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It’s a phone call
just for you!

And now the kids await your answer
to a question that is always asked too soon
but is never answered soon enough,
if it is ever answered at all.

Your future is on the line, but the phone keeps ringing and it always seems there’s nobody home.

They tell you that the world is controlled by power, by strength, by weaponry, by force of arms. That is the history we have been taught, by stories of conquerors and wars and vast numbers of deaths, stuffed in among smarmy explanations that never really say anything at all.

But they’re dead wrong. The world today is controlled by fear.

Although the final equation is still measured in deaths, we observe in our latest false flag fiasco, the Great Reset and its self-suiciding plandemic, take the jab and die is their new slogan. Their new mandate. So the weapon has been reduced to a hypodermic needle that too many people think is their friend, but like all new friends hyped up by the powers that be, it turns out to be our deadliest enemy.

Generating the nightmare of healthy athletes dying in mid-stride, or worse, babies dying of heart attacks are just like those wars conducted by for greedy, bogus reasons, lives taken instantly in one bright flash, we have those same mothers, weeping at the lies they have been told and the losses they have incurred. Same grief, different day, as the world and its distraught and discombobulated human species hurtles toward its doom, unable to figure out why it keeps torturing itself in this same insane way.

The world is no longer controlled by overwhelming power.

It is controlled by fear, coming at us from every angle, controlled by those with unchallengeable weapons, from the smoky stripes in the sky raining down microscopic particles that lodge in our lungs, to the invisible rays from our phones heating the cells in our brains metastasizing into incurable cancer, while we listen to government edicts ordering to remain in our homes and slowly go mad hearing subliminal messages to kill ourselves in order to protect ourselves.

Or if you’re smart enough to figure out what they are really saying, protecting us from a disease that doesn’t exist with a test that doesn’t work and a cure that kills people in the exact prime of their lives.

Many of our friends and colleagues have succumbed to the mindless mandates by selfishly escaping into meaningless pursuits that have no bearing either on our health or our future. They are of no help in dealing with the future we all face. They will go their way until the lights go out with never having had a second thought about what they could have done that would have helped.

Helped what? Forestall the inevitable?

No, that is the easy way out, the method of avoiding those moments of happiness, when the child looks up and asks us for help, for answers upon which his life depends. When we answer them correctly, and kid is relieved that his life is for real, this is the reason we are living, and what makes this life truly worth having.

But when we have no answer, or have the wrong answers, this is when the life both we and they have begin to die. Life goes gray when the kid who asks the question turns away in confusion, and the sun suddenly goes behind the clouds, and the future is no longer certain. Actually, it is certain, but not in the way we would have liked.

This how our lives depend on having the right answer at the right time, so that kid goes away smiling, assured that all is well at least until his next question, which he might never ask if the answer you give him is wrong. He’s likely to walk away and talk to a teacher he shouldn’t trust and decide he’s the wrong gender and cut off an appendage that a few short years later he wished he still had.

These are the boys who suddenly decide they have the desire to kill people in frustration with life and are likely as not to find a friendly government agent who will help them fulfill their twisted dreams in order to follow the orders their sick bosses have given them.

So now here is the question we all must ask ourselves, and ask it now as the day is getting late and sun is going down, the sun that lights our way the gives us hope that it will rise again as long as we answer our question correctly, one that gives the kids hope so they can go on playing.

This situation always involves the knowledge that we adults can’t keep going on playing as long as we still hope that our kids can, at least until that moment when they have to grow up or face losing the control necessary to work hard and earn long, loving, healthy and happy lives. That day always comes a little too soon once you decide to grow up, just as the day you die always comes a little too soon as well.

Then the phone rings but nobody’s home so the answering machine kicks in. When you finally get home, the light is flashing so you punch the button to see what it says, expecting some spam call that you bought something you never in your wildest dreams imagined buying and now they want you to pay for it.

Instead, it’s the most important test question of your life, and here it is. This question always comes too soon, but it’s here now, and today is the day.

The voice on the end of the line speaks. It is the sexiest voice of your opposite sex that you have ever heard in your life. In a soft, seductive murmur, it speaks:

“What will you do, how will you respond, when you know for sure that somebody is trying to kill you?”

So then everything goes quiet, except for the little scratchy sound of that tiny squirrel running around inside your brain looking for a way out. It’s kind of the way a Jew’s eyes look flitting in six directions at once when you tell him all his Holocaust hoopla is a bunch of made up shit to gain him sympathy he can use to facilitate all his scams against the world he hates so much.

But when you finally get around to trying to answer the question all you have is the silence of your own mixed emotions crashing against the rocky shore of your own fear. So you search for a half-heard lesson you might remember and you come across a notion that you’ve heard recently.

It is the combined voice of the Chinese war master Sun Tzu and the Russian emperor Vladimir Putin both saying the same thing: “When you know someone is trying to kill you, you know you must strike first!”

With all this talk of World War 3 blaring from the TV, just thinking about this makes your blood run cold, and then realizing it is the true situation in the world as we speak at this very moment makes it even run colder, reaching even your heart at it tends toward ice, a glare ice in the mind, a slippery slope of deranged emotion and frightening reality.

I’ve been thinking about this question for at least the past twenty years and still haven’t come up with a decent answer. Past the lies of Ruby Ridge, Waco, Oklahoma City, 9/11, Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Serbia, COVID and now Ukraine, the bombs keep falling and the lies keep hammering us into a gruesome grave for our souls ever deeper and unrecoverable, the question resonates in my mind accompanied by the every increasing volume of trombones, trumpets and bass drums, “what do we do when we know for sure that somebody — and we know who they are! — is marching for certain who one day sure intends on killing us (after of course they have robbed us of everything we own!)”

I don’t drink, but this would be the time do so if I did.

So I review coolly the ideas I’ve had in the past.

My stock answer has always been that millions of Americans should all mass on the same day, invade all government offices, and drag our leaders into the street and tear them limb from limb, literally, and leave their bleeding appendices in the street to remind everyone of the collateral damage America left in the battered countries of the world doing their service to the Jewish moneylenders who have made all these horrible things happen.

Of course that’s only a John Carpenter kind of nightmare scenario of my wishful thinking that represents the kind of punishment they deserve for all the dreadful scenarios they have wreaked upon the weary world.

Then I got to thinking about a phenomenon we hear about periodically involving public figures afflicted by a certain kind of injury signifying a certain kind of naughty behavior they have been indulging in.

No, I’m not talking about all those fools like Robin Williams and Anthony Bourdain who wind up being suicided by being hung from doorknobs with neckties. The rumors on the Dark Web aver that those weird endings signified some connection with child sex that were on the verge of revealing and that this outcome was a way to shut them up permanently. I have no proof of this; it’s only a rumor.

But the other more appropriate phenomenon was a series public figures — Prince Charles, Presidents Bush and Carter, and many other well-known names — who at one time or another have shown up in public with a black eye, signifying their participation in some ritual initiation into a club kept secret from the public that surely was no good for the public in its evil intent.

I will not at this time speculate further on what exactly those activities might have been, but I have plenty of sources eager to tell me what those gory details might have been.

So, since tearing people limb from limb would definitely be over the top for retribution for the crimes of against humanity that so many famous figures have participated in recent years, I propose a badge of infamy more subtle for each of these criminals, like maybe cutting off one of the ears of each of these perverts — for Fauci, Gates, Schwab and the rest of them — to show the world that they were participants in the greatest crime ever committed against their fellow humans. They failed to heed the pleas for mercy of all the mothers of the world whose children were murdered by these needless jabs, all doled out by evil men for nothing but power and control.

Think about it. It’s the perfect badge of dishonor for those who would not listen to their own hearts nor to the mothers of the beautiful children they knew they were deliberately murdering to make more billions of dollars than the billions they already had.

And the medical profession, or at least those who survived the trials, would go for it because it would create a bumper market for the production of artificial ears.

And it’s a punishment that cuts across all racial and ethnic lines, not pinpointing anyone for excess penalties, only those who disregarded their own critical thinking skills and just went along to get along without thinking over the ramifications of their actions or properly investigating the claims that were being made.

So what do you think? Too harsh, too soft, or just about right?

Wait, there’s that phone again, right on time, ringing for what might be the last time. So I pick it up and answer, and listen to what the voice has always had to say.

Then I turn around slowly, hold it out in my extended hand, look you square in the eyes, and simply say, “It’s for you.

“Time to answer the question upon which you and your sacred honor to your own children completely depends. Are you going to do something, or die whimpering where you stand?”

Fate waits for no man, and life never lasts as long as you think it will. Your future is on the line, and demanding an answer now.


Plus, the perfect venue to discuss this matter fully and make up your mind which way you wish to vote would be Monday night, July 11, 5-7 p.m. on Kaminski Goes Ballistic on with guest co-host Jack Heart ready to report the matter on veterans Tune in or tune out. Just don’t come crying to me later if you don’t call in and cast your vote.


John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.



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