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Abortion and vaccines
are Jewish ritual murder


Most of you won’t remember Torches of Freedom? They were the scam Freud’s nephew Eddy Bernays invented to lure women into the street in the first step of a fateful series of sociological gambits that created what has come to be known as women’s liberation.

Encouraging women to smoke cigarettes in public became symbols of emancipation and equality after Bernays hired fearless females to puff in public during a 1929 Easter Sunday parade. The phenomenon went worldwide and brought both freedom and lung cancer to the millions who followed his lead.

Today a clever variation of the same swindle is sweeping the world under the righteous but deceptive campaigns for freedom to be promiscuous for women and protection from a phantom disease for everyone else. Preaching freedom and security all at once. What could go wrong?

My friend Matthew gave me this idea. I didn’t think of it myself. It simply struck me as eerily accurate.

“These are blood sports disguised as health moves,” he said. “The blood sacrifice disguised as abortion masquerades as the sacred Jewish ritual murder of goyim.”

Suddenly the concealed deaths of millions of people from government mandates of a poisoned vaccine looms like a giant wraith in our minds, as the shadow of death incarnate casts its shadow over everyone in the world.

The suspicion is confirmed when the ownership of the vaccine companies by such infamous predators as kosher kingpin Pfizer chief Albert Bourla <> and the composition of governments featuring such monstrosities as the transsexual Admiral Richard Levine <> approving them with insane mandates for experimental products is verified. Surely you have noticed that the owners, doctors and politicians who applaud and approve them are all of the same pompous and psychotic ethnic stripe.

But that visceral horror pales in comparison to the absolutely hellish conception of how many human souls have been ignominiously erased by the nefarious practice of abortion which — like smoking cigarettes that lead to cancer — has caused the deaths of not millions but hundreds of millions of once living human souls who now appear as an awful apparition in our moribund minds vaporizing a future that will never be realized, all because oppressed women wanted to be “free” from pregnancies they didn’t want.

The key to exactly what?

And still, rabid advocates rant, “Abortion is the key to a woman’s freedom. It must not be prohibited!” Freedom from what is a question never asked. A happy family life and joyful children?

The jarring consequence we now observe is the phenomenon of deliberately recruited replacement populations darkening the white world as white countries totter under the avalanche of darker races deliberately imported into their nation to impose Communism on a formerly free republic.

“The world is starting to recognize that abortion is not about a women’s right to choose, it’s about Jews wanting to kill babies,” my friend opined. “It’s a recipe for societal collapse.”

Thus is the equation for women’s freedom based on killing babies, which reveals women are doing the Jews’ business demographically in order to improve their freedom to frolic in the world. And if you think that perspective is unfair, just ask them about the importance of preserving the nuclear family system, which is now on life support all over the United States.

Just recently the contrived brouhaha of the U.S. Supreme Court reconsidering its landmark Roe v. Wade decision of 1973 guaranteeing women’s right to control their own bodies has abortion advocates threatening the lives of justices with retributive mayhem.

These bellicose ballbusters don’t think that much of a disciplined family system being the key element in a secure and satisfied society, either, having become alienated aliens is a society of strangers.

Internet images from Washington and other Western states include the name Anarchist “A” as a group called Jane’s Revenge promising a “Night of Rage” if SCOTUS overturns Roe.  One post to a pro-choice Reddit thread reads, “Can’t wait to burn down a church and worship Satan for abortion rights.”

“America is an abortion clinic,” says Matthew. “Peace is dead; this is the ultimate snuff film.”

Suddenly the lucrative industry of the organ trade takes on a new perspective. Not only killing the white race but Planned Parenthood profiting from a growth industry based on premature death. As far as the morality of it . . . ?

“Ah yes, the organ trade. Are you going to tell me that a fetus is not human?” Matthew asks, noting that the embryo-killing aspects of the vaccines results in a bonus kill total for the Jewish masterminds of this widespread human elimination program, the No. 1 producer in which continues to be widespread wars.

As always there is always profit in everything Jews do, so draining the blood and selling the parts of obliterated babies is another significantly profitable aspect of the abominable abortion industry.

Goy blood: The Jewish sacrament

But the demographic significance of this radical form of birth control is even greater than its economic implications.

“Abortion is the most important Jewish sacrament of these nation destroyers,” Matthew concludes. “This is the worship of Moloch, this killing of babies.”

Moloch is a name which appears in the Hebrew bible several times, primarily in the book of Leviticus. The bible strongly condemns practices associated with this ancient Canaanite deity, the principal horror of which is child sacrifice.

Some scholars, however, note child sacrifice was a native element of ancient Judaic religious practices, and today’s industries of abortion, vaccines and production of adrenochrome for illegal drug use all indicate that it is alive, well and thriving.

Deranged followers of Moloch, like those early Judaics, believe that blood has the power to wipe out sin.

Jews were kicked out of England in the 13th century and banned from the country for four centuries for draining the blood out of Christian children and other crimes. <>

“Abortion is not about a woman’s right to choose,” Matthew says. “Like transgenderism, it’s not about tolerance. It’s about destroying the polarity of the sexes, to destroy the family.”

“The only way to destroy nations is to destroy the family. This is a witches’ brew to destroy society.” And this is the prime objective of a platform I have labeled for years as the Jewish destabilization template.

“What we’re dealing with is a cult that demands blood,” Matthew said. Of course, we haven’t yet seen the end of this.

Owing the universal ethnic ownership of mass media, these considerations are rarely discussed and remain mostly unknown to the general public.

Recent manifestations of this baby murder cult have turned up in the California House of Representatives when it passed a measure called the Infanticide Bill allowing the murder of babies up to 28 days without prosecuting those who killed the child. <> This is clearly women’s liberation gone mad at the urging of Jewish nihilists whose aim clearly is to destroy civilization.

It should be clear to all by now that Moloch, the cannibalizer of children, is the true Jewish deity. Yahweh, no prize himself, is only their straw man meant to convince the gullible goyim that Jews are legitimate human beings, which remains a subject of debate. If they were, why would their numerous references in the Talmud indicate that all non-Jews were subhuman animals still exist?

Thus our slide down the slippery slope of murdering our own children has finally allowed us to arrive in the flaming bowels of hell on Earth. Look around you. If you cannot see the flames, you can definitely smell the smoke.

Finally, in a letter from rabbis in Constantinople dated November 1489, the rabbis wrote to their oppressed friends in friends in France . . .

. . . make your sons doctors and apothecaries, that they may take away Christians’ lives.

Contemplate that in the next moment you are sitting in a sterile, vapid medical office waiting to see your doctor.

A toast then, to your health, and if possible, to your long life.


Recommended reading:

Arnold Leese: Jewish Ritual Murder (1938)

Toni Cade Bambara: “The Pill: Genocide or Liberation”
in The Black Woman: An Anthology,. 203-212.
Journal of Research on Women and Gender
New York: Washington Square Press, 1970 



John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.



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