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As the year of the fear draws near,
do you dare ask yourself,
will you be next?

Sorry, no Christmas cheer this year, my dear. Only the brain dead will celebrate.

The rest of us — not only those who have taken the jab, but also those who have hugged and kissed the ones who have, and been terminally cursed by the phenomenon known as shedding — must ask ourselves this.

Will I also do that hellish flop dance that so many have done as the last act of their unfortunate lives?

Doubtless you have seen the flop dance — but only on video, if you’re lucky. The ones on the subway platforms stick in my mind like the vision of hell that they are.

First, unsuspecting people realize something is wrong. Their shoulders hunch as if struck by an uncomfortable chill. In a rapidly growing panic, suddenly they look around, rotating slowly, looking up as if some giant imaginary mosquito is bearing down on them. For sure, it is the shadow of death.

Then they fall to the floor, twitching their last in agonizing spasms. The unlucky ones slide over the side of the platform, onto the track, as an onrushing train crushes their luckless future with a horrifying finality.

Is this a sign of the times? No, it is a sign of the end times. Is this karmic illustration a sign of our future? It definitely is.

With all of its gadgets and gears, this is what so-called human civilization has come to.

Dark itinerary

2022 has been the year of the great lie and the great fear. From what they say, 2023 looks like the year of the great death, one way or the other.

Three things we cannot talk about. They define the karma of the human future.

1. The financial well being of the United States has always been based upon war, upon invading enemy countries, usually stealing their natural resources (notably oil, but also poppies), and invigorating our national economy by the spurious manufacture of ever more expensive weapons of war.

The sale of exotic weaponry, from aircraft carriers to ever more sophisticated toxins, has always been the rock upon which the U.S. economy is based. Hence the propensity for permanent war as the leading moneymaker of all time and the basis for what was once American opulence — a condition which is now eroding before our eyes. Or at least it is now limited to the kosher misfits who cannibalize the very societies which have nurtured them.

2. As a result, this penchant for aggressive expansion and worldwide control has resulted in the twisting of the American mind and its resultant effect on education, where all aspects of the curriculum — particularly the sciences — have been created for their military applications.

In the malevolent hands and twisted minds of the wrong people, education has in particular retarded the principles of health maintenance in favor of detrimental environmental programs such as over-the-horizon radar that has served as an excuse for fouling the skies with toxic elements producing internal ailments from the air people must breathe.

3. Thus the results of this felonious mindset have generated huge amounts of cash for the industries and think tanks which pursued this psychotic penchant for constant warfare. However, this cash cow has not benefited the American people whose liberty was supposedly being protected and improved by such policies. In fact the opposite has happened.

The idea that the American leadership has deliberately not benefited the American people in general has grown to the point that it is now fairly obvious that the USA is not now nor has ever been actually controlled by Americans, but instead has been sabotaged all this time, shackled by a worldwide alliance of financial manipulators and antisocial psychopaths who have now been clearly identified as Jewish. Regardless of the laws designed to prohibit such forbidden conclusions, this is a thoroughly obvious and undeniable observation.

The conclusion is clearly verified by a cursory scan of world history covering the past 400 years.

The path to oblivion

In the 1600s Dutch Jews who had been evicted from their homes during the Spanish Inquisition set their sites on England and like an insidious but irresistible illness gained admittance, thanks to traitors like Oliver Cromwell. This process created the notorious East India Company leading to the formation of the Bank of England, which controls the world to this very day.

In the 1700s foreign financiers goaded French kings into unsound spending and through media encouraged the populace to murder each other in a psychological paroxysm that erased their entire history in a fatal frenzy of ecstatic egalitarianism known as the French Revolution from which it has never recovered.

In the 1800s (1848 to be specific) there was a worldwide revolution that created a B’nai Brith chapter in every country and saw disruptions all over the world, particularly in the United States where the unlikely friendship between Abraham Lincoln and Karl Marx managed to create a civil war that tore the country apart.

And at the beginning of the 1900s the creation of the Federal Reserve gave Jews perpetual control over the American money supply that led to a century of wars for oil and economic convulsions that left Europe a smoldering mess and the white race permanently divided.

Bolshevik Jews from Brooklyn murdered a hundred million Russian Christians and Jews from Yale trained Mao to kill sixty million drug addicted Chinese in preparation for the ultimate coup d’etat that confronts us now — the insane Communist subversion and destruction of the United States.

To start off the 2000s Jews in total control of the U.S. government engineered the destruction of the two tallest buildings in New York City and blamed terrorists who could never be adequately identified as a reason to make war on the entire world. And when all those fancy stories were proved false, the billionaires whose allegiance is to no country turned their homicidal focus on the very people who had supported them in their cynically constructed Holocaust fantasy.

Whereupon these Jew parasites unleashed a worldwide plague which they hoped would bring them their ultimate prize — control of the entire planet with most of the non Jews of the world already conveniently dead. Their plan is working perfectly.

So this is where we are today

People freezing to death who can’t find fuel in Europe, starving people who can’t get food in Australia, Brits restricted to their own neighborhoods, Canadians whose bank accounts are frozen for talking about freedom. With the ominous shadow of nuclear war looming over a Ukraine debacle cravenly generated by the United States, and people dropping like flies in all those nations that took the jab, few countries contain anyone thinking clearly about the catastrophes that have befallen them.

Babies who were not aborted are dying in the womb because of poisons their Jew-controlled governments ordered them to take. Airline pilots are dying in mid-flight. The military is mangled by mandated vaccines.

And then, as we have described, ordinary people suddenly look up at the sky, seem to believe they are being attacked by a giant mosquito, spin around, fall to the ground, and breathe their last.

That giant fatal bug of our poisoned imaginations is none other than the nightmare Jewish philosophy, best characterized by the most sinister phrase of all — “It’s just business!”

As the economic fortunes of the Jewish vaccine makers swelled with unprecedented profits, the crackdown on individual liberty spreads like an irresistible stain ravaging the populations of all those countries which followed the fatal orders of the World Health Organization and the murderous doctors enlisted by greedy Bill Gates and diabolical Anthony Fauci.

Experts calculated the number of suddenly dead. Todd Callender: 20 million. Dr. David Martin: 100 million.

Yet the vast majority of the luckless lemmings still believing in the veracity of their venal media still wear their masks, get their multiple booster shots and blithely refuse to admit they are waiting for their premature final breath, which is creeping closer to them as we speak.

So will you be one of the lucky ones who will live to see the New Year? And will that be luck? And what kind of luck will you call that, good or bad luck?

No, there will be no Christmas cheer this year? Only the brain dead will celebrate. The zombie apocalypse is real. They’re coming to eat your brains as we speak, and what a delicacy it will be to them.

Laugh now, sucker. They’re already in charge of your life and in control of all your money. And swallowing that pill or slugging down that drink are not going to alleviate the situation.

Needless to say, neither is submitting to the death jab.

The worst kind of people in the world are those who insist they understand what’s happening when they don’t. You saw them when put on their masks and rolled up their sleeves without fully understanding what they had been told to do. Mandated, they called it.

And now it’s very clear what the consequences of that decision so easily reached by so many people will be. In fact, we’re talking about history now, not the future. Since the past cannot be changed, and the future has already been determined by the decision to trust the authorities whom we have long regarded as our guardians, the only decision left for far too many of us is to say goodbye.



John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.


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