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How fear of a certain word
controls the whole world

(Because young people are so poorly educated these days, and hence, so dense, I have to explain what the phrase “when the air is sucked out of the room” actually means. It is employed when something so startling is said or done that everyone involuntarily inhales in surprised astonishment that is often tinged with a combination of embarrassment and fear, and therefore, at least metaphorically, sucks the air out of the room.)


So, have you ever experienced this? It’s like the air being sucked out of the room . . .

The minute you mention the magic word, people start looking over their shoulders to see who’s listening. Their eyes dart around the room, their voices become hushed, they lift their hands and pat the air as they suddenly and subconsciously begin to worry about their futures, and who might be listening to them that they don’t know is there.

Mentioning things people are afraid to talk about is an indication of how the minds of the world are controlled by fear, controlled by a force that can ruin your life in an instant, which compel you to involuntarily modify the truth even though you can harm yourself by doing so.

More importantly, it also can leave out important things that desperately need to be said. It is something that is also called self-censorship.

Because you know your brainwashed neighbors will frown upon what you say and whisper to their friends that you are a reckless person, you censor yourself, and by that action, the freedom which you insist you covet slips a little further from your grasp.

Some would say that the freedom of speech we constantly boast that we still possess has been long gone for years, or worse, has never even really existed.

But the genuine fear generated by the use of the word “Jew” is no laughing matter, because we realize many of the people we know and love are in jail today because they ignored that fear, and we are justifiably afraid of suffering the same unpleasant and unjust consequences, or thousands of lesser penalties such as social ostracism, loss of income or seriously sabotaged reputation among the more shallow minded.

We may calculate how drastically the concepts of freedom and free speech have atrophied by the degree to which casual use of the world Jew in mixed company has been reduced to an expression of forbidden and foreboding blasphemy.

Among some closed-minded people fearful of the consequences of their own thoughts, this infraction makes you an instant pariah, but in others more attuned to the principles of honesty and healthy living, it becomes a badge of courage and a sign of honesty.

Thus the people who use the word freely become a hero to some and a villain to others.

The final determination on this matter becomes the behavior and events in the real word that use of the word “Jew” signifies. Jews claim they wish to unite the world under their ugly banner of world peace enforced by cold hard cash. Their opponents know without reservation that Jews are the enemy of every country — and every non Jewish person on Earth — as they seek to destroy all of us whom they do not wish to make their slaves.

If you dispute this assessment you automatically know into which category you fall.

The final verdict on this matter requires us to know that to venerate the so-called “chosen” people is to sell our souls to the financial bottom line and become blind to the horrors of the bloody details required to do so. The alternative is to realize that we are more than savages who require knowing there are people on whom we can depend who won’t stab us when our backs are turned.

So those who speak against the false actions of international Jews who have ruined every country they have touched across the vast distance of time deserve our highest praise for courage and honesty. Thus it is to our advantage to know what happens to those who are sucked into the vampire’s vortex of criminal penalties for contesting Jewish lies, often at the cost of their lives.

Although this conflict extends to just about every area of human endeavor, the principal battleground of Jewish lies vs. objective truth dwells in the territory of poisoned propaganda about World War 2, which is now mouldering some 80 years in our past but is present every day in our lives due to the constant barrage of Holocaust Museums bellowing how important it is to remember what the evil Nazis did to the innocent Jews all those years ago.

Perhaps there is some sort of mathematical corollary between the financial inflation Jews have inflicted upon the world and the imaginary number of people slain by Nazis which the Jews number at the sacred 6 million total, a figure they have used to fleece funds from Gentiles for nearly a hundred years before World War 2 ever happened.

The International Red Cross right after WW2 numbered the number of work camp casualties at slightly less than 300,000, but ever since Holocaust hoopla began to be generated in earnest in the late 1960s, the magic 6 million number is repeated at least once a day on the evening news of the Jewish television networks and tens of billions of dollars have been awarded to so-called survivors and their offspring of the so-called Nazi death camps by generously corrupt Jewish judges and lawyers.

Despite the amazing triumphs in less-than-supportive courts by Revisionist pioneers Ernst Zündel and Robert Faurisson — as well as many others — which prove the hoax of the Holocaust hoopla, German courts have refused to accept any evidence from those whom it charges with violations of their banning of any mention Holocaust ideas other than their own, truth tellers continue to be dragged off the streets and charged with violations of these unjust laws, sentenced to prison terms for daring to speak the unbiased truth against these lurid lies Jews declare as unchallengeable truths..

Two such articulate heroes — the Schaefer siblings — are shining examples of maintaining the courage of truth while navigating through the minefield of Jewish lies. Both have been imprisoned for telling the truth in a country where minds are locked by laws demanding they believe facts that are simply not true.

Brother Alfred Schaefer is still locked up but sister Monika is here today to tell us about this mindless madness that to this day insists that lies are the truth, and the real truth may not be discussed because German courts declare it is a crime against humanity to discuss the real facts of a real crime against humanity.

So Mike, we welcome the inspiring Monika Schaefer with lessons and cautionary tales to remind us about the danger of humanity’s greatest enemy.

What’s it like, Monika, in a German jail when you know the truth but are told you have to believe in the lie or you won’t get out?

John Kaminski and Mike Gaddy
interview Monica Schaefer
on Speak Free Radio



John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.



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