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The forgotten music
of patriot Carl Klang

Carl Klang collection
featuring Gordon Kahl and Sam and Vickie Weaver and 17 Waco children  

Throughout my lifetime popular music has been a politically impotent wasteland of high tech and cutting edge irrelevance with not a single song adequately describing the insidious political oppression of our times.

Seemingly aimed at the anesthetization of conscience while ignoring our criminal government’s constant abuse of both the truth and its citizens, popular music in the United States has long since decayed into an endless dirge of pathetic narcissism completely ignoring the crimes of our leaders since those heady days of the late 1960s when trenchant anti-Viet Nam war lyrics galvanized a suddenly awakened public into widespread protests about the injustices of U.S. aggression and actually stopped that phony war.

As the age of corporate consolidation inexorably evolved toward total Communist control, the magnates who ruled the recording industry also consolidated their grip on the entire media spectrum and eliminated all those sentiments that revealed our government’s accelerating slide into totalitarianism, typically hiding it all behind the brittle BS of puerile patriotism.

On the periphery of public consciousness, ignored by the Jewish record makers whose aim was always to prevent us from awakening as well as to feed us more drugs, a persistent underground of political consciousness was consistently muted and ultimately sedated by the cynical producers of political pablum.

Only on the fringe was there any trace of true candor about American criminality, which was never clearer and more relevant than in the simplistic, almost amateurish yet nevertheless extremely clear lyrics of patriotic troubadour Carl Klang, who unfortunately died in 2019.

Now, thanks to the truly admirable mission of the website, the songs of Carl Klang provide what is probably the best access to accounts of the political crimes of the United States which have led to the untenable climate of today where government law enforcement agencies no longer investigate crimes but instead commit them themselves, as evidenced by the continuing series of such false flag crimes as contrived school shootings and “accidental” food factory arsons, puzzling plane crashes and other malicious missions of mayhem all designed to facilitate total police control of the population.

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In traveling through this stupendous selection of ballads describing the horrendous acts by the U.S. government against the American people it is ostensibly supposed to protect, Klang details the sordid treatment of legitimate tax protesters, abused soldiers and immolated children by fake newscasters, perfidious professors . . . all the way down to a recording of Bill Clinton saying “there is no freedom.”

Foremost among the horrific stories revealed by Klang’s catchy country twang are the ordeals of Gordon Kahn, a conscientious tax protester of the 1980s, who was brutally slaughtered by the FBI; of the Randy Weaver ambush in Idaho that killed a young mother with a baby in her arms; and the terrible treatment of murdered children at Waco, burned to death over more government lies.

These songs are sung with a good natured country twang the make you laugh but contain such profound and ominous message that they soon will make you cry for the free country you thought you had but don’t. Consider this snip from “The News Behind the News”:

Since our eyes were first open and our ears began to hear
They've been herding us like cattle through our fantasy and fear They rule us through illusion and confusion of the mind
And by changing subtle meanings to the words between the lines
It's the news behind the news and the methods you can use
It's the blueprint and the plan you can rely on
And it's written in the Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion

Move along now all you little bovine...
Now they'll tell ya it's a forgery they'll say that it's a fake
That some anti-Semite wrote it for the money that he'd make
It's been slanderized and demonized and labeled "racist hate"
By the same who stake a claim to it's creation

Now I'm not here to try to argue if it's fake or if it's true
If the author was a commie or the likes of you know who
What I'm really tryin' to tell ya and to get across to you
That it's the blueprint to the downfall of our nation
There's a cause to the chaos that's occurring in the land
There's a road to communism there's a global master plan
You'll never read about it in a book of history
'Cause it's been hidden from the masses to control their destiny

Then maybe take a little slice of this one, a message from his signature ballad, “Blinded by the Lies”:

How can I convince you
When your ears refuse to hear?
You turn your heart away from me
Each time when I draw near
Your eyes refuse to meet with mine
They glance away in fear
As if you should not look at
Your reflection in the mirror
How can I explain to you
When you won’t understand
You scoff me and you mock me
And reject the truth at hand

Your mind has been made up for you
By people you don’t know
Whose thought machines control the scene
So well it doesn’t show
How can I contain this anguish and this pain
Knowing that your eyes are blinded by the lies

Carl Klang delivers all these stirring sermons with a strong dose of old time religion prominently distributed throughout the mix of country slang and incisive political analysis. Throughout the songs of hope for freedom comes a clarion of what we have to do if we still entertain any hope of living our lives for ourselves and not for somebody else who does not have our best interests at heart.

We’re fed up with lyin’ politicians
And greedy corporations
Who have sold us out
Time and again
And we’re sick and tired of sendin’
Our soldiers off to wars
That we were never meant to win
We want this Country back!
We ain’t just jokin’ jack!
We want our liberty
And our dignity
And our freedoms and our rights restored
We want this country back!

For the best spot of reading the lyrics instead of listening to the songs, try'm_A_Free_Man


John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.

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