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John Kaminski
American Writer and Critic

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Poisoning the world
with murderous lies


This feels like the final act of an epic tragedy.

What kind of deformed, immoral and reprobate monsters could possibly support what the United States is doing in Ukraine, deliberately endangering the health and welfare of the whole world to profit the most corrupt and disingenuous political criminals ever to walk this Earth — namely the current political establishment known as the Deep State now busily wrecking the country and the world we thought we knew?

How shameful is the juxtaposition of counterfeit president Joe Biden frolicking with this pathetic cartoon nightmare who poses as Ukraine’s president compared to the graceful and responsible appearance of exiled president Donald Trump to the cheers of grateful residents of eastern Ohio who have been assaulted and insulted by their own government?

Fortunately for him, Joe Biden is too psychotic to be embarrassed. His obvious intention of starting World War 3 is merely another indication of his crazed condition. His turning over of binding health decisions to the World Health Organization, an unelected body controlled by the arch criminal Bill Gates, is another proof that Biden is a mortal danger to himself and billions of others.

If you ever had an inkling that the 2020 election was a fixed deal, the disgusting actions of these two political mutants in Kyiv this week should dispel any doubts in your mind that the installation of Joe Biden in the White House was part of a larger, sinister plot to destroy the United States. This plan clearly was sculpted by the international Jewish financial mafia creating their one world superstate by eliminating individual freedom and murdering most of the world’s population in the process.

How many torched food processing plants is it going to take for us to realize that the traitors in charge are working feverishly to genocide Americans, sicken the next generation and turn doctors into doubletalking murderers, with no one in any position of social responsibility willing to rally honest people to combat this nightmare of genocidal intent?

Will Americans ever wake up and realize their soon to be worthless currency has been debauched, their health care has turned toxic and their extremely sketchy future is now being cheerily mutilated by homicidal homosexual predators?

With today’s announcement that China is officially joining Russia in defense of its security, the time for Americans to wake up has suddenly run out.

No one riding to the rescue

Yes, the tide seems to be turning as the brainwashing seems to be wearing thin, but the processes perverted by Jewish billionaires may have rendered all political systems too corrupt to rescue the rest of us from our bribed leaders.

If you’re thinking DeSantis, Gabbard and the Pilgrim Society are going to save you, you may not have noticed you have already been turned into a robot by Fox news, the Washington Post and Atlantic magazine, which are all seriously Jewish enterprises.

There simply is no potential presidential candidate not wired to the toxic tentacles of the kosher money machine. Slowly but surely, Americans are finally beginning to realize their troubles are no isolated incident, but an eternal plague that has poisoned human civilization for many thousands of years.

Too many Americans are now having thoughts like this; yes, too many, but not nearly enough.

If Americans were stupid enough to believe their fairy tales about 9/11, I guess it was easy for the pederastic intelligentsia of Jewish Big Pharma — Schwab, Bourla, Harari et al — to swindle the living shit out of the American people with a vaccine that doesn’t work for a disease that doesn’t exist. The only thing it really does is kill people, large numbers of them.

I guess if they can trick the whole world out of their possessions and even their lives over a disease that doesn’t exist, I’m sure these same goons figured it was OK to start World War 3, counting on the deception these Yankee yahoos always believe what they read in their newspapers, without discerning the deceptions these hollow stories conceal.

Questions for the not yet dead

Would you please explain to me … ?

1. . . . why Joe Biden is so intent on creating World War 3 to protect the diabolical U.S. projects in Ukraine — drugs, weapons, white slavery, money laundering, biological weapons, political kickbacks to family members and cronies in the U.S. criminal government?

Could it have something to do with $31 trillion in debt caused by all that money funneled off to Israel as well as to American politicians like Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden? A World War would nicely take everyone’s mind off America’s inability to pay its debts because the Jews have already stolen all of our valuables . . .

2. . . . why the U.S. Department of Defense told Big Pharma the kind of vaccine it wanted to kill people all around the world, and the vaccine makers, about to make trillions from the scam, knowing they’d be protected by corrupt governments and truculent media misdirection. Attorney Todd Callender let the cat out of the bag the other day when he said the COVID plot originated with the DOD and not with Big Pharma, which confirms what we’ve always thought about our government. Do you think the Bidens, Pelosis and Clintons enjoy killing children for large amounts of money?

3 . . . what kind of demented retard would even attempt to explain why Biden why he left the borders open and encouraged denizens of fighting age from all over the uncivilized world to grab their debit cards, muster in the jungles of Panama, and join the well-dressed caravans flooding across the U.S.-Mexico border, thereafter being graciously distributed by Washington’s weirdos to the whitest sections of the USA for purposes of instituting cultural chaos and maximum criminal activity. Only a Jew could hatch such a plot.

4 . . . Why are we making war with Russia when the word is out that one phone call from Trump to Putin could end the fighting in Ukraine in a split second?

What to do in the meantime

Since you can’t reach your so-called representatives in Washington or your state capital, you must assail your local elected representatives, threaten them to put pressure on this in their chain of command. Boot them out of office if they fail to do so. Kill them if you have to. It is called legitimate self defense.

What is the proper response to someone whom you know is trying to kill you? I’m not recommending anything. You tell me the answer. Take a deep breath and get serious. Cold serious.

The same goes for your local newspapers and other media outlets. Threaten them with a subscription strike to combat their feeble dishonesty. They are the ones chiefly responsible for getting people to take the poison vaccines because they are too cowardly to take an independent stance against the medical propaganda that is forced upon them by the corporations that own them.

The vast majority of us have always been too timid, too worried about our possessions, our status, our earning potential to confront these bastards head on and prevent them from destroying our world. Just now maybe we are beginning to understand the real danger of not confronting them.

It doesn’t make any sense to wait until there’s nothing left.


John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.

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