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Scheduled slaughter
of the sleeping sheeple
creeping ever-so-closer

The Google noose has now begun squeezing a little bit tighter around the circumference of our shrinking minds with a black banner in every Gmail asking, “Do you want to continue receiving messages from this sender? Please give us feedback about this message. We won’t ask you about this sender again, although you can always unsubscribe of mark it as spam in the future. Yes No.”

So this is how Big Jewish Brother seeks to:

1. Drive us further apart by getting us to rat on our friends and cutting off our contact with them.

2. Nosing into our private business by asking us to explain the behavior of our friends.

And 3. warning us that the subject matter of specific emails which draw these warning labels subliminally communicate to us that we are engaging in suspicious behavior, so why don’t we confess about it now before more drastic action needs to be taken.

What a considerate watchdog, eh? Giving us advance warning that were are treading on the border of thin social ice, just a short step away from improper behavior that triggers those ever popular banned speech alarms that have infested Twitter and Facebook for years.

Without wanting to appear overly paranoid, I assume these warning labels — these cautionary alarms — are something everyone is suddenly receiving, but inasmuch as much of the material I receive is sent by such notorious sources as Dr. Mercola, the Real History Channel and Lifesite News, I would suspect given the new totalitarian tint of New World Order definitions of freedom that I am transgressing some sort of alarm-causing alert monitored by our pronoun-checking, white supremacist watchdog terror detectives.

From all corners of our corporate controlled society we are constantly receiving signals that we are thinking improper thoughts and while we are still allowed to think them, to actually speak them out loud in a public forum is something that is a gross faux pas worthy of at least shadow banning if not outright public shaming, lest your associates also become disbelievers in the preposterous recommendations of our so-called functional government, with whom we may disagree only at our social peril.

To make things easier for the Google goons, let me characterize the general nature I generally receive from my trusted correspondents with whom I have corresponded eagerly and congenially for the past 20 years.

Certainly since the Obama administration and likely long before, the U.S. government in Washington has been working against the American people, not for them. Anything it says should be construed to be inaccurate and deceptive, meant only for the benefit of the rich corrupt patricians running the government and decidedly not for the poor slobs like us who are being bamboozled, ridiculed and robbed at every opportunity.

The presidents all take bribes from foreign powers, hire Jewish thugs to constantly betray the American people, arrest patriots and loyal citizens while granting shocking benefits to illegal aliens whom they let vote for the people giving them their free stuff, and evict Americans from their homes, murder them with poison vaccines, and plan on instituting a prison system throughout the land to better assist them in killing off the protesting population and replacing them with drug addled zombies who will do what they’re told in order to consistently get their next fix.

There is only one way we’re ever going to restore freedom and liberty in our rapidly decaying republic, sabotaged by lying traitors working for a foreign power who are not be trusted with anything. They’re not going to give it to us,

The time has come to fix the problem.

We must take out country back by force.


Why is this?

We can’t rely on elections. They’re fixed.

We can’t accept the people who run for office, because they’re paid off.

We can’t trust our doctors. They’re killing people for money.

We can’t believe our media. The entire spectrum is owned by Jewish billionaires who suppress sensible comments and publish proven falsehoods, lying that the greatest threat to America is white supremacy while the crime statistics reveal the bloody dominance of black killers.

We watch our pervert teachers molest our defenseless schoolchildren and suggest they change their genders by mutilating their private parts, while sexually healthy citizens are harassed for trying to prevent the murder of the unborn.

These teachers keep secret their sexually perverted messages from the parents of these constantly molested and brainwashed children.

Cops are committing crimes instead of preventing them. Decent common people are jailed on trumped up charges while rich politicians — and also priests — rape children, do drugs openly swindle the rest us with their criminal scams.

Black criminals are allowed to run free, while white patriots are put in jail for defending the Constitution.

The rich mainstream Jewish media turn all facts upside down. New York City tried to mandate illegal aliens could vote after 30 days in this country without even presenting IDs. This whole program is aiming to dumb down the population by diluting it with Third World refugees who will dispossess long term Americans with money from the government to which loyal Americans are no longer entitled.

This is the Democratic system, and everybody willing to take the bribe — or for the guaranteed paycheck — is on board with this lucrative plan. Don’t say anything that will get you in trouble and just take the money when the opportunity, for as long as it lasts, assuming, of course, that it ever happens again.

This who insist on maintaining those outmoded concepts of honor, integrity, and speaking freely to one’s friends will soon find themselves on the road to a FEMA camp, where the bug burgers will be free and you can twitch your last right after you take that final jab that will be required to get any food at all.

Oh, and you’ll get free passes to all sorts of entertaining Disney events, after which you will never see your children again. If you do, they likely will have had the operation. You know, that one that can never be reversed, just like the situation with the collective American conscience, a relic of the past, buried in the sordid swill of the Great Reset that our greedy guardians insist saved humanity from itself.



John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.




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