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Traitor presidents
all chosen by Jews


Pick an adjective. They all apply. Dimwitted? Semiconscious? Gullible? Deranged?

Easily fooled Americans have never been sufficiently alert to realize that their leaders have never acted in the best interests of the people they were supposed to lead and serve. The picture is all too obvious. All politicians become inexplicably rich by being elected to high office.

Now they’re in the process of killing off all the people they don’t want hanging around the ghettos they’ve created, as well as eliminating all the independent countries in the world and creating their one and only nightmare Jewish superstate.

Especially throughout the 20th century, unbiased American history records a series of betrayals by weak willed leaders who chose personal rewards over the welfare of the nation they presumed to lead. The tradition continues unhindered today.

Woodrow Wilson has led the parade of White House villains on many lists as he approved the takeover of America’s money supply by 13 Jewish families with the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913, which enabled him to break his campaign promises for peace and commit America to the totally unnecessary “war to end all wars,” which before and since has been the chief formula for success for the Jewish bankers who run the world and control all the politicians in every country.

(Don’t try to kid yourself with some kind of Democratic poppycock that says the USA is a functioning republic. Knowledgeable people would laugh at you . . . or more likely spit on you.)

Franklin Delano Roosevelt continued this profitable policy of preaching peace and craftily preparing for war by engineering the debacle at Pearl Harbor and obliterating Germany for a second time at the behest of his Jewish handlers, and also by nurturing the Soviet superstate which conveniently served as our permanent enemy and reason for the lucrative arms industry which has always powered the ruthless American economy.

Skipping over two secretly Jewish presidents — Harry Solomon Truman and Dwight (“the terrible Swedish Jew”) Eisenhower — we come to the assassin of his predecessor who actually had two Mossad agents, Arthur and Mathilde Kim, living with him in his house much of the time.

That would be Lyndon Johnson, who resuscitated the needless extermination of Asian peasants in Vietnam which his predecessor had attempted to curtail. LBJ later altered immigration quotas and welfare systems that turned the United States from a respectful European democracy into a chaotic African insane asylum where immigrants became accustomed to a free welfare ride and burned down buildings if they didn’t get enough government freebies.

George H. W. Bush introduced the New World Order signaling the end of American independence and worst of all bequeathed to us a son who blithely supervised the event that allowed the U.S. to make war on the whole world. In between these two perverts came William Jefferson Clinton who managed to send most American jobs overseas, exterminate most of his bodyguards who delivered him to his girlfriends and allowed China to take over the federal government.

Since then we’ve had our first black president, a former street hustler with a scrubbed background who murdered Africa’s greatest leader and now lives in a white man’s mansion among the very well-t0-do. He was followed by a New York real estate hustler who had a street named after him . . . in Israel.

But Donald Trump pretended to be a patriot so convincingly that they had to get rid of him because too many would-be patriots actually thought he was real. Then came Joe Biden. I guess the kosher powers that be thought if they could elect a president who was married to a man, they could get away with electing someone who was not actually alive.

Whether this is the real Joe Biden or not (check out those ears!), you definitely can’t remember a president who has acted against America’s best interests as profoundly as this child molesting creep from Delaware has.

For sure Biden owns the corrupt presidential child award given the bribes his crack-smoking, child-molesting offspring Hunter has managed to accrue in the family name. Too bad the Biden family doesn’t treat the American people as well as it has overseas despots, like that little faggot weasel in Ukraine.

If you still have a pulse and are able to read an eye chart, you have to notice that the queer performances of all these questionable presidents pale in comparison to the deliberately dysfunctional decisions of Creepy Joe to close the pipeline, open the borders, mandate the jabs, and deliberately start a war in which we Americans are definitely the bad guys and once again a menace to the entire world that refuses to knuckle under to our strong-armed financial blackmail.

The undereducated majority of Americans continues to fail to see the government in Washington — particularly the White House — has always been dominated by Jews. Their control of the money guarantees their dominance in all other areas. Americans think this situation is normal because Jews run the media.

Their behavior in Israel clearly shows what kind of people they are, shooting children in the head for sport, reveling in their ability to ignore all the laws of civilized society and then bragging about it.

Will the world ever wake up and neutralize this chronic collection of mental patients? They are not working to improve and protect the country, they are working to plunder and destroy it.

Or will the Jews manage to kill off everyone who can think for themselves whom they cannot retrain into becoming their obedient slaves?

Since Alexander Hamilton — yes, a Jew himself — did his dirty work for the king of England and prevented America from becoming the independent republic it has always — and falsely — pretended to be, presidents chosen by Jews, from Abraham Lincoln on down, have proven universally to be the destroyers of the country and the world, and not its protectors.

They have proven and continue to prove they are the betrayers of the American people.


John Kaminski was a writer who lived on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work. 

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