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Behind Enemy Lines

with special guest Patriot Pat
and call ins from around the world


(This is the transcript of the radio address linked above.)

It’s July 4, 2022. I’m John Kaminski and I’m here to tell you . . . in a country gone bad with a government gone mad, the Fourth of July is no longer a holiday, it’s an emergency.

Welcome to the new KGB report, the Kaminski Goes Ballistic report on In the second hour we’ll be taking phone calls, and we want to hear from you. The proper phone numbers are on our website, and we’ll be repeating them throughout this webcast. But first there are a few things I have to tell you. You already know most of them, but I have to tell you anyway, because if we don’t acknowledge that we know them, our future just keeps getting darker.

When they cut off the gasoline, the money, the internet and the power, it will be too late to do anything. We have to do something now, before it’s too late. What to do? That is the question. Ultimately we must force our governments to resign. But how, when the cops protect them and not us?

First, make friends with your neighbors. Apologize for all the nasty things you said about them. You’re going to need them.

Second, approach your local government and apprise them of the situation — the federal government plans to kill most of us. They are already doing that. If they resist your advice, work to replace them. Local boards must then put pressure on state boards to protect us from the federal monster. This is already happening.

Your choices are to stay at home and die alone or organize your neighbors into some form of defense mechanism.

So what are you celebrating on this America’s 246th birthday? People aren’t celebrating anything. We are all trying to escape from the all the lies we are forced to believe.

Who can believe all this crap they keep trying to stuff into our brains? Anyone with a whit of intelligence knows they are lies, except the percentage of people whose intelligence keeps shrinking, judging by those random interviews you see on YouTube.

Who can believe Biden won the election when he got eight people to see his appearance in Arizona at the same time Trump got 40,000 every time he’d stop somewhere to campaign? Stopping vote counts in the middle of a count is always an admission of a fix.

No one with a functioning brain took the vaccine because they figured out the test was a fraud and the treatment was killing people. Now it’s becoming clear that no one has died from COVID and millions have died from the jab. What kind of society do we have when you can’t trust the doctors? No society at all, only a money grubbing jungle.

What it is that you aren’t allowed to say that is keeping us from being free? You know the answer, but I’ll tell you anyway, just to remind you.

America is controlled by a foreign power. If you know anything at all, you know that. It always has been. And it’s not Russia or China, either. They’re just convenient patsies our real rulers keep telling us are the real problem, to conceal their own criminal behavior, deceptive rhetoric and the identities of the real criminals, the true enemies of freedom all over the world with names like Gates, Fauci and Nancy Pelosi.

You know who they are.

Our primary enemies are major mass media and the U.S. government, long ago hijacked by a foreign power. If you haven’t realized that by now, there isn’t much hope for you waking up. You’re too far gone.

So on this momentous Fourth of July, welcome to the forced suicide of America. Belief in the big lie is how you will die in a country gone bad with a government gone mad.

I am so ashamed of my fellow Americans, scurrilous curs applauding a war that the United States started with bribes and poisons and Hunter Biden raping children and funneling kickbacks to his father who is now our embarrassing president.

What I would like to know how can anyone be proud of a country that has a dithering old fool as its leader who is unable to complete a sentence without a cue card and has a son who smokes crack in public and pays thousands of dollars for the service of underage hookers, all the while never eliciting even a second look from law enforcement. Is this our inspirational leader leading us toward freedom, justice and the American way? I regret to say that it is, and I further regret to say that his despicable traits of deplorable character are typical of America’s recent corrupt leaders rather than the exception.

Yet this is only one small indication of the depths of depravity to which this once proud country has sunk as it abandons its citizens to certain death and its military hardware to people we have called our enemies but were really only patsies blamed for crimes we committed ourselves.

But first some good news. I don’t want to bum you out completely, its least not so quickly.

Pass the word that Alfred Schaefer has been freed from his German prison, which is a major plus for free speech in the world. Alfred was imprisoned for four years for telling the truth about the lies Jews continue to tell about World War II. Six million Jews did not die. In fact, 12 million Germans did die, most of them after the war was over, starved and burned to death by Eisenhower and his murderous flunkies.

And take note that Jews everywhere are now protesting the Supreme Court decision to return the decision on abortion to the individual states. Jews consider abortion a sacrament of their religion because it allows them to murder Christian children, something they have been known for since ancient times. Draining the blood from these children has been one of the chief complaints against the Jews all these years, along with swindling everyone out of their money, which allows them to controls the world’s media and manipulate corrupt governments they control to make war, which allows them to kill even more children.

This terrible practice also extends to the Jewish pharmaceutical companies peddling their poison vaccines, another technique that allows them kill lots of people because vaccines have never been known to prevent any disease, and have killed millions of people since they were invented in 1796. Dr. David Martin said the other day he expected the death toll from the COVID vaccine to eventually reach 700 million worldwide. It is a well known fact that no one has actually died from COVID because that alleged disease has never been proven to exist, despite the false statements of media and medicine making millions of dollars with their lies.

This is the saddest part of all the false narratives we have been forced to swallow. We can no longer trust our doctors or hospitals because they make too much money in government bonuses by killing us.

The most important thing we have to tell you tonight is that with one exception, the greatest enemies of the American people are our own government and the media which repeat the lies their government tells them. The revealing factor of both of these treasonous elements is that they are owned and controlled by Jews, as is the medical profession which cares far more about money that it does the welfare of its patients.

Why the world allows this to happen is primarily because such Jewish billionaires as George Soros and Sheldon Adelson bribe corrupt gentile leaders who sell out their supporters. This horrific deception with which we are all too familiar is tearing the world apart. It is a formula for all the major slaughters of recent history.

They’ve done this before, you know, starved people to death, murdered them with poison inoculations, and they’re doing it again, or maybe the better word would be still.

The central mystery of our time is how the truth that is always presented by the powers that be is always a fake story covering up the real story that is going on behind the scenes.

This is how we were told that the Twin Towers in New York City were knocked down by Saudi terrorists flying airplanes they couldn’t possibly have flown when they were really destroyed by Jewish art students wiring the building with exotic explosives making billions of dollars for Jewish investors who planned the whole thing.

And make no mistake about it. The fake COVID epidemic is a war against the world by the Jewish Big Pharma enterprise. This is how we can have the whole world shut down by a phony plandemic engineered by rich psychos using a phony PCR test that doesn’t work for a phony disease that doesn’t exist by giving a poison vaccine that by now has killed many millions of otherwise healthy people and destroyed the economies of practically every country in the world.

This is how we’ve been told by the wicked Washington weirdos we have to shut down our economy to we can support poor little Ukraine being molested by the big bad Russian bear with billions upon billions of dollars we don’t have ourselves, at the same time suppressing the real story (as is always done) that we — yes, we, us brave and truthful Americans — started this war ourselves, by staging the fake Ukrainian revolution in 2014 and planting diabolical biological warfare laboratories through that hapless country for the purpose of attacking Russia with chemical weapons, and more recently acting surprised when intelligent Russia decided to act first on the eve of a U.S. plot to murder thousands of Russian speaking people trapped inside the arbitrary border of what is clearly an insane, crime infested country called Ukraine that is secretly controlled by the Jewish U.S. war machine.

This is how we’ve seen our allies Australia and Canada turned into defenseless concentration camps plundered by psychotic politicians and pathological physicians plunging poison needless into the arms of innocent children and watching athletes in the prime of life drop dead during soccer games from the lethal spike protein myocarditis jabs which brainless citizens obeying the orders of their criminal leaders have followed all the way to their premature and heart rending deaths.

We are all at risk of dying from the false narratives we are forced to believe.

Therefore, it the goal of this newly reconstituted KGB broadcast on to accomplish several things toward achieving the impossible task of restoring individual freedom throughout the world, among them rescuing banned website and giving vent to banned patriots.

The major enemy of the American people and people all over the world is no longer foreign countries vilified by the prostituted American press but the real enemies are Google, Facebook, and Twitter, You Tube which are all Jewish entities and enemies of the freedom of the American people which constantly censor free speech that reveals the perfidious perversion of the Jewish control of the American mind

Eventually we’re going to wind up at a previous story I wrote titled “Media hypnosis manufacturing mass psychosis,” which you can read on my website, It details exactly what’s happening.

And before I introduce tonight’s guest partner Patriot Pat I would be remiss if I did not applaud the contributions to the speak network by Mike Gaddy, who taught us that the corrupt government in Washington controlled by a foreign power is not a new thing, not something that happened recently, but has plagued the American people since the beginning of the republic, a fact that has been constantly covered up by corrupt politicians and paid off media for all 236 years of our struggle for freedom in America. Mike did a great job exposing that misconception and we thank him for it.

Now that I’ve gotten all that off my chest it is my pleasure and privilege to introduce you to Patriot Pat. Tonight we’re going to be talking about the contrived war taking place in Ukraine that ultimately is powered by the horrible social ritual known as the Kol Nidre oath that serves as a warning to us to be extremely vigilant about the words of people who pretend to be our friends and fellow citizens but are truly not.

Pat, welcome to the first edition of Kaminski Goes Ballistic, Behind Enemy Lines, on We’ve been friends for a long time, going back to our relationship on the now defunct Darkmoon website, mutually working to tell the truth where lies and hatred were in abundance, but now that site is gone and we soldier on.

You can try to keep up with the ever evolving list of atrocities that are constantly being perpetrated against us, but you’re never going to make any progress against these forces of evil unless you establish some firm definitions in your mind of what and whom you are actually facing. The first rule to remember is that you can’t believe a single thing that you hear from mainstream media because every single item is meant to manipulate you into certain behavior rather than inform you as to what is best for your own health.

The second most important thing to remember is that when the media and the government are saying the same thing, you are under the spell of a totalitarian system that is twisting you into something you don’t really want to be. That’s clearly the situation in America today.

So Pat, let’s talk about the crimes America has committed against Russia as well as how Russia is complicit in them. Is this a real war or just another drama staged by the neocon homicidal maniacs — also know as Jews — who are running the world into the ground?


John Kaminski was a writer who lived on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work. 

© Copyright 2024 The Essays of John Kaminski

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