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Nobody in their right mind
supports U.S. criminality
except Jewish bankers


Given the corrupt cretins who have ruled the world at least for the past several centuries, anybody who actually calls themselves an American patriot these days is not only both a liar and a crook, but is also absolutely insane, because that is the warped character of their leaders, a condition never more obvious than at this very moment as they fry up World War 3 on the border between Europe and Asia.

If you took fraud out of the American economy there’d be nothing left.
— Max Keiser

It has been my working theory for nearly a decade (since 2014) that events are being controlled from behind the scenes to make the USA so obnoxious to everyone that all the countries in the rest of the world will one day rise up unanimously and put this obnoxious super thug out of its homicidal misery once and for all forever.

Call it the German treatment if you like, only the Germans didn’t deserve their fate like the rapacious American army has earned theirs.

Just now reading about the Chinese leader cozying up to the leader of Saudi Arabia crystallizes an inkling in my mind that I am progressively witnessing the deliberately caused death of the West.

Lately, however, I have modified my original prediction upon realizing this angry unanimity of the world’s nations about the need to destroy America would no longer be necessary because deliberate acts of sabotage by corrupt U.S. politicians in Washington were doing the job nicely all by themselves without any overseas help at all.

Of course, it only seems like this voluntary self-destruction is being accomplished from within.

If there is one thing Americans have refused to believe throughout their entire history, it is that their beloved country has not been controlled by Americans. It has never happened. The individuals in question — the Ivy League educated upper class Jewish bankers — possess no nationality other than their devotion to the rapacious rabbis who control them, and their mindless motivations of vengeance for crimes against the world that they themselves have committed.

Be clear about the nature of Jewish criminality that seeks vengeance against the human species for crimes that they themselves have committed. In this very real sense, Jews are foreigners in every country in which they reside.

Thus this suicide course America is on has been generated by America’s overseas controllers in Israel, England, Switzerland and any other place where filthy rich Jews reside in great numbers, so in that sense, America can’t destroy itself because it is owned and occupied by Jews living in other places who are surreptitiously destroying all those countries as well.

In their role as social parasites Jews subsist on the twisted carnage they wreak on everyone else, whom they describe as animals. Proof of this is ubiquitous. Just take a look at England for example, which is now infested by Africans and run by Asians whose traditional culture feasts on the mass rape of little English girls, the perpetrators of which are only slightly and reluctantly prosecuted, if at all.

Given the corrupt cretins who have ruled the world at least for the past several centuries, anybody who actually calls themselves an American patriot these days is not only both a liar and a crook, but is also absolutely insane, because that is the character of their leaders, a condition never more obvious than at this very moment as they sauté World War 3 on the border between Europe and Asia.

Specifically, the insanity in question is that Americans believe they can abuse the entire world and not reap the karma of their thoughtless brutality, which is just now beginning to come into play as their country disintegrates for the last time.

Turning villains into heroes

Americans in 2022 have become so feeble minded they don’t even realize that they themselves have brought us to the brink of World War 3. They have been so stupid as not to notice not only the revolution caused by them that turned that part of Russia known as Ukraine into a Western crime den where arms sales, white slavery and the market for children’s blood have become that monster nation’s chief exports.

This money laundering mecca sucks the financial blood out of America’s citizens and funnels it through Jewish financial advisers who allow it to return to the pockets of Democratic politicians who are not-so-secretly robbing the very voters who supported them.

In addition American mercenaries murdering Russian children in eastern Ukraine was what finally made Russia invade this U.S. controlled crime country, while all over the U.S. Americans cheered the valiant Ukrainian Nazis resisting the big bad Russians, without remembering that it was the initial infiltration by the U.S. in the contrived revolution of 2014 that set everyone on this now metastasizing course for disaster.

Triggered by leaders chosen by the chosen billionaires, America has wandered into a squalid quagmire of forced indifference in which the government and media sound identical in their frenzied fantasies.

To be an American patriot today is to be a frothing numbskull, cheering corruption and murder as the viable foreign policy that has blemished the past few decades, and perhaps the entire 20th century, with tawdry American invasions of defenseless countries in which millions of innocent civilians are murdered by U.S. racketeers aimed at stealing commodities without paying for them.

Can you say Syrian oil? How about Ukrainian women?

How many phony wars can any American watch before vomiting on their own shoes at the venal cowardice that has betrayed the empty patriotic slogans that we have been force fed in our schools?

What Americans can be proud of the military fiascoes in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria, or earlier in Serbia, Panama, Vietnam or Korea?

Even the accounts of the so-called World Wars now stand revealed as the insincerities of the American money elite in service to the International Jews who wanted Israel as their crime base which was accurately described by Adolf Hitler as “a university for budding crooks.”

Do you as an American still believe that America is the greatest country on Earth, the land of the free and the home of the brave? After all the lies, after all the needless murders, after the abject betrayal of the American people, are you still an American patriot?

Patriot or pederast?

With a current president who molested his own daughter and past presidents who approved the murder by injection of most of the world and murdered foreign leaders with impunity, who started world wars at the behest of bankers who have just about eliminated individual freedom throughout the planet as they commandeer the currencies of every country on Earth, do you still get that satisfying feeling when you salute Old Glory, that flag for which so many of your countrymen have given their lives so the Jewish bankers can call us all animals and move on to new money making gimmicks in other countries in which they can wreak their traditional havoc, ruining lives, raping children and destroying whole nations in acts of vengeance for crimes they have committed themselves and will continue to commit forever until somebody has the common sense to stop them?

As Max says, the American economy is pure money laundering. It exists through the power of kleptocratic propaganda. Jewish bankers earlier in the 20th century installed Communism in both Russia and China, so it is their crowning achievement to finally institute it in the USA. Too bad most of you won’t live to see it.

Perhaps, if you’re lucky, you can buy your life back by sucking up to a rich Jew, falsifying the past, sabotaging the future, and living a few more apprehensive months before the freaks who run the world finally take your life and throw it in the trash for good.

One day soon, I fear, that will be about the best you can look forward to in this rapidly disintegrating world of psychopatriots.



John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.



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