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Harvesting citizens
for fun and profit


The main thing people don’t realize is that the government creates crimes and threats to the public to prove or demonstrate that the government itself needs to exist. What would we possibly do without them? These people just want to keep their jobs and score as many side perks and bribes as possible.

Think of the technical choreography it took to stage these sensational terror events of the past decades, from Oklahoma City to 9/11 to Sandy Hook, to all the school shootings and incineration of towns from above. These were all false flag scams aimed at convincing us government is here to protect us, which, as we know by now from the COVID fiasco, their objective is exactly the opposite.

Needless to say this faux altruism quickly gets out of hand and results in a total loss of freedom as a government of this type eventually classifies most acts of human behavior as crimes of one type or another, giving it total control over the people it is supposed to protect — and benefit.

Beginning as beneficial health standards, this practice of government-as-parent is evolving toward total control of what people are even allowed to think. The trend toward eliminating individuality altogether gains significantly around the world because of this constant and increasing toxification of the environment, necessitating more frequent medical interventions.

Turning us into obedient robots physically connected to a central source telling us how to live and what not to investigate — you know the drill by now. You can see it mobilizing around you like a poison fog. Listen carefully. You can almost hear the spike proteins shredding the capillaries in your brain as you can’t even remember the name of your favorite childhood heroes fade into the fog.

The same is of course true of doctors in their diagnoses of diseases, which are frequently caused by secondary reactions to past improperly used medical treatments. Sepsis, a disease which you get in hospitals, comes to mind. It should be obvious by now that doctors don’t want to make you healthy because they get rich by keeping you sick, climaxing recently with bonuses for killing people with bogus tests and toxic jabs that were ordered by the government.

There is no legitimate oversight of public medical care because both the Congress and the media are owned by the pharmaceutical companies and the pharmaceutical companies are owned by the usual suspect, Jewish bankers and investors. The Centers for Disease Control is a private company that manufactures diseases and vaccines at the same time.

Fauci’s prescription of no early treatment plus Remdesivir suffocation was worth $100,000 to hospitals per ventilator-produced cadaver. Didn’t you just love it when they ordered all pilots to get jabbed and now nobody can fly secure in the knowledge that their captain might not croak in midair? Just sit back and relax.

Remember, these things are for our own protection. Just like our unelected president. The government declares it a crime to insist the 2020 election was illegitimate, totally fixed by middle of the night ballot stuffing and forced down our throats by people lying on TV and in Congress.

Then the people who went to Washington to protest this obvious fakery were first invited into the Capitol building and two years later some are still awaiting trial for their “insurrection”!

It is now a crime to insist the government is not acting honestly. Actually it always has been. It’s the only way the criminals who have commandeered these high offices can protect themselves and conceal the crimes they constantly commit. Let’s see, who have we bombed today . . . ?! Ah, yes, Yemen.

Just like the government and the doctors, the army plays this game the same way. The U.S. military dashes around the world squelching revolutions everywhere, they insist. But they only kill the opponents of big business opportunists like Bill Gates and Henry Kissinger, two of the most powerful men of the past century who are both wanted for mass murders in several (if not many) countries around the world.

This is the American imprint on the world. Forget what Big Media try to tell you that the USA is beloved all over the world. Those people parading across the Rio Grande and setting themselves up all over the country have been hired by the U.S. government to replace you and me. And you and me are paying the U.S. government to do that to us, to replace us, after first possibly robbing and killing us, and then watching us slowly starve.

So listen to those campaign slogans a bit more carefully. And lull yourself to sleep that they are talking about things they will do to you that will convince you ever more realistically that they will do things to prove to you why they are so badly needed.

By now, at this late date, the general population is so infused with government-manipulated phony history, that is has become far more difficult to see American history beneath the veneer of its own propaganda so that the public in general cannot see the pattern of deception that extends back to the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913 that almost nobody has a penetrating read of what has actually happened to America and the American economy in the past 110 years.

There has been an unending consolidation of power and simultaneous manipulation of the news feed so that the public cannot see the domination of the world by the supreme group of Jewish moneylenders that has produced the World Wars and all the other oppressive mega crimes — plagues, financial crashes, destruction for the profitable sake of rebuilding … swindling the public out of its wealth.

For the past two centuries this richest of all the world’s businesses has been run by the circle of 13 Jewish families, a growing network of many chapters and pecking orders which operates this decaying system of monarchical and democratic governments. Primarily, this is now how governments rule the people with their deceptions instead of the way it should be, that the people rule their governments with their genuine health needs.

Several intensifications of this rapidly metastasizing totalitarianism have insinuated themselves this growing smorgasbord of fear now suffocating humanity like a poison cloud from the sky.

The first is Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’s erasure of the First Amendment guarantee of free speech with his new law that nobody can say anything bad about Jews or Israel.

Counter with Thomas Jefferson’s eternal warning: “Freedom of speech cannot be limited without being lost.”

The second is the consequence of DeSantis’s mutilation of the oath he took to defend the Constitution.

Prohibition of critical scrutiny of Jewish sabotage of America’s Constitutional framework suggests treason charges for every Jew in America on the basis that dual-citizenship is treason in and of itself. Beyond that, the inability to even mention that Jewish influence blocks critical light on every tragedy and atrocity that has scarred the American psyche over its entire history.

Inability to wrest the 9/11 investigation from the corrupt hands of Jewish media resulted in our inability to solve the crime. That coverup enabled the COVID hoax to seriously injure society, particularly and fear it engendered in children, who are themselves being turned into homo robots thanks to Jewish control of education.

Even a cursory look at the recent fiction of the COVID plandemic reveals Jewish control of medicine has done more damage to world society than perhaps any other single event in history, and the death toll is still rising — while the government coverup continues, in fact, intensifies, forcing people to believe a lie that will eventually kill them.

So this is how our government proves that we really need it, by creating heart-wrenching crimes and public disasters that require its attention, which usually is stunningly ineffective while they brag how important they are in protecting us from ourselves.

Will you do something about it, or will you let them kill you first?

Perhaps you may want to wait until you get a call from your local school advising you your son’s penis was about to be amputated because his homosexual teacher said the kid asked to be a female as the teacher was poking him up his butt, BUT the school didn’t have to tell the parent because that would have violated the kid’s freedom of speech.

Thus the objective of government is fulfilled. Depraved advice plus inappropriate medical care creates a lifelong mental patient forever dependent on your caring government. The perfect citizen.



John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.





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