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Reflections on the breath of nature
and the destruction of mankind

SFR KGB 035 Hurricane Season
with Capt. Paul English at the wheel

Some people call it the Kali Yuga. Others prefer Twilight of the Gods, or even Armageddon. The Jews who run TV try to sell it as The New Normal, with a sly wink in their Big Eye, and for which any resemblance to the ancient and evil Eye of Horus doesn’t seem to be a coincidence.

I just call it hurricane season for humanity, one that comes along regularly throughout human history, snuffs out most if not all living things, and eventually leaves the blessed Earth in the condition it was meant to be in — pristine — until the next bunch of criminal hominid nuisances comes along and screws it up again.

Whatever you choose to call it, this current climate of chaos has humanity by the nape of the neck and is about to deposit its self-destructive darlings into the phantasmagorical dustbin of history.

All these jumbled images in my mind seem immersed in the savage wreckage of a tropical storm that at this moment weeks later still leaves undiscovered bodies floating in the turbid shoals of Florida’s ritzy Gulf Coast — shattered Sanibel and crippled Captiva islands, and the suddenly erased Fort Myers Beach.

Once upon a time I offered to do a duet on the legendary Rainbow Bridge with the noted mythographer Jack Heart — wait a minute, I just did it again! — make that a duel on the Rainbow Bridge, straight out of classical Norse mythology, between Heimdall, the unctuous priest messiah, and Loki, the rebel trickster god, taking place at the end of the world as we know it, a myth reflecting the reality of history now taking place with the same insane cast of characters in front of our eyes.

The resemblance of a hurricane wimpily named Ian and the great comet Surtur, now a popular Marvel comic strip, at this moment mix themselves in my mind in the recent and terrifying memory of standing on a rattling catwalk in a 150 mph wind and watching this raging aerial tsunami hustle out of the frothing night sky at our position on the shore, hurling pieces of buildings through the fetid night air and ending the lives of stunned sun seekers quickly engulfed and surprisingly drowned by the onrushing tide.

As a survivor of at least eight previous hurricanes — from 1956’s Carol, Diane and Edna to the serious Florida ones Andrew in 1992 and Charley in 2004 — none of them compared to this one. But permit me not to solicit your sympathy when so many other survivors were afflicted so much worse than me. My minor punishment was a clueless combo of unanticipated paralysis at the failure of social systems in a land locked tight by power failures and imprudent maneuvers, and incomplete preparations.

Today as I was attempting to get my house in order following four days of wandering on foot in our newly formed meteorological desert, wafting from the scratchy speakers of my portable radio I heard a few bars of one of the most beautiful classical music songs ever written and, alas, one that signifies the single most horrendous motivations human have ever vomited forth. That would be Max Bruch’s masterful Kol Nidre, the Jewish international anthem, a wonder to listen to and an abomination to contemplate as it represents the Jewish tradition to lie about everything to everyone they ever meet in this life.

So naturally enough that got me thinking, when I wasn’t dodging shards of dislodged masonry and shingles from disintegrating buildings, about whether this weather monstrosity named Ian was an actual occurrence or something more sinister like the intrepid Jim Fetzer was reporting on another network as it was happening. (wish I could find the link).

And all that got me thinking about how newly popular Gov. Ron DeSantis, already predicted to be the next U.S. president before he had offended the powers that be by sending Joe Biden’s latest class of illegal aliens to visit Barack Obama’s multi-millionaire dollar oceanfront castle on Martha’s Vineyard, was this was some kind of payback for the American people’s new love affair with the relatively principled although not Jew-free Gov. DeSantis.

One will get a proper perspective on this in next month’s election should the beetle-brained Charlie Christ, a lobomotized manikin who has already made a fool of himself for many years in Florida politics, stunningly win an upset decision in the Florida election choreographed by close friends of Nancy Pelosi.

That would determine with finality that our future is an inevitable and permanent extermination by the medical vampires who have planned the vaccine scam and their rodent agents called doctors who stuck the needle in your arm when they knew what was in it.

So in keeping with the motif created by the fetid functionaries known as dual citizens who have destroyed America and the world over the past however many hundred and something years, Thursday’s (10/6/22) show on Kaminski Goes Ballistic/Behind Enemy lines (5-7 p.m. USEDT) — exclusively on — will feature a special presentation of a foretaste of the Ragnarok experience as reflected in the Norse myths in what some of us insist is exactly what’s happening today.

From the annals of human history and the pages of today’s shoddy and unreliable news we will present The Duel on the Rainbow Bridge, the story of the end of everything, featuring the aforementioned Jack Heart, inimitable impresario of Veterans Today, and myself, amateur cosmologist extraordinaire, reflecting upon how wrong we have been to tolerate for so long these would be fake gods and falsely posturing leaders whose only mission was to control and then destroy us.

The monsters of the past are clearly reflected in today’s homicidal maniacs paying attention to no one but the gremlins paying them their extraordinary bribes while they calmly observe the little people screaming for mercy that will never come.

Tune in before you tune out, because that day is surely coming. The Rainbow Bridge will collapse and you will be on it.

SFR KGB 036 Duel on the Rainbow Bridge
with Veterans Today sharpshooter Jack Heart
Thursday, 10/6/22, 5-7 p.m.US EDT
only on


John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.



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