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Or, where the heck are we,
and who exactly are ‘they’?


It doesn’t even matter if you find what you’re searching for. It’s the fact that you’re searching is the only thing that matters.
— Jason Breshears, author of Archaix

So Henry Makow wrote and asked me to comment on his latest essay explaining that the Jewish philosophy of “creative destruction” (his phrase) was simply the malevolent kosher way of putting a sweet spin on wrecking world society so they could rebuild things the way they wanted them and not have to be so deceptive and secretive about their desire to be the kings and the rest of us whom they decided not to kill to be their obedient slaves, a philosophy they have preached for thousands of years.

I said “Sure!”, wrote him a brief note about it, more of an outline than anything else, and this is an embellishment of that note. To cut to the chase, I found his story pretty much on target, but as an open minded guy, I’m alway willing to consider other alternatives. I never want to treat anybody unfairly, no matter how atrocious their reputation as ruthless killers happens to be.

Since these remarks will attempt to provide a perspective on all of human history and the eerie fact that all down through time there appears to have been one single notorious entity working against the health and happiness of the human species — which serious scholarship cannot refuse to identify as what is now called Jewish — I would be remiss in not mentioning these observations are being made on the eve of a contrived worldwide catastrophe which to describe as unprecedented would probably be an overreach, yet an extremely fierce adjective would be required to adequately describe a deliberately planned scenario in which it appears billions of people are about to be murdered in the very near if not immediate future in a population purge planned by the so-called power elite, which just so happens to be dominated by Jews at every level.

You only have to glance at the latest news to fully realize this is already happening, and that all the evil antics emanating from the United States during the last century proving its overt aggression against the entire world has now resulted in worldwide contemptuous desire to put an end to its reckless abuse of humanity.

If you think I am exaggerating, that is your problem if you are not aware of the current state of governments collapsing, war percolating, atmosphere and food being poisoned, supply lines being destroyed and millions of people already dead and dying from taking government ordered medicines that are actually toxins triggering these draconian mandates now deliberately strangling all societies in violent chaos.

What is undeniable throughout all these events, most especially the outside imposition of Communism on both Russia and China in the early 20th century, is that all these sly atrocities have been engineered by a central source which Makow rightly attributes to the Jewish philosophy of “creative destruction,” often referred to as Tikkun Olam, or making the world right, which really means making the world right for Jews and wrong for everybody else.

The first rule

The first thing to remember and never forget is that mainstream history is a total fraud, the one version of history never to be believed because it was written by the criminals who won all those wars and covered up the reasons for them by painting rosy pictures of bloody deeds and criminal arguments which forever whitewashed the unjust fate of those crushed by the iron wheels of power and their deadly mix of explosives, poisons and lies.

This conclusion opens up an infinitely puzzling panoply of alternative explanations about our manufactured history which only you with your severely handicapped faculties of what has come to be known as critical thinking must ultimately decide for yourself are more likely than the government stories you’ve heard in school all your life and more or less believed.

It’s your responsibility alone to find some success as well as some peace of mind in the external world you live in, all the while remembering that the lies you have previously decided to believe are the very weapons that have trapped us in this supremely dangerous situation we face today.

Be prepared to focus, transcend your conditioning where necessary, and above all be honest with yourself. Here goes. These are my conclusions, and I’m uncertain about the one I like best.

But I am also very certain about a few things.

One is that the creator of this world, if it was an entity and not a natural process, was not a human being. To actually worship such an anthropomorphic atrocity is the height of human folly, yet the idea and its sadistic visualizations have probably caused more wars and needless deaths than any other impulse over time.

This anthropomorphic representation of a creator god, which is only the echo of powerful ancient kings who had the right to kill anyone they chose, has not only consigned every other species to early death, but it prevents us from seeing the genuine value of every other creature because the concept of dominion in the Book of Genesis has ordered us to make every other lifeforms our slaves to do with as we please, which nullifies our responsibility to respect their welfare if we are going to still believe we are spiritual beings at the top of the food chain. Since the beginning of time, we have failed in that primary responsibility as the would-be leaders of life on Earth.

The other most important thing to realize today, particularly relevant in this constant and this insane drive to kill off the white race so that the Jews can become the new ruling alpha race, is that humanity did not evolve solely out of Africa. We have been fooled by corrupt academic simpletons into disregarding the most ancient part of our prehistory.

I’ve run into a lot of interesting new perspectives on human history in recent months. Since I started hunting druids more than 40 years ago, my secret passion has always been prehistory and who we originally might have been. I can’t help but think as we compare ourselves to the fabled heroes of the past that contemporary humans simply do not measure up, both in terms of strength and acuity.

As I understand things today, the white race came out of the North Pole before the great disruption (better known as the Pole Shift) as proven by Tilak's Arctic Home in the Vedas <> and other works. They then migrated to the lost civilization of Central Asia and the proto Jewish element was with them even back then, though not necessarily direct forebears of the later Turkic-Mongol Khazars everybody talks about today.

This lost civilization of Takla Makan brought the Brahmanic civilization's caste system to India which later spread to Sumer, Egypt and the Mediterranean. Recent scholarship names those Brahmins as the original Jews who enslaved the other races on the subcontinent. That same kind of monarchical dominance has spread around the world by now. <>

That's one superficial theory kept alive in suppressed Nazi theories involving Hyperboreans (the original white race), the War in Heaven, and at least three basic genesis points of how humans emerged to form independent and coherent societies, most of which have now since gone extinct, although their genetic heirs have populated the entire planet.

While repeating that the mainstream version of history has overlooked many forgotten episodes of past civilizations, several suppressed accounts have emerged in recent years that are attracting large numbers of enthusiastic fans because of the genuinely puzzling questions that cannot be adequately addressed by hidebound mainstream academics, notably the possible presence of an atmospheric energy potential deliberately suppressed in recent centuries which powered ancient cultures.

The new lineup

• James Lee's chaotic accounts of the legendary worldwide Tartary civilization details radical interruptions and lost technologies that were destroyed and then rebuilt — multiple Great Resets, you might say, foreshadowing on the disturbing events happening today. The Tartar theory contends history keeps getting rewritten to erase significant disasters that have disappeared from the annals of the past.

In the meantime etheric atmospheric energy which has lighted the world since ancient times continues to be covered up by those peddling so-called fossil fuels. Lee’s badly edited compilations complicate otherwise inarguable evidence that the facts of consensus history are not true. A careful reading of his clumsy prose proves eerily convincing.

• Much criticized by mindlocked establishment academics, Russian mathematician Anatoly Fomenko has attracted a worldwide audience with his “New Chronology” which shrink wraps the reflections of medieval scholars replacing establishment history into a much tighter historical record by analyzing the manipulated calendar of human history which excluded Russia from its rightful place in ancient events. Comprehending this perspective eliminates an entire millennium from the traditional timeline of historical events. <>

• Recently I accidentally ran across an interesting interview by Green Med Info’s Sayer Ji of Left Hook’s Dean Henderson, who has as good a grip on ancient history as any of us. When they surveyed the whole spectrum of political history, Henderson came down surprisingly in favor of remnants of the Nephilim, a malevolent mystery race of murderous aliens who “mated with the daughters of men” who have influenced the Jews all this time and are still busily working to destroy and control everyone else. <>

This fits the paranoid idea that one group of beings has always been out to get us, and also takes the heat directly off the Jews. Henderson has one thing undeniably correct. “Everything you see on TV is definitely a lie.”

• I found Henderson’s Nephilim focus to have some appeal because after reading Miguel Serrano's Adolf Hitler: the Ultimate Avatar and briefly viewing the legends of the Hyperboreans and the Thule Society which underscored the philosophical vision of National Socialist Germany, I began to understand that in all mythologies a battle beyond the confines of Earth seems to be the foundation of the original argument that has caused virtually all the wars of history.

The Hyperborean version of reality contends that Yahweh actually is the prince of darkness and Lucifer really is the light bringer and that this dichotomy literally takes human history off the planet to a war in heaven which pop author Zecharia Sitchin exploited so clumsily with tales of nasty Nibiruans and their giant planet occasionally visiting and wrecking Planet Earth which he tries to verify with his fantastically faulty footnotes as well as deliberately mistranslated Sumerian terms. Regardless of those deficiencies, this frame of reference has swept around the world through many generations of imitators. <>

A strikingly similar but somewhat more realistic line of thought has been more recently championed by the unconventional but formidable historian Jason Breshears, who has as good a grasp of really ancient prehistory as anyone I've encountered. He believes these archontic types have always been sequestered in the hollow earth and manipulate all the surface civilizations into thinking they are really besieged by ETs. He calls his perspective The Simulacrum and with hundreds of YouTube explanations to elucidate his evidence, his popularity is growing exponentially due to clear explanations of ancient events very few have dared to explain.

Secret of the Simulacrum

The history time forgot

Breshears theorizes the human shell is nothing but an avatar housing constantly reincarnating souls who once lived under a purple sky contained by a water vapor canopy that was, among other things, a land of giants who preyed upon much smaller humans. The legend of Zeus dispatching the Titans refers to this long gone era.

“This world isn’t what we’ve been taught it is,” Breshears explains. “This world is more like a holographic construct where somebody is experimenting with the biosphere, introducing different types of humans to live out different types of conditions,” he insists.

His description of the Earth’s perplexing riddle is a history of cataclysms and mass extinction, of previous “technolithic” societies based upon crystal technology. The word “simulacrum” denotes a copy of something, in this case, life on Earth

The great flood was caused by the collapse of a vapor canopy that had bathed the planet in a purple light. Its collapse revealed the presence of our present Sun and signaled the doom of giant animals, including humans, which had populated the planet before that critical juncture in Earth’s history.

In amongst Breshears enigmatic pronouncements are his explanations that a whole new structure of reality was created in 1902 and that the world has been controlled by Bolsheviks since 1946.

In one of his many videos, he notes, “What the Greeks said these people were doing in 300 BC are what the founding fathers said about these people. These people are the pure definition of iniquity.”

Breshears’ sweeping surmises span from a Caucasian infrastructure wiped out by a cataclysm in 3500 BC to a dire prediction of civilizations impending collapse by the 2040s AD using only known information the has been suppressed “by this one ethnic group.”

Far fetched as all this might sound, every bit of each one of these theories are a lot more convincing than the feverish falsehoods of taxidermed U.S. president Joe Biden mouthing the manipulative mush of his handlers telling us to Build Back Better into a jazzy Jewish world minus most of its existing population.

Each one of these New Science synopses posits the poison presence of one sinister group negatively influencing societies of all ages that now clearly manifests itself as sinister Jews dominating the outlaw agencies of Big Pharma, Big Government, Big Religion and in general the Big Lie of every aspect of both historical and current reality.

In itemizing all the Jews who have played major roles in the poison plandemic now sweeping the world in all its macabre manifestations — the leaders of government, media, medicine, finance — Makow takes us to the marching orders to encapsulate the murderous insanity engulfing our world today. That would be Nahum Goldman, founder of the World Jewish Congress, speaking in 1915:

All social strata and social formations created by traditional society must be annihilated, individual men and women must be uprooted from their ancestral environment, torn out of their native milieus, no tradition of any type shall be permitted to remain as sacrosanct, traditional social norms must only be viewed as a disease to be eradicated, the ruling dictum of the new order is; nothing is good so everything must be criticized and abolished, everything that was, must be gone.

And this is exactly what we see today playing out before our eyes.

So lately I've had this nursery rhyme flitting around in my brain -- Round Earth, flat earth, crater earth, Simulacrum -- especially since I saw that blown up version of what the stars really look like I'm leaning toward Breshears and The Simulacrum. Are yourself if what you see in space is real and then watch this.

On my new show Monday, July 18, I plan to ask Russ Winter of about those mysterious Hyksos characters Abraham and Joseph and how they brought the proto Hebrews to Egypt with a formula they've been using ever since and in fact right down to the present day. Who they actually are is the biggest question anybody could ever ask. Because what they are doing to the world right now is more twisted and diabolical than any other human in the world except them could ever ever imagine.

Now you get to decide what’s true and what isn’t. Don’t sweat the small stuff. It’s only your life, and your apparently truncated future, that depend on your assessment. It seems like failing a sudden eruption of public responsibility, flickers of which are now being seen in various beleaguered countries, there’s nothing we can do to stop our own annihilation.

And to impress upon you the current situation in the world I would bid you remember that all these alternative histories promoting one perceptive theory or another all have as their central element that same demonic and disrespectful force that is at the center of our turmoil, which has remained in that position across the entire timespan of human history, making the promotion of other villains — like the Roman church for instance — mere distractions by superficial shills either uninformed or deliberately employed to distract by the monsters driving the terrible mass murder vehicle aimed at all of us today.

All signs point clearly to the Jews who are trying to destroy most of the rest of the human population, yet Jews own the money supply, the media, the religions, the governments and most of the property thanks to Black Rock, in the world. The Jews are the one people we are not allowed to talk about, making it very likely that they will achieve their objective and take all of our lives in the way that they always have done.

As we watch all these slow motion horrors shows radically eroding our lives, I would beg you remember just a few pertinent facts about the race of soulless goons known for shooting children in the head in their torture chamber known as Israel, poisoning patients with faulty cures for diseases they have created, and cravenly attaching themselves to the governments of all ages which they bleed to death with their parasitic practices.

Remember that in ancient Rome from Cyprus to Carthage, Jews ate the flesh and drank the blood of their hundreds of thousands of victims and used their bone and flesh for garments and other paraphernalia, and these are the people who have their hands gripped around the throats of all the people in the world today. 

In other news:

Empirical Validation of ‘Conspiracy Theories’


John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.



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