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into the sewer of Judaism


This is the story about the takedown of America into the sewer of Judaism.

The relevant image is one of a nearly naked little girl who was once a Disney darling named Hannah Montana and the heroine of America’s little girls now morphed into a slut named Miley Cyrus down on all fours in a smoky nightclub doing something called twerking while being urinated upon by bulbous Hollywood icons and rancid Washington politicians, a squalid scene represented by Jewish media as the zenith of America’s pop culture to the doped-up lurid lunatics young American males had become.

Wait! Don’t turn away, it gets worse. Consider the natural evolution that this nightmare image had become, this sadistic slander who our young women had been turned into, would unnaturally evolve in a worldwide murder plot our Jewish doctors had concocted to turn everyone into rotting corpses by an inoculation sold as something to prevent them from getting sick when it was the quintessential representation of sickness concocted by the sickest monsters who ever lived.

Has it ever occurred to you that the Jewish company that sponsors the evening news has made billions from the so-called vaccine that has killed millions?

These are the gifts of Jews upon the world, the final insults to people who hoped for heaven but in their narcissistic indifference received hell instead.

Unopposed by people of conscience, this putrid process of socially engineered mass suicide has reached the point today where courageous advocates of social responsibility such as Dane Wigington and Michael Snyder are openly warning us to expect the end of life on this planet much sooner than you would like to expect — like in the next few years! From the nihilistic statements expressed by our twisted leaders over the many past decades, this would seem to be the end point of the Jewish objectives all along. Long ago Eustace Mullins made such a prediction, which now seems to be coming true in all its festering ugliness.

Checked out the COVID vaxx death rate lately? It’s accelerating beyond your wildest nightmare. And jabbed or not, you don’t have to request participation, because now anyone can acquire those popular spike proteins that have caused so many finely tuned athletes to die twitching on the stadium turf before thousands of adoring fans.

War is on the menu . . . against you

Nobody talks of peace anymore. All the talk today is about justifications for slaughter and how unfortunate it is that it will take most of the world’s population with it. This is called Jewish logic. You have accepted it as “just business” all your life, except now you have become the unavoidable and undeniable consequences of your own indifference.

And it’s far too late to turn away now because now you’re looking at your own death square in the face, if you haven’t noticed.

So tell me the way out of this if you think I’m exaggerating, with leaders who sabotage their own brethren for cash that is soon to mean nothing to you when you’re dead. These people think mass murder is just a clever business strategy. These are the people you have trusted with your lives, and now they plan on taking it, after first relieving you of all your valuables, just like they have done to all those gullible countries all these years.

Well, you’re the gullible country now, sucker, and they’re coming to clean you out and shut you down, if they haven’t already.

Wait till the people in Europe start to freeze to death next month, and observe how you will start to shiver. They have thought of everything. Bought up all the land and banned farming on a variety of pretexts. Burned down all the food processing plants. Shut down the supply lines. Opened the borders to starving migrants and given them plush debit cards. Closed the supermarkets. Cut off the supply of diesel fuel. Fixed the elections in perpetuity. Call it Jewish planning.

Anticipating your last breath

I’d tell you to wake up, but you’re not waking up, ever again. You’re going down for the big sleep, especially if you’ve already taken the jab. Those pesky spike proteins are holding hootenannies all over your body, shutting down capillaries in your brain that are the reason so many people are starting to act like, you guessed it, zombies!

They’ve warned you about this apocalypse for many years. You laughed. Laugh now, sucker. It’s here.

So it’s hard not to be depressed these days since the Jews have finally decided to kill off all the non Jews of the world, except for those they have decided to keep around as their slaves to clean their country clubs or serve as a food supply for the elite blood drinkers who are running the world into the poisoned ground they have created.

Just when pretend patriots insist we need to support our brave mercenary troops in Ukraine they find out that a rich Jew child named Sam Bankman-Fried (the perfect Jewish name) has rigged a scam whereby our ossified president Brandon sends billions of dollars for laundering back into the pockets of the Democratic candidates who sent the money to Ukraine in the first place.

America, what a great country . . . for those who don’t care about the rubes who voted for them as they brashly steal their money in the most obvious way possible that braindead boobtubers are no longer able to see.

I’ve spelled this all out for you before. Surely you remember.

Diagnosing your final disease

A test that doesn’t work for a disease that doesn’t exist plus a medicine that doesn’t work for patients who won’t survive. This is what they call public health these days, and the government orders you to take the medicine or they’ll take your bank account. So you’re dead either way. Welcome to today’s warped world. Relax. You won’t have to put up with it much longer.

Your own life is about to become a false flag atrocity. That is to say, a marinated corpse, possibly ground up and mixed with bugs to be added to the food supply.

Here’s how it happened.

You waited for someone else to follow, for someone more courageous than you to come up with an idea that you could endorse, lend your support to. You were all ready to send a contribution in the mail. Everyone else has been doing the same thing, waiting for someone else to make the first move and risk losing everything by going against the grain.

Hey, what can one person do against the billionaires who own everything and can kill anyone they want?

The rule is this. Get this through your head. Without risking everything we’re going to lose everything, because we’ve permitted this rot to go too far. In fact it already is too late.

You might as well just sit there and wait to die because there’s nothing you can do about what’s happening. It has just been too corrupt for too long and there’s nothing we can do about it now, right?

The rich psychos have us over a barrel. The elections are all fixed. Law enforcement is all about breaking laws in service to the corrupt bankers paying them rather than enforcing laws and catching the criminals who are paying them their salaries. Why would they do that?

The president gives away billions to a corrupt pseudo country set up by us and the cash all comes back through money laundering to the very corrupt politicians who gave it away in the first place. This is your free society in action. It is making mincemeat out of the people they betray, and you’re one of them.

Supporting our own destruction

And still, dunces that we all are, we wave our flags in support of the insanity that is destroying us. And the Jews salivate with glee that we are so stupid. This has been going on a long time, maybe since the beginning of the country.

When our leaders determined judges they appointed could have the final say on everything, we gave away our freedom at that point, in the 1700s. Jews were behind that.

When we decided to let the bankers have control of our money supply in 1913, whatever control we have over our own fate completely disappeared at that point. A classic Jew job.

The short list of our society’s suicide reads like this: the World Wars, forced depression, 9/11 and the COVID hoax, all concocted by Jews, all meant to first fleece and then exterminate the majority of Americans, the majority of people in the world, except those brain dead toadies they want to keep around as their slaves. And that’s who we are. While we’re still breathing, anyway.

Even when we’re dead we’ll be of service because they’ll tuck us into the food supply, human hors d’oeuvres.

Now we’re down to our final hours. The plans are all in place, and being executed as we speak. Executed is the key word.

Meanwhile everybody’s sitting around waiting for someone to come up with an idea that we can follow, some plan to arrest the perps who lie to use every day and kill us when we’re not looking. Gee, what do you think the odds are that Jews are behind this mammoth maneuver? Oops, can’t say that; it’s anti-Semitic. They’ll put you in jail, freeze your bank account, kill you in slow motion. Better not say anything. Maybe all this will blow over.

According to Todd Callender, that attorney who calculates insurance rates, 20 million suckers have died from the jab so far. And because Nobel Prize winner Kary Mullis said the PCR test he invented was never intended to diagnose any disease, there’s no way to prove that a single person in the entire world has ever died from this phantom menace they invented years ago and named COVID.

So kick back and relax. Meditate and see if you can actually hear those spike proteins smooshing the capillaries in your brain, eating through the decaying walls of your blood vessels, forecasting the stroke that’s about to take your life.

Surely someone will come along to fix this problem. Since most of you — and certainly everyone in my family — have never ever heard of the phrase social conscience, you’ll probably never figure out that person everybody was waiting for was you.





John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.




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