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Today, as our civilization crumbles,
Jewish money madmen continue
their psychotic push for endless war


Last year, the terrorist organization known as the United States of America abandoned $82 billion worth of military hardware when it fled Afghanistan in shame and embarrassment. Today, it was announced by a United Nations official that 97 percent of the population of Afghanistan lives in poverty, that is to say, 20 million people facing imminent starvation.

This is only one candid snapshot of the current situation now dominant mostly everywhere in the world.

At the same time, the twisted Frankensteins known as the American political elite recently made a big deal in Washington by hosting their manufactured marionette known as the president of Ukraine. Their designated stooge Zelensky is leading the U.S. charge against Russia to start World War 3, which they have decided is their only way of disguising their long term robbery of the world with their dishonest financial system that has never really worked.

In every instance, it has only made generations of sinister swindlers richer, and the general population poorer, proving persuasively the parasitic priorities of the psychopaths who run the world.

As with fixed elections and open borders, these rancid rituals of bloody battles for forced migrations are hailed as responsible efforts by licentious leaders celebrating practical political strategies that are lauded by curdled media which breathlessly celebrate their constant lies as absolute truth.

These onerous money strategies begun hundreds of years ago have slowly melted formerly independent nations into financial cripples unable to provide and regulate the necessities of life because of their corrupt tentacles to worldwide central banking institutions which profit only the rich but impoverish the poor.

This incestuous arrangement caused by the practice of built-in swindles has long engulfed world leaders into an irresistible cesspool of corruption now regulated by criminal billionaires represented by Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab and George Soros, all of whom along with their brothers in crime should be tortured and executed as quickly as possible, as the populations abused by these criminal manipulations are today being mercilessly slaughtered by these sadistic government endeavors.

Instead bankers and their dupes run roughshod over the mind controlled minions whose traditional avenues of democratic representation have been demolished by overt bribery and fixed elections rendering the general population neutered and powerless to control the operating mechanisms of their own lives.

Now we are being killed openly by the doctors and leaders in whom we put our sacred trust.

‘Peace Now!’ is now peace never

Not so long ago, amid the smell of marijuana smoke and the magnetic lure of promiscuous partying, college campuses resounded with slogans and signs and raucous gatherings of a generation convinced it was their happy duty to stop war. This was the pleasant memory which so many geriatrics today remember as the Sixties and Seventies and a thoroughly meaningless war in Vietnam that needed to be stopped.

Thanks to unrestricted media access to military operations, this wasteful war actually was stopped, though its overall message was missed. But the long term political objectives never changed, and the political hijinks continued with more censorship and smaller, less obvious invasions, though just as many needless deaths.

This demonic practice reached a more bizarre level during the Afghanistan fiasco when it became known that heroin, the great unstated objective of that needless war, was being smuggled back into the U.S. at Dover Air Force base in the coffins of combat fatalities.

Finally, the unspeakably corrupt American government had found a productive use for its dead soldiers. You might remember how they prohibited photographs of the scenes at Dover Air Force Base, which they never explained why.

For 20 years we missed the real point of what the Vietnam war was all about. The same thing happened thirty years later, after 9/11, where book after book came out all missing the point, before we finally learned that Vietnam was about flooding America with drugs, by addicting soldiers to heroin, and letting that haunting habit be transferred somewhat naturally to the streets of America.

And, oh yes, 9/11, as we have yet to really learn, was merely an excuse to make endless war on the entire world, for reasons that were and are totally false.

Therefore, at the conclusion of this stretch of time that is my lifetime, the American people remain in the dark, sickened and murdered by a poison vaccine mandated by our leaders and doctors, while we begin to starve and give all our money away for Jewish politicians to squander as they continue to murder millions.

Why peace demonstrations died

It took me a long time to understand why peace demonstrations stopped happening. It was because of the location of the next war.

It also took many years to understand who was behind the peace actions that wracked the streets of America during the Sixties and Seventies. Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, Dave Dellinger, Tom Hayden, and the notorious Jane Fonda once were my heroes, deluded adolescent that I remained well into my 40s.

I idolized those people. They were trying to stop a stupid war, a totally unnecessary war. I always wanted to be like Abbie Hoffman, champion of truth, undaunted by the caustic criticism of the warmongers. It’s totally ironic that I did turn out to be like Abbie Hoffman, except as the avowed enemy of the very infernal force that he so cynically represented — those devious Jews, swindling everyone and kindling wars wherever they could, making money hand over first by eternally peddling weapons of war.

They still need to be stopped. People don’t realize it. They’re too busy worrying about money, worried about getting high, worried about getting enough sex, worried only about making money. Just the way the Jews want it.

This is what the current rave about Drag Queen Story Hours is all about. Get kids focused on sex and they’ll never realize the demonic force that now enslaves us. Not only that but creating homosexuals at an early age (which is the only way they actually are created) guarantees that part of the population will never raise healthy heterosexual families. Making it easier for kosher Big Brother to be our mother. But I digress.

The reason peace demonstrations disappeared was because of the location of the next war in the Western succession of invasions around the world — Iraq. Jews had no trouble cheering on the West’s invasions of most countries, but Iraq was too close to home for them, so peace demonstrations began to be discouraged. And they suddenly disappeared.

When I was running a newspaper in New Hampshire I remember observing a gathering of more than 100,000 antiwar zealots on Boston Globe that was reported by the Boston Globe as a sedate crowd of 15,000, which prompted me to write a column titled “Media Whiteout,” a condition that has persisted from then on and contributed to the death of the peace movement.

It was too close to Israel, and Israelis there and Jews everywhere did not want peace in Iraq, they wanted the expansion of Israel, a goal they still pursue today with the corrupt assistance of the warmongering United States still doing most of the dirty work, even as Americans are betrayed by the demented demons whose deranged deeds they applaud.

So the peace movement died to protect Israel, after it had been invented by Jews to destabilize the United States by questioning its insane gambit in Vietnam, which was also invented by Jews, anchored by the same warhawks in the White House which has been infested by these kosher crazies throughout the 20th century and still is.

Today the same process is in play, although once again with slightly modified priorities. The Iraq war got started as a maneuver to solidify control over the lucrative Middle Eastern oilfields. Therefore American military involvement needed to be encouraged, not protested. And the protests died out, while the military mauling of those hapless countries still continues.

The real deal in Russia

Now, the still insane American government is going all out to encourage the futile Ukrainian harassment of Mother Russia because Israel wants not only to more rapidly colonize its long ago Khazarian home in the Crimean peninsula, but also to neuter Putin’s Russia, simply because it is the major military supporter of Israel’s Muslim enemies in Syria, Iraq and Iran, which would all be less secure without the shadow of the Russian Bear lurking in the Middle Eastern background and preventing the insane Jews from capturing the entire region in their megalomaniacal plan to establish Eretz Israel to reign supreme from the Nile to the Euphrates, and thereby rule the entire Eastern Hemisphere of the world.

This is, after all, the Jewish plan for the future, to abandon its weary Western puppet in favor of its new Eastern ones, Russia and China, with whom they can then destroy and abandon their former allies whom they have sufficiently fleeced, and now, as their dead dictator Ariel Sharon once suggested, they can let America dry up and blow away. Which it is now in the advanced stages of doing.

Once upon a time the Jewish media that control our lives told us the war in Vietnam was all about communism and the domino theory — if one country falls, the whole world falls to Communism.

But you don’t see any peace demonstrations popping up today with a focus on America’s contrived Ukraine fiasco, do you?

Isn’t it ironic now that Klaus Schwab is telling us he wants us to be more like China, because all this time, the bankers have created and backed the Communist regimes, which is now fortified by the billions of American taxpayer dollars funneled first to Ukraine but secondarily right back into the pockets of America’s hypocritical Democratic politicians, just the way Communism has always worked, as the leaders steal all the money and the ordinary people, just as has happened in Russia and China during the past century, simply starve to death by the millions.

This new forced Jewish diet of eating bugs and human flesh is now on the Jewish menu for the world, rustled by the new head chef, a secret Jew himself, Bill Gates.

So whatever happened to peace demonstrations? They lasted only as long as they were advantageous to the Jews, and when they were not, they quickly disappeared.

Endless war means endless cash, but not for the people, only for the bankers, for whom Communism is their preferred way of life, because it prevents consumers from protesting their enslavement by taking away their freedom of speech, forever.

So try to understand what’s going on, and what it is we have to stop, which is Jewish control of every aspect of our soon to be terminated insignificant lives if we don’t.


Note: The deeper design of America’s popular peace movement has long been exposed by the late Dave McGowan’s intelligence masterpiece Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon (2014)

A shorter explanation of this diabolical phenomenon can be found at California Dreaming: The Hippie ‘Flower-Child’ Revolutionaries Who Protested the Vietnam War & Their Ties To The Military Intelligence Community Driving It. A Cautionary Tale.



John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.


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