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A tale of three lies: The Holocaust, 9/11
and the COVID scamdemic

The COVID hoax is the bastard grandchild of the Holocaust, as well as the maniac son of 9/11 — both of them Frankenstein concoctions of the monsters known collectively as international Jewry, who for centuries have surreptitiously and sadistically controlled the world’s money, as well as its media, its medicine and the minds of men.

Since I began seriously tracking this suppressed thread — initially from the demolition of the Twin Towers in 2001 — I began to notice two undeniable and ever expanding patterns — the increasing shrinkage of all knowledge into a premeditated formula of duplicitous propaganda (a kind of programming now blatantly observable on Google as the truth of the past systematically disappears), plus this unending and unrestrained hatred of all things German (illustrated by draconian laws Jewish against telling the truth), which have led me to several irresistible observations.

First, and most recently, the COVID scam perpetrated by the Jewish monster known as Big Pharma, never would have happened without the success of the 9/11 scam, which was engineered by the coverup provided by Big Media, another kosher monopoly which tried unsuccessfully to blame the whole charade on Muslims.

It is my unshakable conviction that the COVID scam never would have happened had the true criminals behind 9/11 been adequately identified, which they never were. These were the Jews manipulating all aspects of the conspiracy, from start to finish. They were protected by Jewish media, Jewish judges and Jewish presidential advisers. And they still are — in a closed feedback loop that may not be challenged by the deluded goyim who are being systematically herded toward their own oblivion by prohibiting them from revealing the truth of these matters.

Had they been arrested, tried, convicted and executed — as they should have been — the planners of the 9/11 caper, in concert with the Jewish owners of Big Media, covering for their Jewish hirelings in Big Government, never would have gotten away what was then the crime of the century, but which has now been demoted to second place by this demonic worldwide effort to murder most of the world’s population with demonstrably toxic injections.

Since they fooled the world about 9/11, the satanic trio of Big Pharma, Big Media and Big Government — Jewish enterprises all — proved its descent from the biggest lie of all, one that still shackles our minds today as it is mentioned every night on the evening news — SIX MILLION DEAD, oh those poor Jews!

This is the lie that captured the world, and is now on the verge of murdering most everybody in it.

It is the greatest lie ever told that has led to tsunami of colossal lies which have now ruptured human civilization. It is crystal clear who is to blame, and you should know that right now they’re coming for your life.

If you deny this, then you are working for them, and everyone should take notice that you are the enemy of everything decent and true. Unfortunately for all of us, this includes just about every single member of your Congress.

Poisoned perceptions

The missing perceptual element throughout the 20th century that is still missing today is the pivotal fact that Jews control the media; thus everything the public eventually believes is a warped perception devoted to concealing their manipulative and largely successful greed.

The actual thread of this persistent conspiracy tracks backwards in human history as far as you wish to go, but for purposes of reasonable comprehension of the events of our own day, we take it back now to the Balfour Declaration, the promise by the English to the rich Jews who controlled them that Jews could possess the homeland they wanted in the Middle East. This document famously described by renegade Jew Benjamin Freedman triggered World War I around 1913.

Unremembered in this frenetic fog of war were the creation of the Federal Reserve, the private Jewish group that controls America’s money, as well as the ever increasing income tax, and the direct election of senators, which terminally corrupted U.S. democracy.

The modern defamation of Germany, which continues to this day, dates back to the original crime of World War I in which American and British Jews turned that country into a pornographic horror story with the unfair restrictions of the Versailles Treaty, a Jewish conference that falsely blamed Germans as the sole reason for this war.

Twenty years later, after Hitler had rescued his country from this depraved depression, impartial scholarship vividly records Hitler’s desire for peace and Roosevelt’s secret move to arrange the invasion of Pearl Harbor as a backdoor dragging Germany into the needless conflict of World War II, which, like 9/11 and COVID, injured everybody in the world and killed many millions in the process.

What too few people realize today is that this war never ended for Germans, who still today are brainwashed into believing the Jewish version of reality and still thrown into jail for remembering the one government in world history that tried to escape from the Jews’ worldwide financial control and was utterly destroyed when the Jews mobilized the corrupt world against it.

My purpose for writing a story in this way is to show how the lies used to destroy Germany in this fashion are the same lies used to mislead the world about the charade arranged, conducted and covered up by Jews on September 11, 2001, as well as the deliberately fabricated epidemic that has paralyzed the entire planet in the years 2021-22.

This terrible technique once triggered by the deceptive catastrophe now known as Pearl Harbor was used to ignite World War II. Sixty years later it was blamed on invisible Arabs and became a reason for America to invade every country in the world. And now, twenty years after that, it was used to paralyze all the nations of the world using a fake test and a poison cure for a disease that didn’t actually exist.

All three of these events were planned, manufactured and covered up by Jews who controlled the governments, the media, and the business community. We are describing the greatest crimes ever committed against all the non Jewish people of the world. And we are witnessing our corrupt law enforcement apparatus throughout the world failing to respond to this penultimate Jewish conspiracy because it itself, along with all the supercilious officials ostensibly in charge of our welfare, are owned by the same Jews committing these colossal crimes against humanity.

Your epitaph

The stakes are much higher now, high than they’ve ever been, because the poison is now inside most everyone on Earth, and doctors not in the employ of big corporations, like Mercola, Tenpenny, Cowan and others of conscientious, noncorporate demeanor, are predicting many more will die — young people twitching their last while in the prime of life, babies coming out of their jabbed mothers wombs found inexplicably dead . . . .

We can’t help but conject how all this agony is all going to turn out, but somewhere back along then trail, there was a phrase that sticks in my mind, I think it was one of JFK’s: “past is prologue” . . . and it reminds me of those many stories the Jews tried to keep us from seeing, yet which nevertheless found its way to the eyes of conscientious citizens who because they were actually human needed to see them.

It was that moment, after all those American boys had done what they were told to do by the Jewish General Eisenhower. When the shooting had finally stopped, all those krauts were rounded up in a field in France, kept there for months, no food, no water . . . 2.1 million Germans starved to death . . .

If you’re a fool who still believes mainstream (Jewish) media, refuse to believe it at your peril.

Or Dresden, where the British bombs melted unarmed refugees into pavement so that you couldn’t tell one from the other . . . only 750,000 there, after the war was over . . .

They say Germans today don’t know what the Third Reich was all about. They aren’t allowed to talk about that stuff, they can’t comment when their leaders put 90-year-old women in jail for saying Germans were the good guys, and all American and Russian rapists were not . . .

Why was the death toll so high in Afghanistan and Iraq when no single organizer of the complex 9/11 caper was ever even named, never mind caught . . .

Still later, it seems like yesterday, when Governor Cuomo put all those senior citizens on ventilators . . .

Do you have the courage to get the picture, or are you one of them?


John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.


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