embarrassing coincidences that emerged exposing the facts that knew all this would happen years ago, because that’s when they planned it.

Remember how Dr. Fauci boasted during the Trump years that America would be hit by a medical disaster? He knew how and he knew when and we were amazed that he was so smart and confident in his prediction.

These beastly brutes could predict with uncanny accuracy years in advance when the pandemic was going to arrive, they could prepare vaccines and monitoring devices and insurance forms well before the time it would hit, but when it finally showed up they couldn’t explain why so many people died, and worse than that, when the restrictions imposed on the public did far more damage than any overhyped flu ever could have done to the world without any precautionary treatment, they doubled down and provoked a war to take our minds off their lies.

Endless distractions are their speciality, especially when they burn down towns, defame well-meaning citizens and take your rights away from you.

They just kept saying, you have to wear the masks, you have to stay locked down, you can’t go to work, and you have to give up all your rights. Since when have doctors ever said anything about rights? Since when have politicians ever said anything about medicine?

Here’s how the deception that destroyed the world actually worked.

The polymerase chain reason (PCR) test is worthless because its Nobel Prize winning inventor, Kary Mullis, said that it could not be used to diagnose any disease. Forget for the moment that it is still used today; we’ll get to that later.

A test that doesn’t work means COVID does not exist. Despite the ramping up of cycles that could produce any result they wanted, the fact that test was undeniably inappropriate and irrelevant proves that nobody who took the test could be determined to have COVID. Therefore, nobody died of COVID. That means millions of people have died of something else.

Dr. Andrew Kaufman has argued convincingly that any kind COVID virus has never been properly isolated nor purified. The defensive explanations of the process used to supposedly isolate this virus are descriptions that don’t hold water according to consensus medical principles. You don’t mix one ingredient into a stew of other components in order to isolate another single ingredient. This is a monstrous computer fantasy, a circus deception to befuddle the rubes who can no longer think critically, which is the majority of the world’s population.

So if the disease that has made Big Pharma billions of dollars and figures to make them still more millions doesn’t exist, how are we supposed to feel about all those people who were sickened and murder by our highest officials who lied about it all?

Screwed is how! Betrayed, abused and stupid that we could have been fooled so easily and so completely by people we trusted. Our leaders. And worst of all, our doctors.

So the death tolls we read in the newspapers about many thousands of COVID deaths are utter fiction, since nobody actually died of COVID. Just like Fauci’s earlier production a decade ago, when nobody died of AIDS. (See note below.)

OK, for argument’s sake, let’s backtrack. Let’s say the tests worked and people got COVID. Do you really remember how it all happened? I mean the masks, lockdowns and shutdown of all the small businesses. The big corporations like Walmart were allowed to stay open. The little folks — the local merchants, the cottage industries, the people working for themselves — they had to shut down, go broke and lose their homes.

Just the way the government wanted it. Just the way Klaus wanted it. You’ll own nothing and be happy.

Do you remember how Gov. Cuomo shipped all those old people into a nursing home where everybody supposedly had COVID and they all died? But there was no COVID. But they all died! Many of them on ventilators after taking remdesivir, a treatment that is still prescribed and is still fatal.

Remember how Dr. Fauci told us early on that we shouldn’t go to the hospital right away, that we should wait and get really sick, and then go. Then they could give us Remdesivir to shut down our kidneys and then put us on ventilators to make us drown in our own fluids and help hospitals earn $100,000 per pop for each corpse the government ordered them to produce by following Fauci’s Frankenstein procedures. A gruesome harvest, indeed.

It just makes you wonder how much all those Sandy Hook parents, those Las Vegas cops, those Broward County teachers, were paid to keep their mouths shut and keep secret those cons being played on Americans too busy to notice, tugging at the heartstrings of the perplexed public to somehow get them to give up their guns.

So before I write my prescription, I must inform everyone that you have two choices. If you speak up and say things like Dr. Andrew Moulden did — “all vaccines cause harm” — you likely will be murdered, as he was at age 49, a fate so many other principled physicians have suffered over the years.

If you keep your mouth shut don’t take any vaccines, at least you know you won’t be killed by the disease exhibited by so many doctors today — their profits are far more important to them than your health.

So here is my prescription, as I promised before, guaranteed not to kill you, if you can just continue to avoid the mad mandates of a maniac government.

Never take any vaccine ever again. No matter what your favorite doctor says, never put a foreign substance in your body. You will live a lot longer.

And consider these following testimonials for my recommended course of action.

Stefan Lanka, a former virologist: “No virus has ever been the cause of any disease. How can you make a vaccine for something that has never been proven to exist?”

David Parker, co-author (with Dawn Lester) of What Really Makes You Ill? Why Everything You Thought You Knew About A Disease Is Wrong: “Take away the germ theory and the whole medical establishment falls down like a house of cards.”

And finally, this candid observer:

Financially incentivizing doctors and hospitals
to withhold treatment and actively
poison and murder Covid patients

If you’re wondering why hospitals are in lock-step in their murderous “treatment protocols”, it is because the psychopaths in charge are after one thing: MONEY.  And the beta-narcissists under them follow along in order to maintain their career tracks and incomes.  But the thing these people all have in common is a total lack of human empathy and complete absence of conscience.  Human beings are nothing more than meat bags to be turned into cash flow by any means necessary, including conscious, premeditated murder, as you will see below.
— Ann Barnhart

For further reading consult:

Video: Over 30 Years Ago Dr. Robert Willner Exposed Fauci's Murderous Lie That HIV Causes AIDS

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John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.



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