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Depressing diary in a decaying society


So people are driving crazier on the road these days and you have to wonder if it’s because they know they know on some level that they’re being systematically exterminated. The overall level of panic out there in the world is seriously intensifying.

Those seeking answers to these and other questions about existence and belief are developing the impression that their government is definitely trying to kill them. When you ask this question to some official who might be able to answer it, you are told that this is not a question you are allowed to ask, so you are left to ponder those statistics of all those babies dying in the womb on your own.

So this epistle is about an aging writer trying to keep up with a series of shocks that have knocked the human race back in their seats — eyes wide, breathing labored, neighbors frequently dying — awaiting the next planned catastrophe that will further diminish their lives. And just when you thought I might have no more bad news to deliver . . .

But first the good news: the new radio show is going well, 22 episodes into the journey. People are listening, the numbers are good, the atmosphere on the new network — — is positive. Everybody’s working hard, and working for nothing but the opportunity to tell the truth.

The name of my show — Kaminski Goes Ballistic — is better described as an old guy breathing hard shouting the same warnings he’s been bellowing for 20 years. These messages state that we are controlled by a foreign power sabotaging what freedom we thought we had, and we better do something about it, or we don’t have much longer to live. No exaggeration.

Sabotaging our freedom is not an adequate description. Our not-so-invisible enemy is killing us, with particles in the air, fires across the landscape, jabbing poisons in our veins and inverting the truth into lies that are destroying every aspect of the fabric of our lives. And above all, now and for the past century, with misinformation that we are still too gullible to challenge, even though by now, most of us know it’s nothing but a pack of lethal lies.

One obvious example: they put patriots in jail and let criminals run free. And that is because they are criminals themselves.

The well-known Saturday morning truth teller known as The Fetch graced my last show, first official appearance as a guest on SFR (he did his own show the Saturday before and will do so henceforth every Saturday morning at 10 a.m.).

I immediately congratulated him for something I usually have to wait for on every other show on every other network — naming the Jew as the principal perpetrator of all our misery. And I am even happier to say this trend has caught on our network — a forthright candor that is seriously and factually expressed by all our commentators, unlike the mainstream spin machine and its cowardly imitators throughout the Internet as they turn truth into garbage while accepting the advertising cash of Pfizer and all the other monster corporations that have ruined our lives.

For Fetch, and me, and all the other brave journalists who still try to set the warped record straight about a criminal government prosecuting the honest and permitting the reckless to twist the truth and destroy the country by getting away with crimes that plunder the innocent and inflate the pockets of the billionaires, our battle is far from over. It might not have even begun.

And speaking of that before it’s too late to mention it because you will not have read this far, I have noticed that many of the regular contributors to your paranoia about your life expectancy are charging rather exorbitant fees for their bulletins on and other Internet media venues, which compels me to mention my own continuing poverty and how if I don’t get more than two or three small checks each time I ask for contributions I won’t be doing too many more of these stories or broadcasting too many more of these shows. That day is closer than you might expect, maybe as early as next week.

Doubtless some of you might like that, as one longtime contributor — there aren’t more than a dozen of these left — who impulsively canceled his contribution check after he had put it in the mail because he decided my radio guests were not sufficiently Judeophobic. Ordinarily I would not have mentioned this, but when my total liquid assets slip below two thousand dollars and my monthly rent and tech bills consume nearly all of that sum, it becomes a momentous event.

Which is why it’s imperative that contributions to the address at the bottom of this article — now hovering near zero for the past six months — increase markedly or messages of this type and radio interviews I’ve been doing will appear in your inbox for the last time. Soon.

No big deal, you think. There is currently no shortage of Jeremiahs sounding warnings of doom and asking for support all over the worldwide web. This is the plaintive cry of all social critics everywhere as society crumbles while everybody grumbles. What is one less unhappy commentator? In which case, I will say my farewell now.

You don’t need me around if your plan continues to be to lay down and die, which it appears to be unless you have developed an active plan to oppose the creeping lethargy, the corrupt miasma, which is suffocating the life of our world with dodgy dictates that make no sense and lame excuses that explain how hungry aliens flooding our country are going to make us a more productive society.

They are here to replace you when you’re dead, fool.

Recently the Department of Homeland Security tried to set up a fact checking bureau that was laughed out of the room by a majority of the population. But now the United Nations allied with international Jewry has set up a new censorship board that promises jail for anyone who tries to challenge Jewish lies and creates a new barrier to truth telling that merges with the murderous vaccine mandates and totalitarian measures to eliminate cash and chip the population that it hasn’t already murdered, auguring the end of individual freedom for everybody on the planet.

By the end of the year, says Catherine Austin Fitts.

First and foremost, this takes us back to every single person who claims his own individual sovereignty and what their task has become if they want to retain the freedom they had when they were born.

This responsibility particularly devolves to the writers trying to cover the news, which is something I happen to take as more than my job, but as my responsibility to life itself. Not too many people with me on this page.

Anyway I’ll close this miserable message with one more item to worry about, which is the public murder of Ann Heche, the grade B actress who got tied up with Ellen Degeneres and the systematic murder of children, who crashed her car while being chased by someone sinister, and was last seen trying to escape from a body bag into which they had stuffed her after her horrendous accident.

The next thing we heard was that she was being kept alive while scheduling the redistribution of many of her organs, which has become the popular fate of so many children these days, thanks to Planned Parenthood and the friendly folks at Pfizer pharmaceuticals who are so generous in their support of the TV evening news you rely upon every day for news to keep you alive.

Our next show on Speak Free Radio’s Kaminski Goes Ballistic on 8/18/22 will be my sidekick Patriot Pat’s final appearance, focusing on his special analyses of the Kol Nidre Oath and the Kosher Tax, among other reflections about the disintegration of individual freedom throughout the world.

My last show will be scheduled shortly before representatives of the UN Commission on Human Rights and the World Jewish Congress show up at my door informing me that I am in violation of their new rule forbidding mention that the International Jews are behind this world movement of trying to stamp out the individual freedom of everyone in the world, which is an idea I will continue to believe and promote well beyond the time of my very last breath.



John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.


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