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I want to apologize to my friends at the outset of this analysis, because it is far too tame. I have always aimed at the middle of the road in discussing these matters because the purpose of social criticism is to convert the uninformed into the informed. But given the fragile mental stability of true believers, I choose to be clinical rather than confrontational as a sudden realization of these matters, if they can be understood at all, often brings with it a shockwave that can be psychologically traumatic.

Religion is the enemy of knowledge
but belief is the engine of our lives

The worst enemy you can encounter will always be you yourself.
— Nietzsche

You know the old saying. If you want to keep your friends, the two things you must never talk about are religion and politics.

So it’s a rare surprise to find a friend you can keep when you can both agree to disagree with the twists and turns of life’s riddles. Perhaps even more important is recognizing someone else’s perspective that is different from yours just as valid as your own. This is the true path to peace and understanding, not to mention the key to world peace.

Without considering the perspectives of others, blind belief leads to misunderstandings and even wars as illustrated by the constant strife in the Middle East or even the destruction of the 9/11 skeptics movement when the the insistence of one group of believers to discriminate against others who did not accept their strict path to holiness ruined the coalition trying to demolish the lies the criminal government and its monstrous allies used to deceive the people.

In recent years, religion has done little to keep the world on the moral track it pretends to practice.

The sex scandals of Catholic priests molesting little boys, plus their pious superiors mostly covering up these crimes, are well known. Less well known is the profiteering of the Lutheran and Catholic denominations flooding the United States with Third World aliens, a trend that has led to open borders in the Biden administration changing the character of America from a collection of mostly friendly communities into a crime ridden free-for-all of hostile refugees generating competitive crime gangs.

But the main shortcoming of all the religious denominations in America today is their failure to insist upon the morality they pretend to believe, which some think is the major reason the USA, behind the patriotic drivel of its corrupt media, is really a warmongering monster unable to tell the truth to the patriotic citizens who love it the most.

Hypocritical preachers have been an abysmal failure, afraid to criticize a criminal government for fear of losing their tax-free status and whatever other benefits they gain by keeping their mouths shut.

They have failed to uphold the moral standards of decent people that have been swept away by the pornographic impulses of satanic Jewish media, who champion every perversion known to man and belittle those who seek the good life which once upon a time made America a place where all the world wanted to live.

The betrayal of decent people

You heard the title. Religion is the enemy of knowledge, but belief is the engine of life. Understand it. Religion presents a story with an ending already determined which you may not challenge. It has all the answers, so why bother to study anything else?

The questionable benefits of this enforced blindness keep you from investigating what may or may not be possible, and their timid reflections continue to facilitate the crimes of our government. Life provides its own story with joys independent of and unrelated to what you have been ordered to believe by preachers whose integrity is frequently compromised. They practice mind control. If imitating them were such a good idea, why is the world so messed up?

And if their commandments are so sacred, why do they keep disobeying them by approving all sorts of abominations. They even hired a pope who says you don’t have to believe in Jesus to go to heaven? After a statement of that magnitude, why does the Catholic church even bother to exist?

Those who seek this mental aberration called eternal life are the ones who destroy the world, rather than nurture it. What the future of the world holds has not been determined, and will not be determined by the pathetic prophecies of the past that have consistently failed to prevent the horrors of our own history.

The biggest mistake in the book of Genesis is claiming dominion over the living world. Instead of enslaving it we should be saving it for the benefit of our offspring.

In that same vein, regarding God as a human being is a grievous error, sentencing every other life form on this planet to a premature death as now the blindness of our anthropomorphic superiority kills hundreds of species every day, or so they say.

After many years of quibbling about how aspects of Christianity were stolen from earlier cultures, out of respect for respectable people, I have softened my position. I have come to view Christianity, as a story about venerating children as the most important thing in life. It is, after all, how we perpetuate our species. Without belief in the infinite wonder of life, you don’t make healthy humans nurturing hope wherever they go. Instead you make robots capable of committing capital crimes.

But this religious orientation is only for children to protect them from a reality they are not equipped to comprehend. Being an adult requires facing facts without fear.

Teaching children to grow up without the answer man of God to scare away the fright of the unknown night they fear produces either monsters or empty shells rationalizing ridiculous excuses for disbelief. Some say Jewish children are brought up this way, deprived of actual childhood and taught to fear and hate everyone else.

These are the people now bringing in the Great Reset, as we watch the death toll from their sly swindles and poison products increase every day. The fulfillment of the promise of our cynicism foreshadows a great darkness up ahead, which neither faith nor prayers will prevent.

Only responsible collective action can save us now.

So, for that reason of all those self-serving lies, for most of my life I have been an irritating opponent of the mythological fables crafted to confuse historical fact with psychological propaganda, which is the unfortunate situation with Christianity, which is nothing but a hodgepodge of precepts and creeds selectively stolen from older myths from the ancient world.

At its center of it all is the character of Jesus, considered by many a mythological character whom even his chief exponent — a guy name Paul who used to be Saul — claims never appeared in real life, but only as an ethereal apparition in the sky.

Yet a group of power brokers, egged on by Jewish provocateurs, acting three centuries after this divine personality supposedly lived, wrapped him in a gaudy production of remarkable events and convinced most of the world that he walked the Earth and performed miracles for a few short years in Galilee.

Whether this character was mythological or not, he is credited with the most important words humankind has ever heard . . .

Throw the moneychangers from the temple.

If that advice were ever followed by the frail animals known as humans, this war-wracked world would be a far more peaceful place today.

And as it stands now, with gas prices off the charts and food disappearing from supermarket shelves, the moneychangers are openly trying to kill us, and those lying fools in the pulpits are telling us to render unto Caesar our very lives — to take the jab and die.

So our talk today about religion and belief is a very serious topic. It is not too much to say our lives depend upon it.

Following in fateful footsteps

And speaking of characters with familiar names . . . according to Google, in fact, Arch Stanton is not a real person, as those familiar with the Clint Eastwood movie, “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly,” already know. In the film, Arch Stanton is the name on a gravestone in Boot Hill cemetery.

The current popular writer and our guest today is the Arch Stanton best known for his ironic Biblical insights on the National Alliance website, as well as by such well known essays as The Conspiracy of Man. He has also taken quite a bit of flak from Bible dissenters who insist the whole story is a cocked up Jewish fantasy.

I know Arch from hearing about his unshakable conviction that Jesus was a real man even though Christianity was a Jewish plot to overthrow the Roman Empire.

These conversations with Arch have revealed to me a shining intellect and a tortured soul, who defends his perceptions with convincing clarity in the face of an avalanche of opposition.

Lost amid all the ritualistic mumbo jumbo about the origins of the Christianity and the legitimacy of its legends are the important things we really need today and can’t get — like honesty in government and real help for the poor. If they ever were beneficial, today they have been turned into corporations, and while they’re busy crunching numbers, silent pulpits ignore the crunching of poor people’s lives being turned into meaningless numbers in a stock portfolio.

Arch’s positions appear to be unique in this never-ending debate about whether Jesus was actually real.

No one can deny that throughout the American Christian world, Jesus remains the go-to guy for people in trouble who can’t figure their way out of dilemmas that can’t be solved, or tragedies that can’t be reversed. This all-purpose answer man is often the last stop for people whose lifelong journey is about to expire, and judging by recent conversations with dying men in hospital beds, Jesus is an indispensable travel agent on the road to infinity.

The scientific facts of Christianity can be demolished in a hundred different ways, but throughout the world Jesus is the No. 1 guy to call upon when you’re in a jam that nobody else can fix. Take a survey in an airplane whose engines have just failed to prove my point.

My own preference in these matters involves the tale of a 19th century self-taught polymath named Gerald Massey who equates the Jesus myth with the story of Set and Osiris written in Egypt 6000 years prior to the familiar Bible story.

Massey ID’d Jesus as a rabbi named Yehoshua ben Pandira who traveled in Egypt a hundred years before the traditional Jesus is said to have lived, but when he returned to Jerusalem he was called a sorcerer and stoned to death by his Old Testament Hebrew rabbi masters for his heretical ideas.

Nonpartisan observers today reflect that the Christian complex of ideas very much mirror the Egyptian legends.

But there are many other opinions on this matter, one example far more modern from a veteran Indian sea captain named Ajit Vadakayil insists the Essenes were Hindu pagans awaiting their messiah Kalki, the tenth avatar of Vishnu, which was an idea apparently endorsed by Pope Benedict in 2007.

These alternative contentions to the traditional idea of Jesus are almost as numerous as the number of mutually exclusive Christian sects that exist today, which some say sprout up like poisonous mushrooms everywhere, but they almost seem like cancerous outgrowths of an idea people are forced to believe that can’t possibly be true.

A tale of two heroes

So . . . we could go on for hours discussing the permutations and disputations of this contentious history which so easily triggers defensive emotional outbursts because of the importance many people place in their beliefs, and so to get to the intriguing perspective our guest I will mention only two more aspects of this subject.

The first involves the beliefs of that most inscrutable character, Adolf Hitler, easily the most vilified person in history and ironically the one who is most frequently compared to the aforementioned Jesus Christ as a true avatar for the people who believed — or still believe — in him.

This radical difference of opinion about the Führer is more than just political — one side lambasting him as the epitome of evil while his faithful followers continue to venerate their faithful liberator.

The story about World War 2 is more than just a tragic tale of how three Jewish countries conspired to obliterate the most refined nation on Earth and reduce it to a heap of smoldering rubble to assure none of us would never again be truly free and that we would be forever ruthlessly ruled — as we are today — by the Jewish forces of darkness.

That was only the political consequence. Of far greater meaning was the eternal spiritual competition which it illuminated to those with eyes to see and minds to think.

Deep in the bowels of Don Miguel Serrano’s poetic masterpiece, Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar, one stunning assertion resounds like a giant gong resonating over the heads of humanity.

Yahweh is the prince of darkness, and it was the Jews all along who invented monotheism.

The thought unveils a deeper, seldom explained meaning of World War II, during which Hitler publicly professed an outward respect for the powerful Church of Rome, but among his closest associates spoke fondly of the power of Vril, the legends of Thule and the divinity of Lucifer, the Light Bringer.

That hidden motivation perhaps explains the savagery of why the brutal Jewish allies destroyed Dresden so brutally as to make humans melt into the asphalt after days of senseless and purposeless British bombing. They were obviously trying to eradicate the devils, although as many subsequent analyses were compelled to conclude, the allies who obliterated 500,000 desperate and unarmed German refugees in a war that was already over, were the real devils.

So who was it won that war? When we look back today from our tenuous vantage point of a disintegrating society orchestrated by the same maniacs who configured that assault on the German people who only wished to be left alone, the conclusion should make us tremble with fear at the shame of our past and apprehension about our suicidally manipulated future.

Even more confusing than that is how the advocates of fundamentalist Christian denominations can rail with fiery rhetoric against the very Jewish apostles who helped create their Christian creed in the first place.

But there is one further page to turn in this book of life with which humans have debased and polluted the garden which they were given.

Because we choose to deny from the nasty limitations imposed by death that usually comes too soon for everyone, we created what the philosopher Ernest Becker called immortality projects, or justification for our lives that we believe will be remembered once we are gone.

Becker’s teachings a half century ago gave rise to a school of philosophy known as terror management theory, which asserts that all of our waking moments are strategies to keep us from thinking about death. Foremost of these is some kind of formula to rationalize our continued existence beyond the expiration date of our physical bodies, and this is the principal reason religions exist in the first place, to convince us we have eternal life, if we just participate in the self hypnosis our holy men are all too willing to provide.

The saddest part of this industry is that millions of people are killed every year for disagreeing over the right way to live forever, when there is not a shred of evidence that none of them ever do.

Jews laugh at those who believe in the character they created, but then stand there astonished as the belief in miracles they have profaned and misused over the many centuries provides rewarding lives for so many people in the world.

Where this merry go round of deception stops all depends on who you know, and what you believe and how you act doesn’t necessarily determine where you wind up, except for the belief that all of us wind up in the same place whether we want to or not.

An evangelist I know in Michigan, Ray Bunzow, seems to have it all figured out. “Even though we got free speech,” he says, “they still got your tongue tied.”

The one thing we know for sure is that we can’t trust anyone who doesn’t criticize the media, so when the churches tell us to render under Caesar what is Caesar’s, and Caesar is busy trying to kill us, then intelligent people cannot help but decide that what these liars tell you about God has no relevance whatsoever.

Religion is a mind control device. Real belief is faith in the beauty of the world and the people in it.

So Arch, who is this guy who has raised such a fuss and been an invisible friend to so many over the past two thousand years?

The fork in the road to our lives

with special guest Arch Stanton


John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.



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